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General Announcements and Updates.
152 28 Last Post Apr 19 2017, 04:23 PM
In: IPTV Talk subforum
By: se7en
No New Posts Main Site/Forum Feedback and Helpdesk (6 Active Users)
Subforums: [Accepted Feature Requests]
Something amiss? Need some help with the site? Ask here for assistance.
Forum Led by: Moderator
8,064 54,549 Last Post Today, 07:32 AM
In: Old threads locked
By: CyrusWong

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No New Posts Reviews and Guides (25 Active Users)
A collection of guides and reviews written and submitted by our members. All postings here are moderated and this is a no reply forum.
Forum Led by: Moderator
1,439 9,417 Last Post Yesterday, 09:15 PM
In: Transcend ESD220C: Portable...
By: tenchi0205
No New Posts Technical Support (549 Active Users)
Our very own "Call For Help" user to user support area. Post your problems here whether it is hardware or software-related, and someone might be able to help you.
Forum Led by: lex
64,622 518,653 Last Post Today, 06:33 AM
In: tyjn tru jndb ygj nryj
By: rythnddfytnt5
No New Posts Hardware (116 Active Users)
Subforums: [Hardware Clubs / Brand Discussions], [Monitor Discussions]
All the latest peripherals that will burn a hole in your pocket.
Forum Led by: lucifah, lex, Lacus, goldfries
55,365 1,202,411 Last Post Today, 08:24 AM
In: How to solve my dual-boot p...
By: hightechgadgets8
No New Posts Software (73 Active Users)
Subforums: [Latest Updates], [Windows 10], [Windows 8], [Windows 7], [Windows Vista], [Internet Related], [Multimedia], [Security & Privacy]
Discussions about all those programs you have running on your system. From the OS right down to IM's.
Forum Led by: HMMaster, lex
25,813 307,548 Last Post Today, 08:08 AM
In: Microsoft Windows 10 (V.2)
By: highsmith5
No New Posts Overclockers United (8 Active Users)
Subforums: [Cooling and Hard-modding], [Lowyat.NET Overclocking Database]
Thinking of overclocking? Join in and see what the fuss is all about.
Forum Led by: Lacus
2,699 213,262 Last Post Yesterday, 03:46 PM
In: Skylake/ Kaby Lake OverCloc...
By: acther
No New Posts Desktop Customization (11 Active Users)
Bored with how your Windows looks? Come join in and the artists here will teach you how to make your Windows look sweeter than ever.
Forum Led by: Moderator
1,627 51,674 Last Post Yesterday, 12:47 PM
In: RM3500 full PC spec includi...
By: thuthunga
No New Posts Casings and Modifications (7 Active Users)
Subforums: [Worklogs]
The not-so-ancient art of case modification. Dare to be different? Show off your work here and inspire others to follow.
Forum Led by: ianho, Lacus
2,087 132,145 Last Post Yesterday, 09:59 PM
In: DIY Casing
By: wtm0325
No New Posts Price & Dealers Guide (14 Active Users)
Subforums: [Gamer's Hideout Sdn. Bhd.], [Compuzone], [Cycom Sales & Service], [Inter-Asia (Edifier, Noctua, Bitfenix, Silverstone, Seasonic, Box2s, Doss, Filco)], [Gadget Zone], [Winchance], [JACtech Advance Computer Services], [TECH Computer Workshop]
Post the best prices you find among dealers here. Had a bad experience with certain dealers? Share your experience here to warn other members.
Forum Led by: Moderator, lex
14,639 87,077 Last Post Yesterday, 02:16 PM
In: Experience with Taobao
By: BuyTheWay.com.my

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No New Posts Apple Byte (160 Active Users)
Subforums: [iPhone], [iPod Bar], [iPad]
Think different.
Forum Led by: christcwl9, tarvalslain87
18,147 771,853 Last Post Today, 07:31 AM
In: The Official iPhone 7/7+ Th...
By: 666devil
No New Posts IPTV Talk (20 Active Users)
IP is the new TV. Pick your poison. VOD, OTT, Netflix, KODI, HyppTV and more.
Forum Led by: Moderator
7 7,850 Last Post Yesterday, 10:34 PM
In: Kodi Official Discussion Th...
By: Scissorshand
No New Posts Mobile Computing (61 Active Users)
Subforums: [Notebook Specific Discussion]
Laptop and notebook discussion, hybrid and convertible devices included.
Forum Led by: prasys, Xirality
17,911 779,163 Last Post Today, 08:15 AM
In: Asus G-Series Notebook Thre...
By: xyz_cityhunter
No New Posts Mobile Phones and Tablets (242 Active Users)
Subforums: [Windows Phone], [Symbian], [Standard OS and Others], [Blackberry], [Android]
Mobile phones, tablets and other handheld devices.
Forum Led by: mengsuan, fruitie
38,510 3,043,835 Last Post Today, 08:34 AM
In: Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ discu...
By: manx
No New Posts Telco Talk (119 Active Users)
Subforums: [Maxis]
Discussion on Malaysian Telecommunication providers. Service and network configurations, customer support, network outages and more.
2,774 122,766 Last Post Today, 08:36 AM
In: Digi Fans Club & Enquir...
By: prosibu
No New Posts Photography, Digital Imaging & Video (9 Active Users)
Subforums: [Showcase]
Discussions of photography, imaging, and video, along with their associated techniques and equipment.
Forum Led by: nairud, Maniac, mengsuan, ianho
15,323 876,942 Last Post Today, 08:27 AM
In: The Sony Alpha Thread V63
By: Silverfire
No New Posts Networks and Broadband (101 Active Users)
High speed networks, sharing your broadband, wireless networks and related issues. Streamyx problems? We might be able to help.
Forum Led by: prasys, mengsuan, kons
35,635 703,633 Last Post Today, 08:27 AM
In: Unifi Lite 10Mbps
By: space_boy_88
No New Posts Codemasters (5 Active Users)
C++ got you stuck? Having problems with VB? What the heck is .NET? Post your questions here and you will be answered.
Forum Led by: wKkaY
14,944 87,350 Last Post Yesterday, 11:28 PM
In: Integrate Online Payment Th...
By: invest2229
No New Posts Linux & Open Source Software (77 Active Users)
Free yourself. Join us in the Open Source revolution. Anything and everything OSS is in here. Tips, tricks, guides and more.
Forum Led by: kons, wKkaY
4,212 42,966 Last Post Apr 21 2017, 05:03 PM
In: Yum update
By: UbuntuClient
No New Posts Arts & Designs (20 Active Users)
Photoshop to CorelDraw, Gimp and more. If you have a creative mind, this is the place to share your work.
Forum Led by: Cyphereza, Moderator
6,307 84,433 Last Post Yesterday, 11:44 PM
In: :::ART ATTACK V4:::
By: jamilselamat
No New Posts Blogmasters & Webmasters (39 Active Users)
Subforums: [LYN Bloggers]
A discussion forum for webmasters of all creeds, spinning off our previous blogger-only subforum!
Forum Led by: Moderator
9,270 120,427 Last Post Today, 12:37 AM
In: Free Screening: THE STOPOVE...
By: tonYe
No New Posts Home Entertainment (138 Active Users)
Subforums: [Audiophiles]
For all your home theatre needs, from the thinnest LCD televisions to the thickest audio cables.
Forum Led by: Moderator, lex, scotty, Mov_freak
17,001 711,992 Last Post Today, 08:19 AM
In: SONY make.believe audio Fan...
By: youngy
No New Posts Musicians (11 Active Users)
Instrument tuning, score sheets and more. Learn, share and multiply.
Forum Led by: TheWhacker, echobrainproject, Everdying
6,750 184,187 Last Post Today, 01:14 AM
In: looking for beginner guitar
By: goldfries

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No New Posts Property Talk (553 Active Users)
Subforums: [Home Renovations and Interior Design], [Property Q&A]
Discussions relating to property and tenancy related issues.
Forum Led by: cherroy, b00n, lucifah
29,072 1,360,574 Last Post Today, 08:23 AM
In: [WTA] Electrical Issue
By: weikee
No New Posts Finance, Business and Investment House (377 Active Users)
Subforums: [Stock Exchange], [Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Loyalty Cards]
Have money to invest? Need to make money to invest? Have a business you're keen to build up? Discuss it here!
Forum Led by: cherroy, b00n, MilesAndMore, lucifah
19,957 1,522,058 Last Post Today, 08:31 AM
In: Investors Club V9
By: lowya
No New Posts Real World Issues (29 Active Users)
Debates on real world issues, politics, economics and other issues making the news.
**Strict moderation is enforceable, and there is zero tolerance for any rule violation. Do not post unless you understand the issue at hand and the rules**
Forum Led by: b00n
4,506 470,983 Last Post Today, 08:36 AM
In: Which religion should I cho...
By: SpikeMarlene
No New Posts Education Essentials (86 Active Users)
Subforums: [PhD School]
Undecided on your future? Need some help in deciding the path to take? Ask around here for a better outlook before deciding!
Forum Led by: darkages, Critical_Fallacy
30,821 688,109 Last Post Today, 06:56 AM
In: Bachelor of Jurisprudence (...
By: kilrathi
No New Posts Jobs & Careers (148 Active Users)
Need some tips and pointers on entering the workforce? Discuss the job market here!
Forum Led by: darkages, max_cjs0101
32,773 527,514 Last Post Today, 08:17 AM
In: Working in Singapore V20
By: Thunderbolt8
No New Posts Brides & Grooms (19 Active Users)
Our very own corner for those planning to tie the knot. Wedding planning, discussions and more.
Forum Led by: Moderator
461 4,249 Last Post Today, 01:38 AM
In: Affordable photobooth servi...
By: kevintai
No New Posts Pregnancy & Parenting (23 Active Users)
Subforums: [Constipation, Diarrhoea and Gut health for Children]
From before pregnancy and way beyond. Parenthood, Child Health and more.
Forum Led by: Moderator
2,878 40,697 Last Post Yesterday, 05:49 PM
In: Post-natal Urut Lady
By: Zenyen
No New Posts Health & Fitness (178 Active Users)
Subforums: [Member Workout Journals], [Bodybuilding & Strength Training]
Burn fat and get back in shape. Share your health, diet and exercise tips here.
Forum Led by: Moderator
17,598 438,046 Last Post Yesterday, 11:59 PM
In: Lionel's Journal
By: Lionel90
No New Posts Grab & Uber (42 Active Users)
Ridesharing drivers community. Passengers welcome too!
Forum Led by: Moderator
30 14,199 Last Post Today, 08:26 AM
In: Uber Partner Resource Centr...
By: bcombat

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No New Posts Movies & Music (94 Active Users)
Subforums: [Galeries de Celebrites]
All the latest blockbuster flicks, chart topping hits, and everything else you call entertainment.
Forum Led by: +Newbie+, Mov_freak
8,817 303,197 Last Post Today, 08:19 AM
In: Marvel Presents: GUARDIANS ...
By: deejay220989
No New Posts Anime Shrine (25 Active Users)
Geki! Animenation Gambate! For the Anime Otaku needs...

Forum Led by: +Newbie+, HMMaster, linkinstreet
3,579 446,615 Last Post Today, 12:32 AM
In: Shingeki no Kyojin /進撃...
By: TheAverageHustler
No New Posts Gamers Hideout (177 Active Users)
Where the best in computer games look for a challenge.
Forum Led by: tarvalslain87, memphiz_zero88
22,616 1,608,560 Last Post Today, 06:45 AM
In: Nier: Automata
By: d4rkbring
No New Posts DOTA 2 (68 Active Users)
Who needs a girlfriend when you have DotA 2?
Forum Led by: tarvalslain87, memphiz_zero88
1,417 89,053 Last Post Today, 04:52 AM
In: Midashim - Fastest 1080p60 ...
By: MidasHim
No New Posts Consoles Couch (134 Active Users)
Subforums: [Playstation], [Xbox], [Nintendo], [Consoles Couch]
PS2, XboX, Wii and all other console talk.
Forum Led by: Moderator
15,313 1,723,006 Last Post Today, 08:24 AM
In: PS VITA/ PS TV™ Community...
By: El-LoboSolitario
No New Posts Mobile Gamers Hangout (56 Active Users)
Talk about the latest games for your smartphone or tablet.
Forum Led by: Moderator
1,285 144,594 Last Post Today, 08:35 AM
In: King's Raid Ver 1.0 (As...
By: inthshands
No New Posts Pokemon GO (21 Active Users)
Gotta Catch 'Em All
Forum Led by: Moderator
532 29,398 Last Post Today, 07:49 AM
In: Pokémon GO Malaysia Thread...
By: HenryLow

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No New Posts Kopitiam (3164 Active Users)
Subforums: [Serious Kopitiam], [Jokes Heaven], [The Museum Of Kopitiam]
Can't find a suitable place to post a topic? Here's the place. :) Home for everyone!
Forum Led by: Kampung2005, munkeyflo, lucifah, Moderator, empire23
700,009 17,441,174 Last Post Today, 08:36 AM
In: samseng's pay
By: dr2k3
No New Posts The Fast & The Furious (369 Active Users)
Subforums: [Tyre Talk], [Car Clubs], [ICE], [Biker Base]
When you're done pushing your computer to the limit, what do you do? Show off your skills with your vehicle of course! Cars, rigs and chicks. What else does a person need?
Forum Led by: sleepwalker, antonio, terion, lucifah
43,406 2,730,800 Last Post Today, 08:29 AM
In: LYN New Honda HRV thread V1
By: edtai
No New Posts Cupid's Corner (104 Active Users)
All questions on love & relationships. Share your problems and someone might be able to help (knock some sense into) you.
Forum Led by: Baronic, munkeyflo
15,251 1,989,037 Last Post Today, 08:28 AM
In: extreme sadness and lovelorn
By: shiny cat
No New Posts Pets Wonderland (28 Active Users)
Celebrate the bond we share with our beloved companions by sharing information and articles of hope, health, rescue & support.
Forum Led by: nairud
5,039 533,923 Last Post Today, 01:13 AM
By: eternallife
No New Posts The Sports Channel (50 Active Users)
General sports discussions on motor sports, badminton, wrestling, NBA and more.
Forum Led by: TheWhacker, alien2003, aw13
3,014 439,487 Last Post Today, 01:17 AM
In: Mountain Biking V33
By: tongyam
No New Posts Football Lounge (143 Active Users)
English, Spanish, Italy, German, Holland, any where in the world. There is nothing more about but football.
Makan Bola, Tidur Bola, Minum err....
Forum Led by: TheWhacker, alien2003, aw13, Everdying
1,634 1,042,980 Last Post Today, 08:31 AM
In: Chelsea FC - The Shed V43
By: hazif22
No New Posts Hobbies, Collectibles and Model Kits (74 Active Users)
Subforums: [LYN Book Club]
From the traditional stamp collecting to McFarlane figures, discuss and share your views on hobbies, figures, crafts and more!
Forum Led by: jhcj, VincC454, max_cjs0101, HenryLow
3,076 1,173,058 Last Post Today, 08:25 AM
In: [TCG] Magic The Gathering (...
By: Instant_noodle
No New Posts Travel & Living (94 Active Users)
Subforums: [Holiday Accommodation]
Exotic destinations, fine cuisine and delicious cooking. Share your travel tips, vacation spots and watering holes in here.
Forum Led by: stimix, munkeyflo
3,898 248,074 Last Post Today, 12:39 AM
In: Im going to Singapore for D...
By: Lada Putih
No New Posts Food & Flavours (18 Active Users)
Guides to good food, mouth watering cuisines, restaurants, mamaks and fine delicacies around town.
Forum Led by: Moderator
2,138 47,267 Last Post Today, 01:10 AM
In: Coffee Lover v.2 Thread
By: junsuke
No New Posts Girl's Club (33 Active Users)
Subforums: [Cosmetics], [Trends + Fashion]
Girls just wanna have fun. Guys stay OUT!
Forum Led by: felicious, BlurSotong, munkeyflo
7,939 123,712 Last Post Yesterday, 05:37 PM
In: Sephora, Victoria Secret
By: sherrei.1505
No New Posts Men's Style & Fashion (90 Active Users)
Modern men don't just wear T-shirts and jeans. Come discuss hair styles, casual wear or even power suits!
Forum Led by: jind86, FusionX, Everdying
2,635 176,900 Last Post Today, 06:57 AM
In: The watch thread v13!
By: jsflim

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No New Posts LYN Charity Foundation (7 Active Users)
Doing our part for society. Come on in if you've got some spare time to help, or just browse through all our current and future projects.
Forum Led by: Moderator
613 4,436 Last Post Apr 25 2017, 08:16 PM
In: Hospital Bed for Donation
By: coolstore
No New Posts Reverse Phone Directory
Got a call from a number you don't know, maybe someone else also did. Find out who is calling here.
Forum Led by: Moderator
90 221 Last Post Apr 13 2017, 05:37 PM
In: 88222102
By: kvnheng

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Job Enlistments (20 Active Users)
Looking for a mad coder? Searching for freelance jobs? Search, offer and get employed here.

Forum Led by: Moderator, Probationary Moderator
51,166 71,466 Last Post Today, 01:04 AM
In: We Want recruit more in hou...
By: alexa
No New Posts Properties (17 Active Users)
Properties for sale or rent? Looking for a new home or room? Post them up here!
Forum Led by: Moderator, Probationary Moderator
76,286 39,630 Last Post Today, 05:45 AM
In: Cheras Vina
By: chongmelvin2238
No New Posts Business For Sale (30 Active Users)
Letting go of your business, shop, restaurant or franchise. List it down here.
Forum Led by: Moderator, Probationary Moderator
662 3,795 Last Post Yesterday, 04:15 PM
In: INVESTOR NEEDED .. 300-400u...
By: KenWongZ
No New Posts Services Noticeboard (95 Active Users)
Tradespeople, expand your reach and be discovered by your community by advertising your skills here!
Forum Led by: Moderator, Probationary Moderator
9,189 340,030 Last Post Today, 08:09 AM
In: ★★ WTS ★ V6 RANK ★ ...
By: Qingyi
No New Posts Events and Gatherings (22 Active Users)
From mamak meet ups, LAN parties to PC Fairs. Post your events here and gather the sheep and share your experience!
Forum Led by: Moderator, Probationary Moderator
7,162 74,273 Last Post Yesterday, 10:25 PM
By: modesliga

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Garage Sales (978 Active Users)
Lowyat.NET's trading platform - a dedicated subforum for you to advertise, buy and sell anything under the sun, from technology products to clothes, new or used.
Forum Led by: Moderator, Probationary Moderator
300,565 2,281,190 Last Post Today, 08:20 AM
In: where can i find bomber jac...
By: afoka
No New Posts Garage Sales Helpdesk (21 Active Users)
Subforums: [Resource Centre], [Dispute Resolution Corner]

Forum Led by: Moderator
7,677 175,726 Last Post Today, 05:38 AM
In: [NOTICE] Successful trades ...
By: alanee
Read Only Forum Garage Sales Archive (19 Active Users)
Past trades are archived here.
285,633 1,664,517 Last Post Oct 2 2016, 05:07 PM
In: [WTS] eSpring Water Purifie...
By: DanielW


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