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> Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Official v14, KitKat is Here But with Side Effects

post Jan 13 2014, 10:36 PM, updated 9y ago

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Welcome to the LYN Samsung Galaxy Note 3 thread - v14




Flashing kitkat now will render the external SD almost useless for some apps. This is a new feature of kitkat where each app will need an extra permission for external sd. As such you will need an update from the app creator. Nevertheless, Samsung stock apps are working fine.

The is a fix for rooted user as we can change some permission stuff with root. ROOTING WILL TRIP KNOX ON KITKAT.

Please be warned on this new permission issue with kitkat before flashing.

Rooted user can flash this to FIX EXTERNAL SD


KitKat ROM is detecting S View Cover Chipset, only Genuine Samsung S View Flipcover will working now.

All counterfeit or any branded casing including Spigen SlimArmor View - S View function will stop working once update to KitKat ROM."

The is a fix for rooted user using exposed framework and the xposed app from here S cover Xposed Fix.

Please be warned on this issue with kitkat before flashing.


There will be no downgrading back to 4.3 roms anymore so the 2 above side effects is here to stay until someone fixes it.

Only flash Kitkat if you have understood the above 2 side effects.


ANNOUNCEMENT: ABOUT the Knox "Prevention Information" Message

You can do 2 things, either tick the box and be reminded every 30 days, or root and freeze all Knox related apps/services. See post 7, issue 17 for more information




Here attached scenario on when the knox get trip or not courtesy of Andrewtst with minor amendments.
Flash any stock ROM including Kitkat officially or not with odin without rooting - won't trip knox.
Officially phone came with MJ1 or older - root with URDLV won't trip knox.
Officially phone came with MJ7 or later - root with any method will trip knox.
Officially phone came with MJ1 but later updates to MJ7 with OTA/KIES/Odin and later - root with any method will trip knox.
Officially at MJ1 and rooted and update to any firmware excluding KitKat ROM using Mobile Odin Pro only - root will remain and won't trip the knox.
KitKat cannot update via Mobile Odin as new bootloader required and will trip the knox once you root it only.
Install any custom recovery and custom kernel will trip the knox.

Type *#1234# to get the following information from your phone:





To turn off AUTO UPDATE OF FIRMWARE : settings>general>about>update>software updates. Uncheck Auto Update

Manual Download
N9005XXUDMJ7 - XME - Thanks to nazeeman


officially announced on 04 September 2013 at IFA 2013 Berlin.

user posted image

"The official language of Lowyat.NET is the English language. All threads and posts must be in English, with the exception of specific, designated threads in the Kopitiam, and limited use to convey a specific expression or interjection."

NO "First post" type posts. Such posts are counted as spam by the Mods and will be warned.

You may get a chance to go Bora-Bora as they say in these parts:
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icon_rolleyes.gifI will NOT correct your grammar and semantics icon_rolleyes.gif

icon_idea.gifLINK:Want To Be Taken Seriously? Become a Better Writer - 2013-02-21 - David Kerpen, LinkedIn author - Legacy of Previous TS

icon_rolleyes.gifLINK:My little post about non-verbal communication - More Legacy of Previous TS


RRP RM2399 for N9005 LTE (4G, 32GB) MODEL. AVAILABLE NOW !!


link credits to confuzan


Thread Rules

1. Strictly no discussions on warez/cracks or pirated apps. Please keep the thread CLEAN from such illegal stuff
2. Do NOT ask for links to such apps or links to get free apps which need to be paid for
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9. Read the first page if you have a question. Then read for 10 pages, AND the last 10 pages of a thread BEFORE YOU ASK ANYTHING.
*However, if, after reading Page 1, the first and last 10 pages, or simply lurking, has helped you solve your problem, it will be appreciated if you can post a "Thank you" in the forum since we do not have a "Like" button or "Thanks" button*


Mini Directory
Post 01: This post - Announcements, Rules, How to get Help, Mini Directory
Post 02: CHANGELOG for page 1 - easier to track what's been updated. *CHECK HERE* first !!
Post 03: General overview, Key features, Reviews
Post 04: Owners' lists, Review/Testimonies by Owners, Confessions, SCAM Alerts
Post 05: Note 3 Operations Part 1 (A-S)
Post 06: Note 3 Operations Part 2 (T-Z)
Post 07: Note 3 Common Issues
Post 08: Rooting and Advanced Part 1 - Intro
Post 09: Rooting and Advanced Part 2 - Steps
Post 10: Photography
Post 11: Resident Experts
Post 12: Records (Battery, Stable OC, etc) + Hall of Fame
Post 13: Useful Applications + Tutorials
Post 14: Peripheral stuff (Accessories, Cases, Homescreens, Themes etc)
Post 15: Mods, Tips & Tricks
Post 16: Reserved for alexng2208


When you get your NEW TOY

On the dialer, dial *#0*#. You will see the following screen:

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Apart from this, please go thru the Issues/Defects list in POST 6 below for other reported defects.


Make sure the seller has done this !!!!

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


For the Note series, the main differentiator is the S-Pen using a Wacom active digitizer, and Samsung's nicely packaged software to take advantage of it across the OS. I personally like the workflow enhancement you get when your device can actually replace the paper notebook, so I am very keen for active digitizer devices, of which currently only the Note series has it in the smartphone/phablet form factor. Larger devices with active digitizers (Wacom or N-Trig) tend to be very expensive (RM5k++) tablets/convertibles from notebook manufacturers.

First off, I want to put things in perspective. I must state that we can no longer think of our devices as "phones" but COMPUTERS. Therefore, since computers have been around for the last 60 years or so, there is nothing "new" or "innovative" to expect from our devices, except for "faster, better, cheaper". Maybe not cheaper but we have seen ASP (Average Selling Price) falling across the board.

In 2002 - it was already speculated that your phone will become your computer:
The Economist - 2002-11-21 - Computing's new shape

And because it is a computer, you have to treat it as such, ie regular backups, some periodic cleansing/factory reset and practice safe computing habits.

Note that of course it is not to be compared with the CISC type computers of the Intel x86 desktop/notebook genre, but it is still a computer nonetheless of the RISC variety, specifically the ARM family, with a huge number of variations across manufacturers. The focus of ARM is for performance per watt, which allows low power computing on the go which has been the dream of computing since its dawn.

Anything else, feel free to contribute.

Information will be added as it becomes available.

*credits to Andrewtst for merging and adding background transparency to the main pic.

None of us is as smart as all of us

Errare humanum est perseverare diabolicum

Have fun everyone biggrin.gif

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I will attempt to log changes here as an indication of new material that I've added. I won't log cosmetic changes. Some posts will also be excluded from the changelog (eg Accessories) unless noteworthy.

The changelog will begin from 1 in each new topic version. Changelog link for prior topic versions posted at the bottom.

No.DateDescription of ChangePostSubsection
032014-01- 20 Insanely Better Battery Life 12 & 15 Mods
022014-01-17 Kitkat Offical Rom Flashing & Rooting without tripping knox 9 Flashing Kitkat Official Rom With MOP Without Tripping Knox
012014-01-17 Andrewtst review & Pictures on Spigen Slim Armor 14 Cases

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Previous Versions

*Note: v1 was actually started on 01-Aug, but closed by mod the same day, and then re-opened on 15-Aug, so 15-Aug is treated as the start date.

Typically I will begin new versions at 00:00 of the day, so Started will be 00:00 of day 1, and Ended is considered as 23:59 of the end date for ease of calculation, unless specified in the time below.

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V132013-12-22 15:542014-01-13 22:3622.28250398,8862014-01-14

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General overview, Key features, Reviews

Variants known:
Available as:
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900 3G Exynos Octa 5420 model
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9002 with dual SIM card support (China only)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 Qualcomm S800 with LTE connectivity. (MALAYSIA)

user posted image
user posted image

*Note: The Note 3 uses the microsim.

SIM card types - Andrew_1980
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Pretty good writeup by Mobilesyrup, a Canadian mobile news site, on the GN3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the most interesting smartphone released this year. Here’s why

*my summary of the key headings*
  1. It’s the first phone with USB 3.0
  2. It’s the first non-Nexus phone with Android 4.3
  3. It sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and 3GB of RAM
  4. It comes standard with 32GB of internal storage
  5. It’s one of the first devices to support Category 4 LTE, also known as LTE-Advanced
  6. Most of its new software features are actually useful
  7. Despite having a larger screen, it’s actually more compact than the Note II
Summary of 20 Best features of Samsung GALAXY Note 3
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «



Sammobile's link to the Consumer Consultant's Guide, with 3 times more information than the user's manual - Xeactorz

Link to download the Note 3 User Guide (77Mb PDF) - wkho555

FULL Listing of all the bundled FREE Apps and Services worth RM1,500 for the Note 3 (24Mb, 121 pages) - tigerporc

Erica Griffin's SUPER REVIEW (1h06m long !!!!) of the Note 3 and all its features: - PsVitaForLife
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

The CPU(Snapdragon-LTE)
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

3Gb RAM - gogo2
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

USB 3.0 - Micro USB 3.0 - world first !!!!
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

The Screen
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

The Stylus
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Notification LED
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

LTE power efficient Radio
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Knox - Enterprise Security !!!
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Ultra Low Power Wireless Sensors for Sporting Use - KTCY
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Android Authority - Samsung Introduces The Galaxy Note 3 In A Super-Detailed 6.5 Minute Video


GSMArena Hands on with Multi-Vision --- expand your screen ACROSS several Note 3s !!!!! - Andrewtst

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Cool things you can do with the Note 3 - Superman7

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


Engadget's Comparison with Note 2 - blacktubi

user posted image

Note IINote 3
Dimensions5.95 x 3.16 x 0.37 inches (151.1 x 80.5 x 9.4mm)5.95 x 3.12 x 0.33 inches (151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3mm)
Weight6.35 oz. (180g) 5.92 oz. (168g)
Screen size 5.5 inches 5.7 inches
Screen resolution 1,280 x 720 pixels (267ppi) 1,920 x 1,080 (386ppi)
Screen type HD Super AMOLED Full HD Super AMOLED
Battery 3,100mAh 3,200mAh
Internal storage 16 / 32 / 64GB 32 / 64GB
External storage microSD (up to 64GB) microSD (up to 64GB)
Rear camera 8MP 13MP
Front-facing cam 1.9MP 2MP
Video capture 1080p 1080p, 4K/UHD* (4K only for Qualcomm S800)
NFC Yes Yes
Radios HSPA+, LTE HSPA+, LTE Advanced
Bluetooth Version 4.0 Version 4.0
SoC 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos 2.3GHz quad-core processor / 1.9GHz octa-core processor (varies by region)
MHL Yes Yes
Operating systemAndroid 4.1 Jelly Bean Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

A comparison of various Samsung phone sizes from S1 thru Note3 - Andrewtst

user posted image

Hands On and Reviews

Hands on and Q&A on Note 3 - HWZone SG - 2013-09-16 - mzabu
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

GSMArena's Comparison between Snapdragon S800 and Exynos Oct 5420 - 2013-09-30
Quad core Snapdragon S800 wins against the Exynos Octa 5420.


Unboxing and Hands On Videos

Unboxing and Hands On by PhoneArena (with narration) - 2013-09-17 - mudkipryan94
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Unboxing and Hands On by GSMArena - 2013-09-13
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Coldfustion's FULL review !!! - 2013-11-11 - Xirality
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Coldfustion's preliminary review !!! - 2013-09-05
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Official First Hands On for Note 3 and Gear - Xeactorz
Very interesting for the charting functions in the new S-Note version. 18 minutes long.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Sammobile - Hands-on Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition - 2013-09-08 - Xeactorz

The article also has a comparison of the Note 3 4k video vs the Note 2 FHD and S4 FHD videos.


» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


Previews and Reviews

Incredibly USEFUL SITE for almost daily tips and tricks, initially for the Note 2, now includes the Note 3
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

30+ top Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III TIPS & TRICKS you 'MUST KNOW - vinnilaa - 2013-09-27
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Android Central - Samsung Galaxy Note 3 video walkthrough - 2013-09-26
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Other Reviews and Comments
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

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Owners' List

Self Service Form Here!!!

Please input your LYN username, SME/AP, Model, Capacity and Color, and any optional information you wish, and hit "Submit" on the form.

> CLICK HERE for Owners' SUBMISSION FORM < - started on 2013-09-19.

> Owners' List spreadsheet < - See results of the Submission Form here.
DO NOT use this link to input your details. USE THE FORM ABOVE.

If you wish to register e-warranty yourself:
V6, #0344

lordkevin,Sep 30 2013, 04:11 PM

Just out from samsung service center at pj,my phone currently having handwriting problem,cant detect at all..according to the customet service guy,it is software problem and the ptoblrm can only be solve after 2 week.he say waiting for new software to arrive then will call me back to instal the new software..for those wondering how to register warranty...below are the step

Send email to ewarranty.sme@samsung.com

Must include below infomation on the email
1)proof of purchase -receipt
2)model samsung s4 - example GT-19500
3)ime no.
4)serial no
6)mobile number to receive sms

QUOTE(XeactorZ @ Sep 27 2013, 06:34 PM)
total 40m sales for note series
30m sales from note II, hooray !!!

Samsung sold over 40 million Notes, 30 million of which were Note II sales
.....and it was clear that the phablet – now a word in the Oxford dictionary – was here to stay, and that Samsung was the unchallenged king of the phablet market.

Oxford Dictionary Online
New words: August 2013
Pronunciation: /ˈfablət/

a smartphone having a screen which is intermediate in size between that of a typical smartphone and a tablet computer:a 3.5 inch screen is inadequate in a market that is trending towards phablets

early 21st century: blend of phone1 and tablet


Extremely good Infographic from Sammobile on the Note 3 - Xeactorz
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Short Reviews by Note 3 Thread Members

Not from a thread member, but useful to see the power of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 processor with 3GB RAM:

Galaxy Note 3 Tips & Tricks Ep. 4: How Fast Is The Galaxy Note 3? It Is A Multitasking Powerhouse
Running 12 Apps at the same time !!!

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

>> ARTICLE << - Moving from iOS to Android - insightful comments

Best comment from this article:

by Charles Chambers

Used to be a diehard iPhone fan since 07. Switched to android in 11 and I love it.

The difference between android and iOS: iOS is like living in a nice hotel. You don't have a lot of choice but it looks nice and easy to use.

Android is like buying your own home. Buy an really nice home (android device) and you will probably love it. You can change and customize it however you want. It's yours! You can also buy cheap.
The consensus among thread members (they have the Xperia Z Ultra as well either currently or previously) is that the Note 3 screen is better than the Xperia Z Ultra's screen.

2013-10-08 - Unboxing and Sample shots - taken by TehWateva on his blog

2013-09-28 - Andrewtst / v5 #1554 - a very comprehensive review

2013-09-28 - WiLyi / v5 #1272 - a very comprehensive review

2013-09-25 - Andrewtst / v4 #1205

2013-09-25 - shockk / v4 #1299

2013-09-25 - joytest / v4 #1369

Shahada Abubakar on Google+

The rest here are various testimonies from posts, so many that it needs a spoiler !!!
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «



A word about the terms "AP" and "Ori" (not the best choice of terms, but this is Bolehland :blush: )
A real Samsung (or any manufacturer's) device is Original whether it's SME or AP. We get our terminology confused due to the use of the term "AP" here whereas the correct term is "Parallel Import" or "Grey Market". And again due to the proliferation of counterfeit goods in this part of the world, the term "original" is also misappropriated to denote "Genuine".

SME vs AP is simply a matter of distribution channel for a Genuine product. You can also get "original" counterfeits since it comes directly from the manufacturer of said counterfeit.

*PLEASE READ POST 9 ABOUT Samsung's SIM-locking* This is Samsung's attempt at reducing parallel import sets that could impact a specific country or region's sales revenues.

From Merriam-Webster:
Definition of COUNTERFEIT
1: made in imitation of something else with intent to deceive => LYN's historical topic on the subject - AP, Ori, Water

Pics of Counterfeits
Or perhaps more politely, "unbranded clones"
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Article on Note 3 Imitation - benny888
Note 3 Imitation

Not directly Note 3 related, but useful to know nonetheless:
How To Take Care of Your Smartphone Battery the Right Way - 2013-06-29 - ((Xa))0102
The Basics of USB Battery Charging: A Survival Guide - 2010-12-09 - a very technical explanation of how charging works.
What is the powerbank? Testing, calculation, explaination - by x-treme - link by -kytz-
Beware of Cheap, High Capacity Powerbanks - 2013-03-29 - brotan

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Note 3 Operations - Part 1, A to S

This post will contain general tips and issues for the Note 3. They are listed in Alphabetical order where it makes sense.

Due to the very detailed listing of posts related to Wakelocks, it caused this post to hit the max character limit of 48k characters. Therefore it is split into 2 sections.


Get Kies 3 here >> LINK << - Xeactorz
You need to install Kies 3 to support Note 3.

IF you still can't detect your Note 3:
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

USB Driver
If you don't want to use Kies, you can still connect to your PC by just installing the USB Driver
Link To USB Driver Thread On XDA

Phandroid - 31 tips and tricks for the Note 3 - 2013-10-04 benny888

DO NOT USE MAGNETIC COVERS/CASINGS => Voodoo2k's post V6/#1188
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Also, a prelude by Android Headlines for the top 20 Features before you dive into the rest of this post:
Android Headlines: Featured: Top 20 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Features - 2013-10-20

About the RM1,500 worth of bundled apps and services with the Note 3


Click the REGISTER button on the top left of the app to be able to download - seanlee89, V8/#1343

Reventon,Sep 26 2013, 04:10 PM
Summary of the value meal from purchasing Note 3 .
Samsung Premium Careline
TM WiFi – complimentary 90 days hotspots
Dropbox – 50GB for 2 years
Evernote – 12 months online storage
Office Suite Pro – 30 days trial, 1USD offer to full upgrade
Viki – 6 exclusive Korean drama
Samsung GALAXY Music – Download up to 500 songs up to 6 months
MPHOnline – Complimentary local eBook, eBook discount, free eBook
The Star – 1 month free trial, 50% discount for 1 year subscription
SPH Magazines – free 1 month subscription of your choice
NewsLoop – News content portal, local lifestyle focused
HungryGoWhere – Local makan-makan social network
1-handed Operation (THE WHOLE UI !!!)
How to shrink the Galaxy Note 3's display into a tiny window - 2013-10-02 - vostro78 - V6/#1620
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

user posted image

Apps, Moving to EXTERNAL SDcard
benny888's post with screenshots showing apps that provide the option to Move to SD - V7/#0161

Calculator app, where to find it
Goto Apps drawer , look inside "Samsumg" folder with a globe on it. right next to "Galaxy Plus" . Its in there - edison1437, kahyeec

Call Recording
MakeUseOf article on Call Recording - 2013-06-28 - pxd - V8/#2465

Camera app and its operation
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

YOU CAN USE your existing microUSB 2.0 cables. Please see pic under Specs/USB 3 in post 3. Just plug it into the right portion of the connector.

Galaxy Charging Current (GCC) - from Note 2 thread, but still applicable
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Contacts backup and Restore to your Note 3
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Contacts - Included Business Card Scanner !!!
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Data transfer from your other Android Phone
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Developer Mode, Enabling
881118,Sep 30 2013, 04:13 AM

Android Central on Enabling USB Debugging option

For app developer, enabling usb debugging need some special tricks now
I didn't know about that.
Settings > About Phone > Tap Build Number a few times > It will say your a developer now > Go back and you will see developer options above About Phone > Check USB Debugging option in Developer Options
USB debugging is mainly for developers, allowing them to use the android sdk (software development kit) to communicate with the device. However, USB debugging can be extremely useful as it allows us to use adb commands which can pull and push files to the device even when it does not boot correctly.

Perception of "Lag"

This is a very good article on perception of "lag". Please, 500milliseconds, even 100 times a day, is not going to kill you.

Lag isn’t always a death sentence
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

destEX,Sep 29 2013, 10:43 AM

Guys need help for 1 problem

I'm using NOVA launcher, when i press long home button to enter the task switcher area, then i choose any task or even open the task manager or google now, anything there, then i press back button back to the home screen, it will always go back to TW launcher, how do i bypass this so it goes back to nova launcher?
Superman7,Sep 29 2013, 10:47 AM

long press home button -> tap on the pie chart (left) -> Clear Default

and clear TouchWiz Home as default. Press home button again and you'll be prompted to select TW or Nova. Then set Nova as default.

Unlock your device with a signature!! - pokemon01234
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

RAM - free RAM
Jvn11,Oct 3 2013, 04:43 PM

I tried clearing my RAM. Using the active apps option. But it is still eating up approx. 1.6 GB of ram out of 2.38 GB. Is this normal? Where is this 1.6 GB being used?
destEX,Oct 3 2013, 04:47 PM

settings>general>apps>running processes+cached processes
S-Pen usage
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Master the S Pen on the Note 3: Feature Focus - 2013-10-11
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

S-View Cover
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Scrapbook Usage
Scrapbook usage video - neekun
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Screenshots - HOW TO !!!!!!
Andrewtst,Oct 10 2013, 10:56 AM

Sure can.

They is 3 ways for screen capture. No need use 3rd party apps.

- Motion - swipe with hand palm (side palm). Only like this will work.
user posted image

- Home + Power button - press and hold for few seconds.
- Press S-Pen button and touch the screen, then wait for few seconds.
WiLyi,Oct 10 2013, 10:59 AM

There is actually 2 more ways:
1. Air command > Screen write
2. Go to Setting > Accessibility > enable Assistant Menu > Screen shot

**Take note that when you do motion screenshot, you hand must touch the screen throughout your swiping motion, else it wont work

SDcard speeds
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Long descriptive post by destEX on the sound quality of the Note 3 - V6/#2386


Migrating from Other Platforms (Blackberry, Magical OS, Nokia)

This section provides some tips if you are migrating over from other platforms.

mohamadfazli,Oct 1 2013, 06:48 PM

BB9900 to Note 3 is a big move. Because..
1 - you moving from a keyboard to touch screen. You move to any touchscreen keyboard, you'll face the problem.
2 - you moving from a one-hand to a big phablet. One hand is not easy. But samsung has one-hand operation settings that you can use to help you do one-hand operations.
3 - you moving from an email-focused phone via BIS/BES to all-in smartphones..

Reading manual probably not gonna help much. But at the end of the day, you just need to get used to it....
Sync iTunes with Android – How to Transfer iTunes Music to Android - 2013-08-28


Misc Tips and Tricks

64 bit Mobile Computing
Jean-Baptiste Queru (JBP) speaks about 64 bit processing in mobile devices

When asked about how to make an image with a transparent background
Andrewtst,Sep 26 2013, 04:58 PM

Welcome. smile.gif

I use Adobe Photoshop. smile.gif
- Create a blank file with transparent background.
- Use Magic Wand tools to select your file by clicking the white area.
- Inverse the selection.
- Then Modified - Feather and choose 1 or 2 depends on file size.
- Copy the selected file to your 1st create transparent background file.
- Save it as PNG. Done.
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Note 3 Operations - Part 2, T to Z

This post will contain general tips and issues for the Note 3. They are listed in Alphabetical order where it makes sense.

Due to the very detailed listing of posts related to Wakelocks, it caused this post to hit the max character limit of 48k characters. Therefore it is split into 2 sections.

USB 3.0
How to enable USB 3 on the Note 3 (N9005) for 2x transfer speed vs USB 2.0

You need to go into USB settings while connected and enable USB 3 as shown in the video.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Vibration Intensity
WiLyi,Sep 30 2013, 01:39 AM

Go to Setting > Device tab > Sound > vibration intensity

From there you can set your vibration intensity for each different types of events. In fact I find that Note 3 vibration is too strong till I can hear it instead of feeling it. I have lower down the intensity. Not sure how strong you want.
Wakelocks and How to Deal with Them

XDA guide to wakelocks - 2013-10-02 - destEX

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

much of the following is from the Note 2 thread, but still applicable
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Wifi Sleep
smongium1984,Oct 1 2013, 04:28 PM

every time i check my battery, i had discovered that the wifi is always awake although i off it. after google bout it, seems like it is a new feature in android 4.3 to help get better accuracy on our location by scanning for nearby wifi. more about it in the link below and how to disable that feature...


essentially, for note 3
Go Settings --> Connection tab --> tap Wi-Fi --> tap menu button --> tap advanced --> uncheck Scanning always available

this should turn off wifi entirely... sorry if this is known, new to 4.3 so jz sharing what i had found out... cheers~~~

Wifi Connection
Deardaniel,Oct 26 2013, 09:32 PM

Sifu sifu out there, I need some help. I'm currently in Singapore and I could not connect my n3 with the hotel wifi. Error message was 'network disabled because internet connection is slow' but the network was very strong. My other device can connect. Anyone know how to solve this? Thanks in advance.
soyusa,Oct 26 2013, 09:42 PM

I'm not sifu, perhaps can you give a try please untick the "Auto network switch" from Wifi setting?

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This section will list defects discovered by thread members, and any solutions found or known.

The "Type" column will be in 5 categories:

HW = Hardware related - send it back to the service center
ROM = firmware related - Samsung can update or has updated this for a fix
SW = Software related ie some apps are not compatible with the current Samsung ROM or Android version.
PEBKAC = user error....replace user.... :w
??? = Cause and/or Solution not yet known

NOTE: IF you ever need to visit the Service Center, here is the link :


You can select from the dropdowns and it will display a list based on selected geographic area.
ItemDefect descriptionTypeThread/Post#Reported bySolved ?
001Screen RotationPEBKAC5/1283positronV5/#1436 - h11g
002Pebble smartwatchSW5/1538,1544khaiandrew,zad78XDA here, DMJ6 firmware
003Back cover defect (with pic)HW5/1389Leo the Lion
004Back cover defect (with pic)HW5/1413881118
005Heavy raster lines during photo taking (with video)HW5/1424,1426,1428881118V5/#1434 - 881118
006Multitouch problemHW5/1611thelightsidesame post, Screen Protector problem
007Red tint in photos (with pic)HW5/0729KKWreplaced set
008Lines on dark areas on screen (with pic)HW5/1576KKWreplaced set
009Loose Home button (with pic)HW5/2271881118awaiting replacement
010Samsung Keyboard can no longer perform handwriting recognition (with pics)ROM6/0171y4ngby poochim, V6/#1418
011Purple smearing/Ghosting on screenROM6/0321destEXXDA Note 3 fix by destEX
012Bent/dented/deformed bezel (with pic) and see belowHW6/1669azwan80???
013Bluetooth sound (see post for steps)HW7/0407jerrynks???
014Purplish smear on screen (with pic) - different from Issue 011HW7/1100vinnilaaperror-V7/1145 see below!!
015Rattling noise from phone (like something is loose) HW7/1852blacktubi
016Small spot on the screen not sensitive to S-Pen (with pic)???9/0095ZiNKaK???
017Issue with popup showing "Prevention Information" (with pic) ROM9/2197varioussee below

Article on How to Solve Common Issues - 881118
6 Common Issues

The Keyboard fix is important so I reproduce the solution text here:
poochim,Oct 2 2013, 03:40 PM

Handwriting fix
Google Play> Search> " Samsung Keyboard Note 3" > and "Update" > restart the phone... and fixed...
Knox "fix" for "Prevention Information"
Andrewtst's clear outline of stuff to freeze to stop Knox from displaying the annoying popup V9/#2206 - 2013-11-04
This is caused by Knox settings and some apps are tripping it to give this popup titled "Prevention Information". It has been reported occurring almost daily, and various users have also posted fixes. There's no real fix actually except to either root and freeze it, or accept the 30 day ignore checkbox.

The only solution now is happily see it every 30 days or..... root and disable all KNOX things, total 5 apps related to KNOX, include:
- KNOX 1.0
- KNOX 1.0 (don't ask me why duplicate)
- KLMS Agent 1.5
- Knox Notification Manager 1.0 (this should be the one buzz people)
- KNOX Store 1.0

Issue 014 by vinnilaa, additional update:
vinnilaa,Oct 9 2013, 04:58 PM


In regards to the purple smeared stain on my screen, the stain was spreading wider within a day. I brought it to Samsung Service Centre in One Utama and upon checking the technician said that the LED is cracked inside. I didn't see any visible crack on the screen and I don't think it is caused by any fall. Apparently, if I leave it, the stain will spread and eventually the screen will go dead. According to the them, I must have pressed the screen hard till the LED cracked inside  :stars:  Seriously!!!!

Since the screen is not under warranty, I have to fork out my own money RM680 to pay for the damage... I tried to argue it doesn't make sense for a new device to be so flimsy and as a user of Note 1, Note 2, Tab 7.7 and Note 10.1, I know the quality is not that bad. But, they can't do anything.

I had no choice but to agree to change the screen using my own money. The device can be collected after 3 hours. So, I will be going back to collect my device later.

Anyway, advice to all who prefer to use the phone naked, please spend a bit of money to buy a case such as otterbox. As for me, I am going to sew a pouch with thick sponge to protect my phone...  :x

IF you have the "bent/deformed bezel defect" please submit your username and defect details here via this form for a consolidated view of how many are impacted.

See the pic of the defect by azwan80 >> HERE <<

UPDATE: Samsung seems to have some numbers of this defect but it remains largely cosmetic, so an exchange likely depends on your luck to convince the service center, and how badly dented it looks.

More pics:

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Link to the bezel defect submission form - by blacktubi

Link to the results page for the defect form



*** THIS IS NOT A DEFECT !!! ***

Perception of "Heat"
Modern high performance mobile SoCs do generate heat. This is an unavoidable result of more transistors, higher frequencies and more features.

Some have posted about "my phone feels very hot." This is a QUALITATIVE statement with no numbers.

Please provide QUANTITATIVE statements like "my phone reached XX degrees when I was doing YY"

Recommended apps are System Tuner, by 3C here or Android Tuner, by 3C here. These apps provide CPU Temperature which is the correct reading and NOT the Battery temperature which is the only reading most monitoring apps provide.

The reported range of CPU temperature is from about 30C on idle or IM/light activity to about 60C to 63C while browsing and/or playing games. Some users report a high of only about 45 degrees for their Note 3's regardless of activity.

So DO NOT BE ALARMED if your Note 3 reaches 60 degrees. This temperature is uncomfortable to touch for more than 1 minute (or less for some) but Samsung seems to have alleviated this by placing the SoC at the topmost part of the device beside the camera module so that in portrait mode you don't actually feel it.

So please provide QUANTITATIVE descriptions when posting about heat.


Legal Redress

IF you ever need to file a Consumer Tribunal Complaint against a seller OR Samsung.

The following posts are from the HTC One thread. For some unfortunate reason, the HTC One was reported in its own thread with a lot of defects and a very large number of posts resulted from disappointed owners. Some offered tips on submitting claims to the Consumer Tribunal.

It is hoped that we do not need to resort to such actions where Samsung is concerned.

Post by Jason in the HTC One thread, V8/#2200

Post by Jason with add on tips when going to the tribunal, V8/#2215

Jason,Oct 22 2013, 06:34 PM


Register a/c = 3 minutes
Complete form and send enquire = 3 minutes

wait for reply = 1 to 2 days

Complete claim form, pay RM5 and send = 10 minutes

Go to the shop you buy from and give them 1 copy of Form 1 and 3 copies of Form 3, get them to chop on your Form 1 = 20 minutes? depends how far is the shop.

Court day will be roughly 2 weeks from the date you file submission.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Appear in court on the at least 30 minutes the stated time and date, register yourself = 5 minutes
Wait for your turn = 30 minutes
state your case to the judge = 15 minutes give or take
wait for judge to award you your victory = they have to refund you or give you back your phone within a reasonable amount of time as decided by the judge.

Jason,Oct 22 2013, 11:45 PM

Well, there's no need to debate, you just need HTC to write you to say
1. Your unit has a camera hardware problem
2. Your warranty is void because of ........
3. How much you have to pay to repair the camera hardware problem

You just tell HTC, if they void your warranty, you want it in writing.

AFTER you do that step either a. they give it to you in writing OR b. they don't.

Either way, you have a case with tribunal. With this letter, when you go tribunal, you will win already. Without the letter also you can win, because it is unlawful to void your warranty without a valid reason what. If its void, then they can give black and white stating why, if they cannot give a black and white document stating why then they are denying you warranty that you should rightfully get.

If I sell you a Macbook Air, you delete Mac OS X and install Windows, and the screen spoil, I cannot deny you warranty right?

Same logic bro.

EDIT: And HTC won't dare to lie in court, at least they didn't lie in my case, they admitted the original part number had a hardware issue.
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Rooting and other Advanced topics - Part 1

XDA Note 3 thread

Android Central Note 3 forums


All Samsung Knox enabled phones have a warranty counter that CANNOT BE RESET at this time IF TRIPPED !!! See screens later in this post.

ALL FLASHING AND ROOTING IS AT YOUR OWN RISK, and your warranty can be dishonored by Samsung.





contributed by benny888 via S3 thread

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


This section contains an explanation of what rooting is and some additional information FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING. READ THIS FIRST PLEASE.

After you've understood this post, proceed to the NEXT POST (Advanced Topics Part 2) for ROOTING INSTRUCTIONS.

Introduction to Rooting - Part 1 - Theory
Much of this post is compiled and written up by me based on reviews of various sources around the net and other sections of LYN. Sources and Contributors are duly acknowledged. If you wish to reproduce this writeup please PM me that you are doing so and acknowledge me as well. Thanks.

A bit of evangelism before we begin:
10 reasons why Android is still better than iOS - AndroidAuthority - 2013-01-17
Read the comments for a feel of what people think after having read the article.

Since we're actually going to discuss rooting, here is an article for you to understand why your phone is not supplied rooted out of the box:
Why Doesn’t Android Come Rooted? - 2013-03-12

Rooting for Beginners - some general explanations and understanding

The simple, non-sexy, non-flashy, techie answer: root gives you administrator (ie God) access to your device.
Root DOES NOT change your phone in any other way. No speed-ups, no slowdowns, no other changes or magic. But it OPENS THE DOOR to magic icon_rolleyes.gif

Other answers using different metaphors:
Easiest Explanation EVER To Explain Root Vs Jailbreak
Think of it like the Matrix: Jailbreaking is comparable to what Morpheus could do. He could bend the rules of the system to overcome certain restrictions, but was still bound to its rules. Rooting is what Neo could do. Not only could he bend the rules, he could completely break them

LINK:Difference between ios Jailbreaking and Android Rooting
an excerpt:
Now while IOS users might consider jailbreaking their iPhone the same thing as Android users rooting their Android phones, there is a HUGE difference. In fact, you can't even compare jailbreaking to rooting, and here's why.
Android out of the box allows users to install 3rd party apps (also known as sideloading), already allows you to install themes, and even allows you to install applications directly from your SD card or internal memory of your device. Everything that IOS users hope to accomplish with jailbreaking their device is already included as basic functionality within Android.

LINK:Another article explaining Rooting from Android Authority

Does Rooting Void warranty?
For Samsung phones, it's a yes and no answer. From the terms and conditions, rooting/flashing will void your warranty, but Samsung Malaysia is not strict about this. So far there have not been cases of Samsung rejecting rooted phones, but please be prudent and perform a Triangle Away counter reset and flash stock firmware before turning in your phone for warranty.

UPDATE: The above paragraph applied to phones that arrived before Knox became a feature of Samsung firmware. Currently, due to Knox and the Knox Warranty Flag (see Download mode pic below), it is HIGHLY LIKELY that Samsung will declare your WARRANTY VOID.


If you live in the USA, rooting (of phones only) is legal as proclaimed by the Librarian of Congress, so you shouldn't have any issues with warranty. The US legal system has not clearly defined what a "tablet" is, so you can't root tablets. We don't know the case for "phablets" laugh.gif

Can rooting damage your phone?
It is a one in a million chance. If you are afraid of this slim chance, don't root.
This usually happens due to PEBKAC issues. Therefore, if you are prone to PEBKAC, do not proceed. Please google PEBKAC for your OWN UNDERSTANDING AND PROTECTION.
If you do not suffer from PEBKAC, then please ensure 1 very important thing: your download is NOT corrupt. For Windows, use this tool: HashTab by implbits
Make sure that your file MD5 matches the one from the host site. If the MD5 matches, your download is clean, and you may proceed.

There may be cases where you will not have the MD5 from the host site. If that is the case, use this tool: http://www.7-zip.org/
Install it. Select default options, and then run "Test archive" from the right click menu. Passing the test will give you a good indication your download is not corrupt.

What is the Flash Counter and Triangle Away?
There is a counter in the phone that checks for flashing of custom ROMs. If you have flashed a custom kernel or ROM, the counter will increase. When you get into Download mode, it will show that the counter has increased. This tells Samsung that you have modified with your phone.
You can reset this counter by using Triangle Away.


What is this about "locked bootloaders" ?
As you have seen from the writeup above, the bootloader starts your device. In Samsung, it also contains some checking code to determine whether you have a modified recovery and/or kernel. However, Samsung did not lock down the bootloader. A locked down bootloader means you can't root, can't change recovery, kernel or ROM. We all fervently hope Samsung continues in this fine tradition.

Samsung has now locked bootloaders due to security requirements of Knox.

Other manufacturers also practice bootloader locking as a so-called "security measure" to protect, ostensibly, the user. See link above about why your phone is not rooted out of the box. Here is a link to a post by an XDA forumer about bootloaders for Samsung, HTC and Sony.

Also see this post (2013-03-08) by DooMLoRD, a recognized XDA developer, on his steps for unlocking the Sony bootloader. Warnings quoted from his post :
For Xperia™ devices released 2013 or later (for example Xperia™ Z and Xperia™ ZL), the SD card of your device will be formatted and you will lose all content (for example photos, music, videos) when you unlock the boot loader.
DRM keys WILL be lost forever

Originally Posted by schaggo View Post
I'd add what losing DRM keys means, e.g. no more Music ID/Gracenote within the Walkman app plus probably most importantly, as asked all the time and all over the place in the T/mint forums: loss of Bravia Engine.
So we should thank Samsung for being more mod-friendly than the other manufacturers.

Additional information about bootloaders from Reddit's Android subforum.

Post by uber Motorola rooting guru Dan Rosenberg on why he is giving up on unlocking the Motorola bootloader - 2013-04-09

Article from DroidViews on "To Root or Not to Root" - 2013-01-10
This DroidView article discusses rooting and gives a lot of the same information as above.

For a more visual overview of rooting:

What is rooting and why you want to root - TamiyaOne from Note 2 thread

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

NOTE: If you feel there are any errors or omissions in this post, please let me know and I will be happy to correct them.


Download Mode on the Note 3 and Clean, Official Status

You get into download mode by:
1. Power off your phone
2. Simultaneously press the Power, Home and Vol Down buttons while booting
3. Release when it reaches a warning screen, then press Vol Up to reach the screen below:

user posted image

4. To exit, long press the power button.


Cool Stuff you can do AFTER ROOTING

This section will provide some examples of the cool things a root phone can do to entice you to root. tongue.gif

Enabling pen-window for ALL apps - Xirality

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Post by destEX showing multiwindows on all apps - V8/#0381


Region Lock on Newer Samsung Phones

News about Samsung and region-locking their phones

ItemLinkArticle DateContributor
Updated News AndroidCentral - Here's what's going on with the Galaxy Note 3's region-locking 2013-09-27 confuzan
Updated News [UPDATE] Samsung’s vague official statement 2013-09-26 Xeactorz
Initial News Samsung’s vague official statement regarding Galaxy Note 3′s regional SIM lock 2013-09-26 Xeactorz

Sammobile - The Update text:
UPDATE: While Samsung’s wordings aren’t very clear, it seems that the Galaxy Note 3 will actually be usable everywhere, but not before it is activated with a SIM from the region it was bought in. Once you activate it/use it with a local SIM, you’ll be able to visit other regions/travel abroad and use it with SIM cards from that particular region without issues. This is likely to reduce grey imports by retailers and those who want to make a quick buck by importing the device and selling it at higher prices, as the retailer would have to open the box to activate it before selling it, which would make it less attractive to a buyer. However, until Samsung makes an even clearer statement, you probably should refrain from importing even a Note 3 that has been activated in its home region.
AndroidCentral's article excerpt:
Region-locke​d, except for when it's not
The region-lock only kicks in if you first "activate" it with a SIM from outside the list of approved countries.

As it happens, the crucial factor is which SIM card you first use when you set up the phone. Lars from AllAboutSamsung.de was given information to this effect when he got in touch with Samsung Germany, and it's since been confirmed by Nirave Gondhia, who got his hands on additional Note 3s to test the theory. A second Note 3, first "activated" with a UK SIM, could then be used with a UAE SIM — the same one rejected by the first device.

(This also explains what happened with our own unlocked Note 3. It was never region-locked, as we used our EE (UK) SIM to run through the initial setup.)

So the region-lock only kicks in if you first "activate" it — i.e., switch on the phone and run through setup — with a SIM from outside the list of approved countries. It's probably a measure designed to ensnare grey (unauthorized) importers of Samsung phones. And it means you should be very careful about which SIM card you use to activate any "unlocked" Samsung phone from now on.
confuzan,Sep 28 2013, 11:49 PM

joytest perhaps you want to post this article up regarding region locking.


-note3 and other samsung flagships manufactured after july will have region locking in EU and US.
-booting up for the first time in this phone must use EU/US sim cards. after the first activation, it will be sim unlocked.
-booting up for the first time with a sim card from non EU/US operators will lock the phone. need to go to samsung service center to unlock.

what this means:-
-samsung wants to prevent parallel import from EU/US to other regions
-AP set from EU/US will most likely be activated already before it can be used in other regions.

Apps you can turn off

antt00's list of apps turned off antt00 - V10/#1141

perror's list of apps turned off perror - V6/#0796


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Rooting and other Advanced topics - Part 2

This post contains the actual instructions for rooting your N9005 device.


Be certain of what you've downloaded and that it is meant for the N9005 ONLY.


Rooting Process for the Note 3 and Caveats

Links here are used COMPLETELY AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!!

Android 4.3 and beyond: Is root going away for 'Stock' ROMs? - 2013-07-31 - waveweaver


BEFORE YOU FLASH .... you will need the correct USB drivers for the Note 3.
=> XDA - Latest Samsung USB drivers and ADB

Knox is a new security measure implemented by Samsung into their phones. It is only bad news to those of us that like to root our phones. Rooting a phone will trip knox counter from 0x0 to 0x1. You can check the knox counter in download mode.

The bad news is unlike the previous flash counter, there is no way to reset this, thus this indication of warranty void will always be with your phone.

The good thing is that earlier version of bootloader have a back door to get root without tripping knox. Newer bootloader after that had closed this backdoor. For the first step into rooting, ALWAYS DISABLE REACTIVATION LOCK under settings > security.

To find out if you have the safe bootloader, download Android Terminal Emulator from play store. Run that app.
getprop ro.bootloader

If the result you get is N9005XXUBMJ1 or lower it is the safe bootloader.
If the result you get is N9005XXUDMJ7 or higher it is the unsafe bootloader and you got no way to root without tripping knox.

If you have the unsafe bootloader just proceed to root using CF Auto Root. But be warn your knox will be tripped and you may risk your warranty.

If you have the safe bootloader, please read on. Subsequent post is on how to safely root, update and flash custom rom.

Root De La Vega
XDA Thread. The links are dead. But no worries we have our own mirrors.

Rooting Instructions
1. Disable reactivation lock under settings > security
2. Remove the external sdcard (if you have one)
3. Boot into bootloader mode (see methods above)
4. Load the correct AP file into the AP slot in Odin (find your AP version in post #2)
5. Load the correct CSC file into the CSC slot in Odin (find your CSC version in post #2)
6. Click start in Odin, wait for it to fully flash
7. Let your device fully boot after flashing has completed
8. Copy the contents of Root_de_la_Vega.zip to the root of the internal storage

    /My Computer/[Phone Name]/Phone/
        root_files (folder)

9. Reboot (very important!)
10. After fully booting delete the files from the internal storage that were added previously

    /My Computer/[Phone Name]/Phone/
        root_files (folder)

11. Reboot (extremely important!)
Reinsert the external sdcard (if you have one)

That's all! Enjoy Root!

Those that are still unrooted on MJ1 can just upgrade straight to ML2 to get root with this file. Just flash it in AP using PC Odin and follow the remaining steps of RDLV to obtain root. There is no need to factory reset or flashing any other CSC (It comes with the required CSC already)

MJ1 Links here courtesy eszol:
MJ1 Patched
Root De La Vega Scripts

Root De La Vega Scripts
Odin 3.09

Unconventional shady rooting methods

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


Option 1 is the preferred method to upgrade your ROM AFTER you have rooted. The details of Option 1 have been posted on XDA >> HERE <<
Those with an XDA account, appreciate your Thanks in the thread to both WiLyi (aka williamyi) in post 2, as he is the first person to discover the method. I won't mind a Thanks too if you wish tongue.gif

OPTION 1: FLASHING USING MOBILE ODIN PRO credits to WiLyi for discovering this, a WORLD FIRST


1. Download an original firmware preferbly from Sammobile
2. Extract the tar.md5 from inside the zip
3. Copy the tar.md5 to the root of your phone's internal SD
4. Disable reactivation lock under settings > security
5. Run Mobile Odin Pro. Allow SU access if prompted.
6. Mobile odin pro will ask you to update some stuff if it is run for the first time. Just update it and do not ask in the forum if it is safe.
7. There will also be a standard warning that it will trip knox. Knox will not be trip and just press OK. Do not ask in the forum if it is safe.
8. Click Open File
9. Select your tar.md5
10. Check:
    i.   Everroot
    ii.  Inject SuperSU
    iii. Inject Mobile Odin
11. Click Flash Firmware
12. DONE

About Mobile Odin
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


1. You must first be rooted
2. The custom rom must not contain a custom kernel or recovery or at least have the option to allow you to stick to stock kernel and recovery. If you are unsure ask in that rom thread and don't whine later

1. Download the custom rom zip file.
2. Copy the zip file to the root of your phone's internal SD
3. Disable reactivation lock under settings > security
4. Run Mobile Odin Pro. Allow SU access if prompted.
5. Mobile odin pro will ask you to update some stuff if it is run for the first time. Just update it and do not ask in the forum if it is safe.
6. There will also be a standard warning that it will trip knox. Knox will not be trip and just press OK. Do not ask in the forum if it is safe.
7. Click OTA / Update.zip
8. Select your zip file
9. Checking these are fine as a precaution but not necessary as most if not all custom rom are pre-rooted:
    i.   Everroot
    ii.  Inject SuperSU
    iii. Inject Mobile Odin
10. Wipe data and cache is only tick if YOU WANT TO FACTORY RESET.
11. Wipe Dalvik Cache is NOT REQUIRED
12. Click Flash Firmware
13. DONE



1. You must first be rooted
2. Backup all your data/app/etc as your device might wipe itself especially during the CSC flashing phase.

1. Download the custom rom zip file.
2. Copy the zip file to the root of your phone's internal SD
3. Disable reactivation lock under settings > security
4. Run Mobile Odin Pro. Allow SU access if prompted.
5. Mobile odin pro will ask you to update some stuff if it is run for the first time. Just update it and do not ask in the forum if it is safe.
6. There will also be a standard warning that it will trip knox. Knox will not be trip and just press OK. Do not ask in the forum if it is safe.
7. Load N9005XXUENA6_N9005OXXENA5_N9005XXUENA2_HOME.tar.md5 in MOP
8. Enable EverRoot, Choose option "Download mode" in After flashing. Start flashing.
9. After booted into Download Mode, connect your phone to your computer and run Odin 3.09.
10. Load N9005XXUENA6_BL-Only.tar.md5 in the BL section
11. Check Phone Bootloader Update and F.Reset.time, uncheck Auto Reboot and Start Flashing.
12. When Odin says RESET!, switch off your phone and reboot normally.
13. Reflash CSC with odin or MOP to avoid any further issue with keyboard or auto restart
14. DONE


***This post by benny888 in V6 is STILL VALID BUT WILL TRIP YOUR KNOX COUNTER !!!!***

Use the newer method ABOVE to avoid tripping the counter.

Link to benny888's post on rooting steps - V6/#1783

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

An issue with "Prevention Information" (also see Issues post)
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

ARCHIVED 2013-11-05 - FLASH METHOD (Root de la Vega) as of 2013-10-13
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


Add-ons and Other Utilities for Root

Xposed Framework
XDA - INDEX of all Xpose mods

XDA - edit your CSC file for keyboard sub-symbols

Video on how to install Wanam Xposed to revert status to Official - destEX
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Post V8/#0784 by shadowzephyr on removing Wanam Xposed settings

Wanam interferes with Download mode rebooting via the power button. Do not use the 4-way reboot mod until it is fixed.
waveweaver,Oct 15 2013, 09:08 PM

Ehh..are you sure bro..?
Mine okay edi..I try just now go into download mode via 3 buttons combo then manage going back to homescreen by just long press power button without problem. hmm.gif

Are you still have those wanam 4 way toggles enabled..?
I disabled it and now no problem exiting download mode.
That's why I suspect wanam xposed 4 way toggles got bugs..!!
XDA - Fix FC for Note 3 Android 4.3 Titanium Backup - clfoong - 2013-10-15

This fix solves force close issues with restoring apps with data in Titanium Backup.

This operation recursively fixes all SElinux file markers in /data/data, which are spoiled by titanium during data restore. (Quote from vodkinagdan)

User vodkinagdan found this solution:

Simply execute this from the terminal emulator:

restorecon -R -v /data/data

This has to be done after every restore (or batch of restores).

I take no credit for this but it works!

vodkinagdan has sent fix to Titanium Track.

Post V8/#0343 by Andrewtst on BEFORE ROOT, AFTER ROOT and AFTER Xposed
Xposed Framework reverts the Custom status to Official

Noobi's post V8/#2064 about more Samsung love for flashoholics
This means that you need to pair correct kernel versions with ROM versions when you flash......

Malaysian latest CSC can be obtained from here if your are missing some features:


Unrooting (ie Return to Stock)

Assuming you HAVE NOT tripped the Knox Warranty flag during rooting, there may be reasons you wish to unroot your phone (selling, send in for warranty etc).

To do so, perform the following:

1. Select "Unroot" from SuperUser
2. Flash in STOCK FIRMWARE via PC Odin
3. Boot into Stock Recovery and select Factory Reset.



Original link credits to alexng2208
EDN writeup based on Tech Insight teardown - 2013-10-01

Tech Insights - Quick Turn Teardown of the Note 3
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Teardown Video - benny888, 2013-11-02
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This post will contain links and articles related to photography. We have several avid photographers in this thread.

Articles, Apps, Tips

Excellent article by DPReview about Megapixels
How many megapixels do you need? - 2013-09-19

Android Headlines - Galaxy Note 2 vs Note 3: Camera Shootout - 2013-11-04

App proposed by Baronic that can edit RAW images
Phot Mate R2 - USD 9.64
Photo Mate R2 is a complete raw-developer, image organizer and editor. It provides the most professional editing features for every photographer.

It supports full-size raw decoding of almost every camera-raw format (Canon CR2, Nikon NEF, Sony ARW, Pentax PEF, Samsung, Phase one and many more).

Edit images in high-quality with all essential features including professional Noise-Reduction, Sharpening, Clarity, Curves, Vibrance, Lens-Corrections and much more.
Use editing layers (gradient, circular, brush) to fine-tune specific areas of your images.
All edits are non-destructive, you can always revert back to your original image.

Post by -kytz- about pixel peeping -kytz- - v6/#0102

BBFan Chinese site about photography with the Xperia Z1, but otherwise a good intro to basic photography - In CHINESE - from the Xperia Z1 thread, 2013-10-29 by ZeneticX

Simple translation of the BBFan article in Z1 thread V9/#0365 2013-10-29 by ChuanHong


Gilthoniel's post about using Golf Mode Gilthoniel - v6/#0030
user posted image
Gilthoniel,Sep 30 2013, 12:53 AM

Actually it plays back your swing repeatedly in slow mo like a video so you can analyze your swing in detail.

Very useful stuff.

That photo was taken by my dad, who is tech-allergic, so it shows how easy it is smile.gif
Flowers by Andrewtst - 16:9 and 4:3 V10/#0305
Japanese Food by WiLyi V9/#0073
Food and flowers by destEX V8/#1715
Nice cake by Leo the Lion V8/#1337
Some really nice pics and HDR by yujin86 V7/#2454
More food by fruitie V7/#1685
Dinner by tarm V7/#1005
More food by fruitie V7#0917
Coffee and snacks by fruitie v7/#0326
Yummy pics by Leo the Lion v6/#2142
Excellent and yummy pics by fruitie v6/#2104
More pics by Andrewtst v6/#0403
More pics by Andrewtst v6/#0392 - yummy tongue.gif
Pic by dog999 v5/#2396
More pics by Andrewtst v5/#2250
Pics by Leo the Lion v5/#2125
Pics of yummy sushi by fruitie v5/#2117
More pics by Andrewtst v5/#1888
Night pic comparisons for Note 3, Stabilization On and OffAndrewtst v5/#385 - 2013-09-27
Night Pic Shootout of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 v/s XiaoMi Mi-2s v/s Sony Xperia ZL Andrewtst - v5/#319 - 2013-09-26
Original pics of the Night shootout for downloading

Comparisons between Samsung Galaxy Note 3 v/s XiaoMi Mi-2s v/s Sony Xperia ZL - Part 1 Andrewtst - v5/#106 - 2013-09-26
Comparisons between Samsung Galaxy Note 3 v/s XiaoMi Mi-2s v/s Sony Xperia ZL - Part 2 - Andrewtst - v5/#107 - 2013-09-26
Andrew's commentary on the photos - 2013-09-26

Andrewtst's commentary on picture quality from the NZTechfreak review - 2013-09-23

Additional commentaries:
shockk,Sep 26 2013, 06:43 PM
Great job Andrew on the photo comparison. biggrin.gif

Yes, I do agree the white balance - finally Samsung has got it right. It has taken some time, but they have done it.

Now I don't need to post-process my shots before uploading to Facebook etc anymore! thumbup.gif
Short review by NZTechfreak - 2013-09-22 -perror
Flickr pics by NZTechfreak - 1 - 2013-09-22 -perror
Flickr pics by NZTechfreak - 2 - 2013-09-22 -perror


Video test by Coldfustion on 2013-10-30 - 4K, 4x Zoom !!
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

4k video sample by ek2020 ek2020 - V6/#0305
Normal motion 1080p video sample 30fps by 881118 881118 - V6/#00058
Slow motion video sample 120fps by 881118 881118 - V6/#00056
881118,Sep 30 2013, 02:50 AM - V6/#0056

Well, I am quite impressed with the slo-mo video. (the speed is good but not the quality)
It is really slow motion! My monitor is capable of OC to 120hz.
Thanks to Note3 video I can quite confirm my monitor OC is real and no frame skipping.

Video below shoot with Note3 @ 720p with slow motion feature

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

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General Android Usage

Battery Life

Big Brother/Big Sista
this seems to be a VERY POPULAR device among the mods and staff of LYN
Apis_LuaLua - LYN's famed fraud detective
Baronic - our taikor LYN staffer
fruitie - our highly involved and very active LYN staffer and Trade Enforcer
perror - moderator
shockk - convert from an Xperia Z Ultra. Note 3 screen trumps XZU screen !!!
*any other mods/staff/admin please let me know*

Esteemed Gadget Freak and Guru
benny888 - Guru and Uncle No. 1 for all of us


Programmers (Android and others)
hooh888 - Android programmer and upcoming themer

ROMs, Rooting, Flashing
antt00 - pioneered Option 2 MK7 flashing !!
benny888 - fearless root guru. Knox flag 0x1 is no issue !!
destEX - sifu from S2 thread
Noobi3 - general Android master and flashoholic
waveweaver - sifu from S2, S3, S4, Note 1 and Note 2 threads @ King of Flasher. Will flash anything he can get his hands on.
WiLyi - world's first posted success for Note 3 flashing with Mobile Odin without tripping Knox

***UPDATE 2013-10-14 - Since root has been available without tripping the Knox warranty flag, many have rooted their device***

*definition of flashoholic and ORD

Special Mention
Andrewtst - for being the first to discover the BMJ3 UK firmware trips Knox 0x1. Great Sacrifice !!!
khaiandrew - Top Note 3 fan - got 3 Note 3 for the family > v4 / #2042

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Records (Battery, Stable OC, etc) + Hall of Fame

Battery Life
For Battery Life records, please provide details as per the spoiler. Here is also a good writeup on xda on Insanely Better Battery Life

If less than 2d Summary, then at least 4.5h SOT
If more than 2d Summary, then at least 3d Summary AND at least 3.5h SOT
IF you are using an EXTENDED BATTERY, YOU MUST SPECIFY THIS and specify the brand and rating

The tables will be separated by the qualifications above.
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

A little perspective on Battery Life from some of the chats laugh.gif from Note 2 thread
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Postings will be of format in the table below
The link is in column 1 (the Record date column)

Table 1: Less than 48h Summary, then at least 4.5h SOT
Record date (YYYY-MM-DD) Battery Summary (d/hh/mm/ss)SOT (h/mm/ss) User
2013-09-27 08h35m37s 05h50m01s vinnilaa
2013-09-30 19h28m44s 05h00m02s positron
2013-10-01 16h46m11s 06h31m26s WiLyi
2013-10-02 15h26m06s 07h14m15s azwan80
2013-10-21 2d12h00m26s 05h08m27s alexang


Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame will showcase pics or events that are of note for the Note 3.

Phone Droppers Hall of Fame
This section highlights some damaged phones, and hopefully imparts some wisdom to owners who should protect their RM2000+/- device.

Galaxy Note 3 drop test - stormaker
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Galaxy Note 3 drop test - wolfverine81
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

My personal opinion is that naked phones are just accidents waiting to happen, and also that so-called "cases" that leave the top and bottom bezels exposed do not deserve the term "case". IMHO, a real case covers the entire bezel, the back and also a rim lip on the front face of the device. To each his/her own.
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

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Useful Applications and Tutorials

One piece of advice. PLEASE CHECK APP PERMISSIONS BEFORE INSTALLING. An app should not have permissions beyond what its stated functionality should be. For example, a Wallpaper app should have NO PERMISSIONS. A Launcher will naturally have access to permissions for Calling and SMS and Phone Hardware (vibrate settings etc).

If you install MyHotSexyGirlLiveWallpaper with access to Calls, Network Status and SMS, then .... whistling.gif

LINK:About Mobile Antivirus - 2013-04-18
Semantics of Fear
Applications claiming to be “antivirus” are merely detecting what has the potential to be malware, something that a developer of an application may have snuck into the software code that is meant to steal data or interact with the device in such a way as to cause it to send premium SMS messages at the victim’s expense. This is more correctly defined as being a Trojan or form of spyware, but given the years of conditioning by security firms “Virus” sounds a lot scarier.

Common Senseless
Although these detection capabilities may be marginally useful to the end user, they do not by any stretch of the imagination fit the definition of an “antivirus” or replace common sense – that is to say, being cautious about which applications you download and then carefully reviewing the permissions for each application if you do install it.

Does that “Barney Wallpaper” app you download really need access to your contacts, call history and location?

A link about the so-called "massive vulnerability on 99% of Androids"
Keep your pants on: A reality check about this latest Android malware scare - 2013-07-08
That's certainly the case with our latest doom and gloom story -- a fright-inducing app signature vulnerability brought into the public eye by a new security company called Bluebox (which, like almost every company that releases scary-sounding info about Android threats, is a business built around the sales of Android security software -- go figure).

In the meantime, as is usually the case in these scenarios, there's absolutely no cause for alarm. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Whether you're surfing the Web on your PC or getting online from your phone, a little caution and some common sense will go a long way in keeping you safe from the big, bad virus monsters lurking around our virtual worlds.
General Lists of apps
For lots of Android Apps, please camp here:
XDA:Android Development and Hacking > Android Software Development

LINK:Here is another link - Makeuseof Best Android Apps

Reddit has 2 megaposts listing apps created by devs on Reddit. You may sort by "New" for a better view:
Reddit's Apps Repository Part 1
Reddit's Apps Repository Part 2

Another Reddit post listing "apps you can't live without"
What are the apps that you discovered and now you can't live without it?

Lifehacker Pack for Android 2013: Our List of the Best Android Apps - 2013-07-08 - good list contributed by h11g

Collection of Ported Apps
XDA Android Ported Apps Directory! - contributed by alexng2208

You may share your findings of new toys in the thread. I will add worthwhile app links here.
The apps below can usually be found on Google Play store. Some have separate versions on XDA or other places where the dev either provides a free version or free with ads version. These are listed with clickable links.

Useful Applications

Automaton- XDA - turns the screen off automatically when you put your device in your pockets, close its flip cover etc. - benny888
Gravity Screen - turns the screen off automatically when you put your device in your pockets, close its flip cover etc. - shockk
IntelliCover - turns the screen off automatically when you put your device in your pockets, close its flip cover etc. - VoiVod
Profile Flow
Secure Settings by INTANGIBLEOBJECT + its "Helper" within the app - antt00

An article from Ars Technica on backing up with some apps reviewed as well - 2013-04-13
XDA article on Nandroid Manager - 2012-12-23
XDA article on the updated Nandroid Manager

For unrooted phones
Carbon Backup had to be renamed to Helium backup due to some trademark issue
CarbonHelium Backup - can be used for unrooted devices but you need a companion program for your Win/Mac/Linux.
CarbonHelium Backup Desktop (Win/Mac/Linux) client for use on unrooted devices
MyBackup 90 day trial (includes Pro features) - can be used on unrooted and rooted phones
MyPhoneExplorer - EXTREMELY POWERFUL phone administration software !!! - APK
MyPhoneExplorer - EXTREMELY POWERFUL phone administration software !!! - Desktop Client
Super Backup - update on 2013-05-24: I don't know if this is a good app, you can test and provide feedback. The dev's website is not working.

For rooted phones
Backup My ROM [v1.0] - XDA
CarbonHelium Backup - can be used for rooted devices without the desktop client.
MyBackup 90 day trial (includes Pro features) - can be used on unrooted and rooted phones
Nandroid Manager Play Store
Nandroid Manager XDA thread
Online Android Backup (or Onandroid) tongue.gif
Orange Backup

Battery Related
Android Tuner - sklchan
BetterBatteryStats (BBS)
BetterBatteryStats (BBS) (XDA edition)
Clever Connectivity - nehalem176
Deep Sleep Battery Saver
Greenify (XDA) - Beta
Greenify (Play Store) - stable version
Gsam battery monitor (If BBS is too complicated)
Llama - sklchan
WakeLock Detector

Communications (Chat/IM/VoIP)
*Note: due to the nature of chat apps, some may be badly coded and cause heavy battery drain. Please let me know and I can update which ones drain or have fixed drain problems.
Skype (XDA Modded)
Viber <=depending on version, may be battery drainer (2013-04-22)
Wechat <=known battery drainer (2013-04-22)

File Utilities
DiskUsage - checks space used
ES File Explorer - copying files to/from PC wirelessly - kevintth
XDA-Fast File Transfer - uses WiFi tethering for file transfers between two devices - arslow
XDA-File Beam - Send files with Android Beam™ (with NFC) - Xeactorz
XDA-FolderMount - Link folders from internal SD to external to free space (Root required)
FolderMount - Play Store - Xeactorz
SDMaid (XDA)-cleans left over files/directories - neo0915
SG USB Mass Storage Enabler - allows Mass Storage Mode again !!! - 2013-05-27
StorageAnalyser - shows what's using your storage - very useful view sorted by folder size !!
XDA-SuperBeam - Easy & fast file sharing using WiFi Direct (NFC/QR pairing) - Android 4+
XDA-Ultra Explorer - Opensource Explorer for Android

Adobe Flash archive - Flash Player 11.1 for Android 4.0 ( - antt00
XDA thread for Flash player - arslow

hooh888,Oct 1 2013, 12:45 PM

for those struggling with error on changing to downloaded custom fonts, i have tested iFonts app (free on Play Store) and it works. basically this app provides custom fonts for download, and you still need to set in system settings but the fonts downloaded through this app works. joytest you might want to add this to first page.
Flipfonts Font Collection on XDA - Working links (2013-04-23) - confuzan

Post by Eiraku with a list of old PC games playable with Dosbox - V9/#0190
Post by Baronic with a list of lesser known games but have good gameplay - V9/#0103
Quadropus - recommended indie game - recommended by Baronic, and taken up by alexng2208 as his favorite toilet pastime
Unlock your Brain - good exercise

Papago - current license locks it down to 1 device only

Smart IR Remote - Andrewtst - Play Store link

Stock AOSP (ie Google Keyboard)
Stock TouchWiz

Buzz Launcher (Beta) - as of 2013-04-10 - antt00
XDA - LMT launcher - eszol
RoundR (XDA) - serves a simple purpose; To round the corners of your screen - antt00
RoundR (Play) - serves a simple purpose; To round the corners of your screen

Multimedia Players
A selection of Music Players reviewed by Android Authority - 2013-05-14
[Mod] OG YouTube 4.4.11 - Downloader,All Qualities Playable,Screen Off Playback
VidCoder - an open source ripping and video transcoding application for Windows - hooh888 - use this to re-code your vids to playback on the Note 2 stock player.

Android Central news app
AppyGeek - hooh888

Note Taking (non-S-Pen related)
Got-IT! Your notes everywhere, everytime you need (XDA)

PC Utilities
EXT4 Unpacker - Andrewtst

Privacy/Permission Controls
Autostarts Service Disabled list on XDA - nehalem176
Playstore: Disable Service
PDroid - needs to be compiled against specific ROM version
Xprivacy Xposed Framework Module
MiLock: Protect Your Apps/Data - joytest

EBookDroid - PDF & DJVU Reader
ezPDF Reader Multimedia PDF
Moon+ Reader - a very good book reader with powerful controls & full functions - VoiVod
MuPDF - PDF reader

Disable Increasing Ring - to disable the increasing ringtone on Samsung phones

ROM Tweaking
Pimp my ROM - XeactorZ

S-Pen Apps
Handy Note Pro.. - I highly recommend this app to maintain independence from TouchWiz framework

S-Pen on Non-TW ROMs - credit to antt00 for his experimentation on CM10 ROMs
CM-S-pen Addon - allows configurable action when you pull the S-Pen on CM ROMs - antt00
S Pen Toolbox - screen off on S Pen attach (XDA) - antt00
S-Pen Toolbox on Play Store
SPen-Helper ***v1.0*** - Page Buddy for Non TW launchers - by antt00 as well
S-Pen Helper on Play Store

Screen Dimmers (to go below lowest brightness settings for night reading)
Screen Adjuster
Screen Filter.

Cerberus - *free* on AppGratis on 2013-06-06 for 1 day
Clueful - privacy checker by BitDefender

FotMob - #1 football app with live scores, fixtures, match stats, tables etc. - VoiVod

System Utilities
Clean Master - Reventon - cleans stuff
ZArchiver - Waveweaver

Task Managers (Real life tasks)
Any.do - daily tasks reminder with many useful features - VoiVod

Task Switchers (Android System)
SwipePad - the fastest app/task switcher - VoiVod

ARTICLE: What Is Onion Routing, Exactly? [MakeUseOf Explains] - 2013-04-05
DroidVPN - by cradle0fFilth
Fearless Mobility - by mikecmy
FinchVPN (non PlayStore) - by fylon
PrivateTunnel VPN - by benny888


This section will contain links to tutorials or post links to discussions in this thread for various applications above.

Back to Basics: Processors explained - 2013-07-03
Some Android tips and tricks you should know - 2013-06-06 - this includes links to some useful apps as well.
The Clean Droid: How To Bulk Uninstall Android Apps You Don’t Use - 2013-05-15
Your Android device is not the place to store your photos

Autostarts discussion posts
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Battery Saving Tips
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

How to create and view the BBS dumpfile - syNzoR
A perspective by mydragoon on Battery Life Obsession

Carbon Helium Backup
How to Use Carbon Backup - Android Authority - 2013-04-06

Reventon,Sep 28 2013, 03:53 PM
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

benny888,Sep 27 2013, 04:49 PM on how to use Helium
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Cerberus Anti Theft
This is link to topic by Norameen about how Cerberus saved his stolen phone - Norameen
This is not exactly a tutorial but his writeup on what worked and what didn't. Interesting read.

Orange Backup
Writeup with screenshots for Orange Backup - Addictive Tips - 2013-01-23

Llama (an app like Tasker)
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

S-Note Backup on PC !!
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

LYN topic on some advanced Tasker scenario by mtxx
Question by botakbin and response by antt00 on Tasker use
LINK:XDA Tasker Basic Operations
LINK:XDA Tasker Intermediate Operations
LINK:XDA Tasker Advanced Operations

Reverse Tethering Option 1
Reverse Tethering Option 2
Untested guide. Let me know if any of it works.

Themes / Theming
Post by Andrewtst on semi-transparent status bar - V8/#0449

Whatsapp Backup
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

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Peripheral stuff (Accessories, Cases, Homescreens, Themes etc)
This post will not be reflected in the Changelog unless the change is noteworthy

Some links will be to sellers in LYN or other sites but this is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT or RECOMMENDATION for them, all standard caveats apply.


Some Sellers of Note 3

This section will list some sellers posted by members in this thread. Again, this is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT but just an easier method for you to find somewhere to get your new toy !!!

Caveat emptor.

SatuGadget Dot Com
Alieamin - 0163236644 Whatsapp



Urban Armor Gear - Aero

PocketNow hands on with various cases - Xeactorz and Engadget Note 3 flip cover hands on - WiLyi
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Some Sellers
brotan (batteries, chargers and cases)
Cubixshoppe and cases
Mycase.com.my / kiara0820
Sakurazz and cases
tskhor Cases and Screen Protectors

Case pics by:
Andrewtst - White Spigen Slim Armor - V13/#2035
Andrewtst - White UAG - V12/#1914
tarm - Orange UAG - V12/#1853
Andrewtst - Otterbox Defender - V12/#103
Andrewtst - nice Otterbox Commuter - V10/#1903
Andrewtst - Commuter and S-View - V10/#1489
Andrewtst - nice Neo Hybrid & Slim Armor - V10/#1488
benny888 - Brando power bank case - V10/#0172
HoneyBadger - V10/#0126
tarm - V9/#1688
Dear Daniel - V8/#1650
881118 - V7/#0350 - a good post with lots of pics of Zenus cases

Official Samsung microsite for accessories: - Xeactorz


Official Accessories
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Fake Cases

Counterfeit SPG Neo Hybrid - Hardwarezone.sg Galaxy Note 3 Accessories post #2869 - 2013-10-20 19:20 - by benny888
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «



fruitie - v6/1295
kuntakinte - v6/1251
shadowzephyr - v6/1217

xenohawk,Sep 26 2013, 09:27 PM
Finally my Note 3 white reporting in.. first thing to do, change touchwiz with Action Launcher Pro + Nox Icon smile.gif
Luckily S-Pen function still works  tongue.gif
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «
Too bad there is no S View like cover from any 3rd party yet sad.gif

Tutorial by shadowzephyr - V6/1239
shadowzephyr,Oct 2 2013, 10:03 AM

Well, here's my step.

Apex, Homescreen setting:
1. Portrait grid, set 9 row and 7 column
2. Icon size to 80%.
3. Tick Use tablet UI mode
4. Tick Transparent notification bar
5. Set Show persistent search bar to Never
6. Tick Hide icon labels

Apex, Dock setting:
Should automatically set to Off (because we already set to tablet UI)
If, you want to enable Dock setting back to On, then it's no problem.
Just tick "hide dock divider" to remove the divider.

Apex, Theme setting:
Of course, select ClickUI.  tongue.gif  (Kindly noted that this is not free)

Well, your theme is almost complete. Just insert Zooper Widget Free (4 x 3), select ProgressClock, and you're done!  thumbup.gif
Zooper Widget - the complete guide - cHiLdHo0drEaMz

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


Other Accessories

Post by Noobi3 for pictures on how the ZeroLemon Battery look like - V12/#1246
Post by mzabu for his docking stand and extra battery charger - V9/#0921
Post by 6306324278 for his docking stand and extra battery charger - V9/#0901
Post by 6306324278 for his docking stand and extra battery charger - V9/#0897

Post by blurjoey on Samsung OTG and MHL adapters working with Note 3
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Money to burn?
Innovative and Cool Bluetooth Necklaces

Kenu Airframe - buttercawan

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Mods, Tips & Tricks


To flash these mods you need custom recovery such as Philz, TWRP or CWM.

Of course we know that this will trip knox. So for those that wanna keep knox 0x0, flash using Flash Gordon.

It uses a new way to flash zip files without needing a custom recovery. Best of all, it is knox safe meaning it will not trip knox. Tested by myself.

But of course with this new knowledge do not go and do foolish stuff like flashing a custom kernel even though you can. tongue.gif

White Samsung Keyboard

Remove Message Log in Call Log

Different LTE Icon

Different LTE Icon with White Arrows

Init.d Function
Confirmed working on stock rom without tripping knox.

CSC Feature
CSC is a bunch of codes found in your /system/csc folder that controls what region gets what feature. With root you can edit either others.xml or feature.xml files to activate/deactivate these features
Refer here some codes from Note 2 forum. CSC Codes

For now these codes are working for me:
Add subsymbol to samsung keyboard

Language code to go with it. (language_country)
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Note: I notice you only need to key in the language code on note 3. You can omit the country code except on languages that are available in a few countries like english and chinese.

Turn of camera shutter and focus sound. This will add a menu in your camera settings to turn it off.

All apps in Pen Window. This one is easy cos there is an app available.
Pen Window Manager

Tips & Tricks
Page Buddy Hidden Menu - destEX
If you have nova launcher, you can access it by going to
shortcut>activities>settings>page buddy

Ways To Increase Battery Life - mudkipryan94
Refer to this thread on xda on How To Increase Battery Life

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Forgiveness is Happiness
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From: Johor, Malaysia.

WiLyi Xposed Framework is working fine include modules such as Unicon, Apps Setting, Smiley Replace and Instagram downloader.

WanamXposed wise most not working, this need Wanam updates already.

antt00 Didn't try take out that chip yet.

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Wa...New home...good good tongue.gif
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Getting Started
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problem solve after factory reset...TT...but can feel the it's smoother...air gesture is smoother too...
post Jan 13 2014, 11:00 PM

@Ndr()iD fL@$hiNg M@n|ac
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Thanks Andrew for the test. Did you try with X BLAST and see if it can replace wanam

Hmm, seems like I will hold my horse first and decide later if I should flash this kitkat. Too many things to give up.

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