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> Warranty & Complaints, Rant Rant Rant

post Dec 9 2008, 12:27 PM

King of Char Siew!
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From: Damansara Jaya/Bandar Utama

I bought an ATOM PC (mobo + ITX casing) on Sunday.

Discovered yesterday that the PSU fan not working. Then got burning smell from PSU after a few hours. Then i checked the PSU and found the fan like stuck and won't move at all. The system is still ok, but i didn't use it after that.

What time you guys close shop? I'm sending it back today evening after office hour....*sigh*...damn mah fan......why u guys sell me non working things lah!! Potong stim already...i wanted to start Bit Torrenting today...

Can get 1 to 1 exchange on the spot?? I dun want to go back again....sad.gif

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post Dec 18 2008, 02:03 AM

I don't need a parachute
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From: Selayang
1. Technical Job Sheet Number - SRV# is LW4-4701

2. Item On Warranty - Gigabyte ATI RADEON HD3870XT

3. When Was The Item Sent - 18.11.2008

4. Problem Faced With It - Canot Display

5. Checking On Status / Issues - I would like to know if it is ready or not yet to pick up.
post Jan 8 2009, 02:50 PM

Can't be Mad.
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From: Pulau Indah

Checking out my RMA status for my Gigabyte-P35-DS3 Rev 2.1

1. Technical Job Sheet Number: EXT (Reference Doc: 7874)
2. SRV#: LW4-5023
2. Item On Warranty: Gigabyte-P35-DS3 Rev 2.1 Motherboard.
3. When Was The Item Sent : 19/12/2008
4. Problem Faced With It: No Power, Bios can't be updated (will revert back to the last flashed bios)
5. Checking On Status / Issues: Just checking out to see if this would be ready to pick up a week earlier. biggrin.gif
post Jan 16 2009, 06:24 PM

Getting Started
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From: Klang

Im here just want to say that i sent my ASUS Maximus II Formula two months ago..im not saying i didnt get the item back..i did collect the mobo after waited for a month...during the RMA i never received a call about the RMA status..my friend got a call more than 10 times to pick up his item when he RMA his item in different shop..

I tried the online checker...it always show "your item is not ready"..i typed any number it also display the same sentences..

if the online checker has already been fixed..just ignore my complaint

by the way..i like c-zone ...reasonable price that's the reason i bought my mobo..

Peace smile.gif
post Jan 19 2009, 09:17 PM

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From: kuala lumpur

1. Technical Job Sheet Number : LW4-5175
2. Item On Warranty : Asus P5B motherboard
3. When Was The Item Sent : 5/1/09
4. Problem Faced With It :Cannot boot
5. Checking On Status / Issues :Need to check if the motherboard ready to collect
post Jun 3 2009, 01:12 PM

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1. Technical Job Sheet Number: 6122
2. Item On Warranty: ASUS EN7300GE 256MB/PCIE/DDR2
3. When Was The Item Sent : 28 March 2009
4. Problem Faced With It: Spoilt and malfunction
5. Checking On Status / Issues: Need To Check On Status Because It Has Been more than 2 months Since I Sent It

My name: Ivan
h/p: 012-2629677
post Jun 4 2009, 03:59 PM

1.0 bar @ 221WHP
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From: Central Region


just would like to check the status of my RMA

1. Technical Job Sheet Number ( 6338)
2. Serial No : SN0745407280
2. Item On Warranty ( i.e : Gigabyte GA-P35--DS3 )
3. When Was The Item Sent ( i.e : 16.04.2009 )
4. Problem Faced With It ( Motherboard cannot load into windows )
5. Checking On Status / Issues ( i.e : Need To Check On Status Because It Has Been 6 Weeks Since I Sent It )
6. Contact No : 012-213 5886


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post Dec 24 2009, 02:17 AM

Vaper Enthusiast
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From: Shah Alam - Damansara Perdana - Bukit Beruntung

how fast is the restoration if i comlaint here?

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post Dec 25 2009, 11:35 AM

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May I to know the BIOSTAR motherboard how long the warranty to the manufacture?
I purchase the motherboard since 2007 and keep the receipt.
post Dec 29 2009, 03:20 AM

Vaper Enthusiast
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From: Shah Alam - Damansara Perdana - Bukit Beruntung

Hi C-Zone.

My name is Saiful .. i bought ur pc last year on Dis. On November 6th i think my HD suddenly not working and i sent the HD to ur service center inLowyat. It took almost 4 weeks until they called me to inform Hd replaced and this is when i called up and asked. 1st they said need to take another 2 weeks so i really piss off!! i spoke to Miss San ( i think ). Then after 1 week Miss San called up and said can get my Hd. When i checked warranty already expired 2 days ago.

I asked Miss San how if my Hd having problem again but no warranty, 1st she said nothing can do so i was pissed off again because because of C-Zone late respond i got my Hd late and this is after i scolled them on the phone. Then she said gave me 1 week warranty.

Now the story my Hd not working again.. come on C-Zone whats the deal here. Here the details.

1. Technical Job Sheet Number - NONE
2. Item On Warranty Seagate 500gb 72000 SN : 9QM997BT
3. When Was The Item Sent - sent for replacement Nov 5th - received back 5th Dec
4. Problem Faced With It ( Hard Disk Drive Cannot Be Detected )
5. Checking On Status / Issues - i need a solution!!

Ive been checking in forums local and international they said mostly 500gb Seagate Hd is problem... if this is true then why the hell u guys sell the Hd. I want this issued to be resolve or not i will complaint it to SKMM,MCMC etc.

U dont know how much data ive lost on the 1st problem.. then after i collected back the data now problem again.

I want solution and dont give me reason that nothing u can do .. this is ur product!! if i used it and problem after warranty i can accept but its under your warranty and because of the delay the warranty expired. please dont make me think that this a scam ur customer how to expired the warranty. I did asked them just replace another Hd but nooooo .. they need to check 1st. then said no stock.. common laa... 500gb no stock.. u make me laugh.. if i 160gb is reasonable!!

Then u guys just replace with another Hd .. that simple!! NOW I WANT REPLACEMENT but not SEAGATE !!

Ive check and my HD is 5 years warranty but WHY when i check on SEAGATE.COM it shows my warranty got another 4 years. My HD only can be use for 3 days after i reformatted and change the SATA cable..
If u change my HD on 6th Disember 2009 it suppose to be 5 years right for the new 1 ..
I want this problem to settle A.S.A.P !! I will go to your shop after this and please dont give me crap about no warranty .. u can see within the SEAGATE website!! i will post this also inside LowYat.net..

Please contact me ASAP - email me 1st then i give u my contact number!!
[email protected] , [email protected]
post Dec 29 2009, 12:16 PM

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for ekudz,

Im a a regular @ czone, so i know a bit of warranty thingy of them. Mostly for the warranty, some parts are cover 3 yrs or 5 yrs warranty, the shop will cover for 1 YEAR warranty only, and mostly the shops at lowyat do the same.

I think for your case, their meaning is out of warranty for their shop that cover, but if the item u pruchase at there out of the 1yr warranty and u looking for help, they still got do the warranty, but with some service charges.

And for the replacement, in my experience their shop only do 1 to 1 replacement for purchase within 1 week, out of that is all send for warranty.

Hope this helps wink.gif
post Dec 29 2009, 07:54 PM

Vaper Enthusiast
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From: Shah Alam - Damansara Perdana - Bukit Beruntung

Thanks Nagato,

but i hope person in C-Zone could clarify it with my problem ..
post Mar 14 2010, 07:34 AM

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i got hard disk problem...my laptop didn't detect it...in the properties...it read my hard disk as RAW...what should i do...Ijust bought this hard disk a month ago...
post Jul 10 2010, 02:58 PM

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I have this Logitech mouse I bought about 1 1/2 year ago. USB receiver suddenly stopped working overnight. Is this where I ask about warranty?

"Shop warranty" was for 1 year. I'm hoping I have Logitech's longer warranty.

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post Aug 23 2010, 12:43 PM

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From: Somewhere around Malaysia

What I want to say here, the C-Zone services was really bad..Because of what?
Here is my story:

I have send my GC GigaByte 9600GT to the service center at level 3 about 3++ month ago..Their technician told me that my GC need to repair because of blue screen & display sometimes disappear/black screen.. So, I agree to repair it..After that, I still not received any call from them that told me about the GC was completed repair. On 13 August 2010, I try to call the services center number to check the status for the GC & they told me my GC was ready to be collect. How come they never contact me when the GC was completed repair. vmad.gif sad.gif
On saturday morning (14 August 2010), I have go to service center to collect my GC & pay RM20 for the service charges..When I go back & try my GC on my PC at home..I'm really frustrated when I found out that my GC still have same problem vmad.gif How come they never tested before give back the customer..That was not right thing..Are they really working or not? I will not pay anymore for service charges..I felt disappoint as the customer..I have waste my time & cost (paying parking fees) just only to take the GC..What are your opinion about this?What I should do now? Please advise sad.gif

post Aug 28 2010, 10:32 AM

[S]cootori [H]anzo
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From: Jedi Master
Good Day,


1. We do not have any service center located on the 3rd floor.
2. Our call logs on the system indicates that we have made attempts to call you but there was no answer.
2. Testing for the items from warranty can be requested before collection as items are shipped directly from the respective manufacturer. Hence we do not temper with the items. It goes direct to you.
3. Should the items claimed is not working as intended after testing, we would offer replacement directly from the local distributor.All is required is just a few working days. Unless if the items has been deemed Obsolete in which it's neither available on shelves anymore or no longer produced.
4.It is wiser to call us up and give us full details on the rma number, your contact number so that we can resolve your issue as soon possible.

post Oct 4 2010, 09:16 PM

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hi scooticus,

Can i noe more on service difference with other competitors like customer training, ordering, installation and also Miscellaneous services?
i need this info because i am doing and assignment for this website. thanks alot.
post Dec 2 2010, 08:23 PM

Getting Started
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From: Bukit Jalil

I have a question. I'm about to buy an item from LYN member. He have the receipt but couldn't give it to me because the receipt got another items of his. The question is; can I use the photocopy of the receipt to claim the warranty from czone & RMA?
post Dec 30 2010, 01:06 PM

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Dear CZONE and whom this may concern,

First of all I believe with long term business relationship. As you treat customer well, customer would continue to come back. And I don't like to hurt any of your staff too.

I have bought over RM3k stuff from CZONE this week and going to be >RM4k and deserve a much better service than not recognizing the mistake to replace the faulty motherboard in less than a week. Worst the motherboard (m/b) is an 2nd hand or display unit. This happen on 26Dec. Believe it or not below are fact that CZONE may find all kind of excuse to deny it.

1. Used m/b and sold as new. Obvious from wear box, open RC Bluetooth, missing item in standard package.
2. Realize there might be quality issue, I went to swap another one, but to my disbelieve it was open unit too(worst w/o anti-static bag).
3. Mistake for recommending incompatible memory
4. The replaced m/b was faulty where it would give jet sound on CPU fan (much like those in server room).
5. 27Dec sent back & wait few hours & require next day. Then 28Dec confirm it is incompatible memory & mentioned was normal for the noise from AMD fan. So bought new compatible RAM & bought new CPU cooler and want to assure there is no obstruction with memory. He said no problem. Also confirm way of assemble (direction).
6. 29Dec sent back due to CPU fan connector on m/b failed to power up CPU fan & CZONE confirm the issue and refuse to swap new m/b but ask for RMA instead. Worst sales guy accuse me wrongly assemble cooler & void memory warranty due to CPU fan obstruction to memory & cause heat sink looser whereas all I have is follow instruction exactly and CZONE have not follow instruction (at least from picture).
7. I agree for a m/b replacement this Sat (appointment) but not happy for not willing to swap a new one but to the original open unit.
8. I further bought 2 more items (now it is over RM4k) just to prove that I would come back to buy thing from CZONE but with condition. If this is not fix well to my satisfaction, this complaint is just the beginning.

As you can see, there were too many mistakes from CZONE. Not to mention time, driving & stress for going through this.
I would continue to seek alternative right like more propagation, to NCCC, news reporter or even legal action if necessary. Of course there is also attitude problem with CZONE staff. I'm experienced enough to tell if you are lie or not. I don't point out your mistakes/ lies, doesn't mean I don't know.


Added on January 2, 2011, 11:45 pmHi all,

Happy New Year 2011 and just want to inform that the case is closed with the help from CZONE staff, Mr Kay & Mr Moo.

Thank you.


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post Jan 10 2011, 10:03 AM

5 star monkey
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From: PeeJay
very disappointed with C-zone price and staff la...

went on saturday to purchase a laptop
N5010 - 3743SG - 15” to be exact
The price list there stated with Win 7 HP
so when check the item the staff says only comes with Free DOS blink.gif
After he check the system and he said printed wrongly
Ask him to check with ah boy (who was there at the moment)
He said this is set by Scoot

He won't do anything to help me
Terrible...i am a long time customer with C-zone
since when they just opened the corner shop run personally by scoot, ah boy and ah teng.
This is what they give me now...

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