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> PlayStation 3 FAQ For Beginners | V9, General PS3 Q&A and Technical Discussion (Technical)

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Playstation 3 FAQ For Beginners

Don't forget to visit Asia Playstation Blog tongue.gif

What is the differences between ps3 slim and ps3 fat? Also new model is out rclxms.gif (super slim) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_3

(Release date - 20th January, 2016)

Main features in system software update version 4.78

Support for Facebook® features on the systems has been discontinued.

PlayStation®3 System Software Version 4.78

How to update Playstation 3 Firmware?
Click here for more details.
Many LYN forumers highly recommended update through USB media.

Firmware 4.78 Downloads:* - 197 MB filesize

*ps3 firmware always named PS3UPDAT.PUP, and its compatible with ANY Sony Playstation 3.

PS3 Firmware 4.78 (JP) - Download

PS3 Firmware 4.78 (Asia) - Download

PS3 Firmware 4.78 (US) - Download

user posted image


For more discussion, please click here.

Be sure to check out Playstation Move: The Ultimate FAQ. Click here.

user posted image

(available on 2nd Sept 2010)
Join here for discussion!

There have been several cases of lens problems with PS3. While there is no solid explanation for these lens failures (one theory is the overheating of the lens), I'll just list down some of the best practices recommended by our community here.

- if possible, remove the BD from PS3 before you shut it off (advice from Bernard of GS)
- in any case of freeze/lockups, eject any disc in the drive first before attempting to restart the system. This will lower the risk of the BD drive problem [citation needed]
- a few have theorized the questionable quality of pirated DVD movies may overly-stressed the BD laser leading to failures, best avoid them
- as always, don't place the ps3 in a closed off cabinet with restricted airflow. make sure the placement of the ps3 don't block any of its vents.
- Try not to place your PS3 on the same level that you place your front speakers. The sounds generated from the speakers regardless low or high volume will cause some low or high vibration across the AV cabinet or table panel and this might have a negative damage impact on the BD mechanism lens and it parts (especially when the lens is in reading mode, the sensitivity is much greater to any shock or vibration)

About the Dual Shock 3 pad (CECHZC2H), credit to SSJBen

Some things that I have to make clear of though:

- If the paint color on the wordings (SONY, START, SELECT) are a little lighter than it was before... this is in fact a very minor aesthetic change.
Sony wants the white controller to look a little more "icey", if you get what I mean. So this doesn't mean the controller is fake.

- The PS button looks darker than it was before. Now I don't know why it is darker, but again this doesn't prove that it is fake.

But right now, a few things you have to look at for is:

- The sticker on the back.
Now, no matter how good the counterfeits are the one thing they can never get correct is the sticker at the back.
Take good close look at the barcode, if they aren't digital black ink you know its fake.
Take a good close look at the sticker, it should be alligned PERFECTLY in proportion to the box.
And finally if you have a magnifying glass, look REALLY REALLY closely at the edge of the sticker, you should be able to see an under-layer of another piece there.
This signifies the sticker is original, once peeled it CANNOT be sticked back on as the barcode will be teared off.

- Open up the controller.
The sure fire way to see if its fake or real.
Unlike back in the PS1 and PS2 days, DS3 counterfeits are in such quality that even on the inside it is hard to distinguish the fake and the real.
But there are somethings to look out for. Check the vibration motors, if they aren't labeled that they're from Immersion (the same company that sued and later made an alliance with Sony), you can tell they're fake.
Look for the wordings IMI. If you don't see it, don't fret.
The next thing to look at is the soldering points on the board, if they aren't clean... you know something ain't right.
Then the battery of course, most if not all counterfeit DS3s uses refurbished batteries in which case they won't last long at a full charge.

And finally the motion controller on the DS3, it should be made by Toshiba and no one else... unless Sony changed to a different manufacturer (which I don't think they did).

Want to know about local PS3 price? Click me !
Malaysian PSN Store is open ! discuss PSN card availabilty here Click me !
PSN game sharing Click me !
Discussion on routers & networking for PS3 Click me !
Discussion on wireless broadband on PS3 (3G, HSDPA etc)Click me !
Discussion on TV & displays for PS3 Click me !
Discussion on upgrading internal hard drive for PS3 Click me !
PS3 hardware problems Click me !
Which Credit/Debit Cards work on which PSN Store? Click me !
PlayStation@HOME Official Thread Click me !
Playstation@MOVE Official Thread Click me !

External Links:
Edepot's detailed technical info for PS3
http://playstation.custhelp.com - Official Playstation Knowledge Center
http://manuals.playstation.net - PS3 manual
PS3 / Games Complete FAQ - Everything you need to know! (GameAxis)
PlayStation 3: Hardware FAQ (GameFAQs)
HFS - simple HTTP fileserver for transferring media to PS3
YLOD repair guide

CTRL-F and find whether a similar question had been asked and answered already tongue.gif



Q) PS3 firmware update?. Latest version: 4.75 (2 JUNE 2015)
A) Refer here (Asian official PS3 update website).

All PS3 firmware from 1.02 - 4.xx are region-free (same md5 accross the mirrors = exact same files on each server). You can download from any mirror. For future updates, we will check whether they are still region-free, and will reflect that if there is any changes here. You can update to the latest firmware, there is no need to update incrementally one by one if you havent updated for a while.
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

The USB drive must be in FAT16 or FAT32, and put the update according to this structure (all caps):

In PS3, go to -> Settings -> System Update -> Update from storage media

Q) I encountered an error during the firmware update
A) Press Start + Select to reinstall the firmware update from the error screen. Make sure you have prepared a USB drive with the PUP as above. Check the filename correctly before putting it into the USB drive. Sometimes when we download the firmware using download manager, filename might change to eg. PS3UPDAT(6).PUP, can render ps3 useless (Not found firmware file in USB drive).

Q) After updating the PS3's FW, now my PS3 is bricked
A) Refer to PS3 hidden recovery menu and here
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Previous thread - PlayStation 3 FAQ For Beginners | V8

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Hardware info - general FAQ + region explained

Playstation® 3 User Manuals
(all are in pdf format, recommended to save it to desktop for viewing)

Q) I'm buying a PS3 soon! What is the current pricing at local shops?
A) Join discussion about updated pricing here.

Q) The are many regions/versions of PS3, I'm confused!?
A) Check this Edepot list

Q) The are many regions/versions of PS3, how to identify what region is the PS3?
A) Check the sticker on the box/back of the console. 06 indicates MY/SGP set. Check edepot's list for details.

Q) Which ps3 version/country&compatible are the best and suitable for malaysia's ps3 gamers?
A) Since the ps3 games are region free, it doesn't really matter what region ps3 to buy. Local MY set comes with 1 year warranty (parts + labor). This includes the infamous PS3 "lens problem".

Q) My PS3 is from JP/USA/etc. Do I need a step-up or step-down power transformer?
A) PS3 has an auto-sensing/universal power supply (110V-240V) i.e. No transformers needed. This include PS3 Slim as well. 1, 2, 3.


This are some tips how to know it is a Malaysia PS3 :
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Q) Can i replace the japan power cable given with a standard pc power cable?
A) Yes, PS3 uses the standard power cable used in PCs and monitors. So if you bought an import US/JP/TW/etc set, you can just replace with your own M'sian plug cable.

Q) How much are original games? Are the games region free?
A) Yes, PS3 games are region free. Games can cost anywhere between RM160 to RM 220, depending on the game or region. Go ahead and download demos, its easy to do and will provide you an idea of what to expect from some games

Q) The ps3 games - R1,R2,R3. What's the difference?
A) refer to the PSN and Region section below

Q) Do we need to buy games of the same region to be able to play online together?
A) This is a tricky question. Some PS3 games are fully international and can play online worldwide across the different versions (e.g warhawk, GTA4), some can not (e.g motorstorm, MGS4). Best do some research on the game's online capability first before buying.

Q) Can I play ps1/ps2 games on PS3?
A) The short answer - all PS3 models can play PS1 games. (the disc based PS1 games are still region locked - Asian PS3 code is NTSC/J)
The long answer - some earlier models of PS3 can also play PS2 games, but they are not longer made/sold. The best option to play PS2 games is still PS2 + SDTV smile.gif
check here: http://www.edepot.com/playstation3.html

Q) If my ps3 asia version, can it play whatever blu-ray movie region?
A) Asian PS3 plays blu-ray region A. You can refer to The Official Blu-ray Thread (Entertainment Section).

Region A: North America, Central America, South America, Japan, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.
Region B: Europe, Greenland, French territories, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
Region C: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mainland China, Pakistan, Russia, Central and South Asia

For europe region free titles, u can check here


Q) What is the difference between cheap and expensive HDMI cables?
A) http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-200565...s-are-the-same/

Q) I'm on a budget but wish to enjoy PS3 in HD rather than my old TV. What are my cheapest options?
A) Get a wide-screen LCD monitor ~RM700. Make sure it has DVI(HDCP) or HDMI input and supports 720p. Buy a DVI-to-HDMI cable. Get a budget 2.1 speaker set if needed.
user posted image
LCD Monitor Thread v5.00 - TheUndead

Q) I want to play PS3 with LCD monitor. But its an old model which does not support DVI or HDCP. How?
A) You need a VGA box - it converts the component output to VGA signal
eg. VGA box 2198p, www.hdboxpro.com, etc.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Refer to the VGA box setup guide on post 2 further down the pg - kazasho
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Q) A widescreen PC LCD monitor basically has an aspect ratio of 16:10(compared to a widescreen LCD TV which is 16:9), rite? So, does the image usually appear stretched for the LCD monitor? Is it too obvious?
A) It will be stretched slightly if the monitor does not support 1:1 pixel mapping since the aspect ratio is different. However it is not that noticeable (well at least for me) - theGOne

Q) I'm using PS3 with PC monitor. But the monitor don't have speaker/sound. How?
A) You need a 2.1 speaker set. For the audio, you need to get yourself a Y-splitter cable. Like this:
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Then, connect the composite cable to the back of your PS3, the red and white audio to the Y-splitter, and the other end of the Y-splitter to your speakers. Just ask any computer shop for it. Must have one. Only RM10 I think. - TheUndead
The Y-splitter cable RM4-5 bucks if u buy from imbi plaza , electrical shop behind imbi mario, they have a lot of conversion cables of any type - Synco
Can also buy at Jalan Pasar - theGOne

Alternatively, if you buy a Home Theater in a Box (HTiB) set that accepts optical input and decodes DD5.1 and DTS , you can enjoy surround sound.

Q) What PS3 games support DTS? how to enable its support?
A) Refer here.

Q) How do reset the PS3 display settings. (e.g. moving from SDTV<->HDTV)?
A) The factory reset is probably what you need to try next. Hold down the power button (with the back power switch in the on position) for 10+ seconds till you hear multiple beeps. Once the reset is done, when you power up, the ps3 should auto-detect the HDMI connection. - Ninja

Q) I heard the SGP/HK PS3 set supports NTSC. Can I play it on my TV?
A) If you are using HDTV, you don't need to worry about PAL / NTSC color systems because it only matters if you are using a SDTV. Most if not all SDTV sold in Malaysia support PAL & NTSC- nwk
NTSC consoles refuse to play certain PAL discs when the console is set to use SD output. - vorchiel

Q) My new PS3 has only 40GB? How to upgrade the HDD?
A) Here are some guides - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

The PS3 will format the HDD automatically. If you straightaway upgrade your HDD after purchasing your PS3, then there is no need to do the backup function of files/gamesaves/videos/music from the old HDD. Just pop in the new HDD, format it using the PS3, and if you want to use linux, just repartition it using the PS3 OS before transferring any new files to the new HDD as the repartitioning process wipes all data. Make sure to have a USB drive containing the PS3 firmware update file because it will be needed to install essential firmware-related files in the HDD.

Q) I bought a 40/80GB set but the HDD is showing less than 40/80GB available space, what happened?
A) Around 12% of PS3 HDD is reserved by the GameOS as system cache.
Here's some rough estimate of usable space:
64/74GB <- 80GB SET

Q) Can PS3 use SATA-2 HDD, is there any difference? can PS3 use 7200rpm?
A) Check out this topic here. "The PS3's controller is SATA150. A SATAII HDD would switch to SATAI capabilities because of backward compatibility. So there would be no difference."
What I do know is, keep the original PS3 HDD with you no matter what because if for some unforseen reason you need to send your PS3 to Sony, you need to have the original PS3 HDD back in the PS3. And if there are any stickers on the HDD, make sure you leave it as it is. - Muchi

Q) I cant get my portable hard disk to be recognized by my 40 GB PS3. Any ideas? I connected both usb plugs already.
A) your external storage devices must be formatted with FAT32 not NTFS. - tot31

Q) Windows can't format bigger than 32GB for FAT32. Help? Can PS3 detect an external USB FAT drive bigger than 32GB?
A) I found a software that can do it (http://files.extremeoverclocking.com/file.php?f=197) - aiman04
Yes, its able to read bigger size HDD as long as its FAT32, im using swissknife (go google) - rx330
Connect your HDD to your PC and install/use swissknife to format it to FAT32 - Ninja

Q) I have test 2 of my 2.5" USB drive formatted using swissknife v3.0 but it still failed. both are 80GB,IDE, FAT32 & single partition. different brand. different casing. any recommendation brand for USB casing?
A) I think it is because of the lack of power. Some USB casing need to use 2 ports to provide sufficient power to the HDD. Or maybe try to use different formatter/partitioner. I used Gparted liveCD to partition & format my 60GB to FAT32 as XP refuses to create a FAT32 partition bigger than 32GB. - vorchiel

Q) The backup utility will keep all your game saves, pictures, videos, songs, but not the XMB, ID settings, etc because they are stored in somekind of a BIOS like memory. Now my understanding is, it will backup the demo games too, but not the purchased ones because of copyright thing? So I need to re-download my purchased games again?
A) The backup utility will backup purchased PSN games & content too. Remember, you can redownload PSN puchases as many times you want through the same PS3. Most PSN purchases can be activated on <= 5 different PS3s.

Q) Does USB hub or card reader works with the 40GB PS3?
A) Yes and tested by forumer redbull_y2k. a DC-powered USB hub is recommended for certain USB devices (e.g rockband setup)

Q) What's the difference between DS3 and 6axis?
A) DS3 is basically an upgraded 6axis controller, it has vibration (for games that support it).

Q) I have a DS2 controller. Can I use on a PS3?
A) Get a PS2-USB controller. Local shops got sell
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

You can now use the DS2 as a 2nd controller.

Q) How to reset the 6axis/DS3 controller?
A) Turn off the controller. On the back there is a pin hole use a paper clip and hold it for 5-10 seconds. then attach the usb cable and press the PS/HOME button - monyetbesi

Q) What webcams are compatible with the PS3?
A) For video chats, most USB webcams are supported, including PS2 Eyetoy. For PS3 Eye apps/games, you need the PS3 Eye - snipersnake

Q) Can PS3 able to support USB keyboard and mouse? Imagine if it can support these peripherals, it would be great to play First Person Shooter on PS3.
A) If the programmers program their PS3 game to support KB+M, then yes, you can use it to game. Currently, only UT3 offer this support. An alternative will be the [FragFX Controller]. google for reviews and impressions. IINM, forumer [lksing78] has this controller.

Q) Can i ask how to sync my bt headset with the ps3?
A) Grab your BT headset manual and do what the headset tells you to do to get it in "Sync Mode". Go to your PS3 XMB - Accessories - Register BT device - BT Headset.
if you threw away the manual - google is your friend. * - from a google cache of forums.gametrailers.com

Q) Can you give me links to bluetooth wireless headsets that is compatible with the ps3?
A) Refer here - vorchiel

Q) Can i use US dualshock 3 on a SG set?
A) Accessories have no region-lock - you can use it.



Q) R1 R2 R3 games difference - which one to buy?
A) Refer http://forums.gameaxis.com/showpost.php?p=...150&postcount=4

BCAS First Party, Asia
BCJS First Party, Japan
BLAS Third Party, Asia
BLJM Third Party, Japan
BLJS Third Party, Japan
BCUS First Party, US
BLUS Third Party, US
BCES First Party, Europe
BLES Third Party, Europe

PS3 games are region-free, they can be played on any PSN ID. However for multiplayer games, some games (usually third party) only allow you to play online only with people using the same disc region for that game. First party titles normally wont have this problem. For confirmation about multiplayer disc region lock, please ask in those respective games thread. You will not have problems playing all region's PS3 games if you are on HDTV/HD monitor.

However some R2/R4 games do have problem with NTSC consoles (Asia/JP/US) on SDTV. Ref 1, Ref 2

Q: Different region from R1, R2, R3 can play together?
A: YES. No region lock. (Unless the developer states otherwise)

Q: What's the difference between R1, R2 and R3?
A: Asian (R3) or US (R1) or EUR/JPN (R2) are the same, content-wise.

Q: Why are R3 games cheaper than R1 and R2? [credit geekster129]
A: Probably due to the exchange rate. If you're buying R1, you're buying from a US distributor, which simply means, you're paying USD for the game, don't forget about the shipping cost as well, since we are buying an imported product.


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XMB Settings & PSN

XMB™ (XrossMediaBar)

The XMB™ menu (known as XrossMediaBar) is the PS3™ system user interface. The horizontal row shows system features in categories, and the vertical column shows items that can be performed under each category.

For more info, please read here

Q) How to turn on/off the information board?
A) Select the information board and press triangle button. The Information Board display the latest news from the playstation site. It will display according to the PS3 region set. For example, a HK set will only display news from asia.playstation.com.hk

Q) Why doesn't the console seem to be able to detect the media stored in my thumbdrive?
A) On menu highlight thumbdrive then press triangle button ("Display All" function) - Microsuck_360

Q) What is this i hear about the Earth Visualizer?
A) Press square while playing a song, press it three times to view it.

Q) I've heard of Folding@Home on the PS3. How can I contribute?
A) Read more here and here.

Q) Where to find user created themes?
A) http://www.allps3themes.com/
make a folder name "PS3", then sub-folder "THEME"
put those .p3t files inside, then install and delete as u see fit

Q) Where to find Malaysian XMB smiley?
A) *done by vorchiel using template from neogaf
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PSN (PlayStation®Network) user posted image

PlayStation Network is a free-to-access interactive environment where you can play online games, chat to friends and family around the world and surf the web - and all for free. It doesn't cost a thing to get connected, so sign up to PlayStation Network.

For more info, please read here on signing up.

Q) I just got a PS3. What should I do 1st?
A) set up different accounts for different playstation stores (jpn, us, eu) and download demos to play with.
let everyone know your main PSN id so we can add you - ihatemyguts

Q) What is everyone playing now? What is the everyone's PSNID?
A) Check out the PlayStation Network Community thread. Note that currently the XMB has a max limit of 100 friendlist.

Q) Why do gamers setup so many different PSN account?
A) Actually to play online games, 1 main PSN account is enough (recommend set a US account). Some of us like to use different country PSN to get access to the various demos/trailers offered. We can register for PSN Malaysia ID at the moment.
How to Register PlayStation®Network

Q) How to access the different PSN Stores (US,EU,JP,Asian,etc) ?
A) Create a new user in your PS3, then when registering for PSN, choose MY, US, UK, JP, SGP, HK, AUZ, etc. as country. You'll need a new email address and an address with postcode of that country. Either enter a random address or google to find one.

Create a new user (left most column in xmb), then sign in normally on the PSN column (2nd from right i think)
1 user (local account on ps3) can only associate with 1 psn id
1 ps3 can have up to 16 users) - acougan

Q) Can I create PSNID account using PC ? (Sony has blocked psnid creation in their websites, so now we have to create and register our psn id using ps3 console)
A) Yes, you can register and create your PSN ID using your PC (no PS3 needed) at the following site:
https://store.playstation.com/login.gvm (You can still login thru its website using existing psn id)

Q) I don't understand JPN, but I wish to download the JPN store demos. Help?
A) Refer here to create a JPN PSNID. (old one) Refer to the new one here.

Q) What is PlayStation Plus?
user posted image
Please have a read on below links

Q) The PSN d/load speed is very slow. How to install demos/game patches using PC aka proxy method?

Proxy application is used to intercept and capture the URL of the update file/demo/DLC/fullgames between the PS3 and the PSN content server. Once we get the URL, we can download it using PC. After downloading using PC, we can redirect the URL of the respective files to the downloaded files in the PC. This ensures that the PS3 is idle and can be used to do other things instead of stuck in the update mode/screen (or play other games since online games will stop any downloads in the PS3 background downloader). After FW 2.35, the proxy method is limited to d/loading same game link only.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

.NET framework 1.1 (32&64bit)
.NET framework 2.0
.NET framework 2.0 (64bit)
try installing .NET 1.1 first. if failed to install proxy after that, try installing .NET 2.0

Proxy Apps:
PS3.ProxyServer (vista/64bit compatible version)
PS3.ProxyServer (xp version) by CF3B5
PS3. ProxyServer (no installation, new enhanced version) by 3r1c

Proxy GUIded tutorial (with screenshots)

networking TIPS for proxy/IP setup (advanced users may skip)
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Q) Do we have to pay for online gaming on PSN?
A) All online gaming for PS3 games is currently free. However, if they release a MMORPGs games in the future, they may charge a subscription for MMO games.

Q) Will my downloads from PSN be interrupted, if iam playing games online?
A) Your downloads will pause when you're playing online and resume downaloding when you finished playing online.

Q) Why cant I buy video contents from USA PSN?
A) The PSN video store is IP-locked to USA IP address only.

Q) I'm trying to purchase games and add-ons off the US PSN Store using my credit card. Help?
Short answer -
For US store - use entropay.com
UPDATE - it seems Entropay is NOT working on US PSN store due to address verification checks system! - discuss Entropay here
For Asian Store (SGP/HK) - use M'sian credit card.
This thread discusses which credit card works on which PSN store.

Q) Tell me more about PSN prepaid cards.
A) Right now, you can purchase JP/SGP/HK/TWN PSN prepaid wallet cards. It works similar to mobile prepaid cards. play-asia or ebay has some for sale. Also sony centers do sell MY psn cards.

Note: currently the HK cards are available at p-a
SGP cards are hard to find, even in SGP, most gameshops don't carry them.
JPN cards/tickets buy from ebay, very quick can get codes.
US cards are available - buy from ebay/ LYN garage sales.

Basically it depends on which mode of payment you are comfortable/have access to. Some people have a working credit cards to pay for downloadable contents on USA PSN (R1) store, and some cards can only be used on SG/HK PSN store. for R1 & R3, there are PSN topup cards available to topup credits. Avoid R2/R4 at all cost because those PSN stores do not accept Malaysian cc, moreover they currently do not produce PSN topup cards at all (R2 PSN cards are available now). do get R2 if you are certain that you do not need to get any expansion packs in the future, as the discs for R2 are cheaper locally. Check this thread for accepted credit/debit cards list.

Do note that some patches/dowloadable contents may be delayed on certain region (R3 especially). R1 usually get the contents first.

Q) I've read PSN DLC content is region-locked to the game region. It this true?
A) Yes, free or paid DLC(expansions/game-addons) are region specific. For example, a US version version of Warhawk only works with US version of WH expansion packs. Another example, Asian Folklore only works with DLC packs from Asian PSN store. Keep this in mind before buying any DLC! However, once a DLC is activated/dowloaded onto a PS3, all users on the PS3 will have access to the said content. So you dont have to buy them separately if you have a separate account for your friend/family/etc, as long as they play on the same PS3.

Q) Can i share my DLC content from R3 with R1 users?
A: You can only share DLC content with R3 to R3 users only. Same goes to R1 to R1 users.

Q) I've read most PSN games/content can be shared/activated between 5 different PS3s. How?
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Q: Is Playstation HOME available for Malaysia?
A: YES, finally Malaysia Playstation Home is available, starting 2nd Sept 2010. Click here for discussion thumbup.gif


Linux on PS3

Q) Install Linux - which one is the best version? Linux on PS3 Thread


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Display and Audio settings + troubleshooting

Video and Audio

Please refer to your manual (its clear-cut easy to understand + diagrams shown)

alternative you can download from below

Playstation® 3 User Manuals
(all are in pdf format, recommended to save it to desktop for viewing)

PS3 supported format (for the benefit of everyone smile.gif )
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


Media Server and media transfer

Want to stream mkv files to ps3? Look no further. thumbup.gif

Q) How to link my pc as a media servers for ps3?
A) You can use "Tversity". Just get the lastest version (google it), and install the codecs (i think it comes with codecs). Tried playing mkv files, didnt work with tversity - small-jeff

There is an alternative media server app called PS3 Media Server. It works on Windows/Mac/Linux and reported to be more light-weighted than Tversity. Please refer to Mayatsan's thread, http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showtopi...s3+media+server.


Q) How to Transfer media file from PC to PS3 using network?
A) Found this website for transferring file via network to PS3, TEsted.....Ran Smoothly & perfectly thumbup.gif , even transferring file >4GB, only that about <10 min - kelvin5353
Note) http://www.nullriver.com/index/products/medialink
for those who wanna link their PS3 to their macs - rx330

Video Conversion

Q) Can O download movies .avi file from my PC n then transfer to PS3 to watch? Can PS3 supports .mkv in (.h264) file format?
A) Just use your pendrive or external HDD la... If want can copy to your PS3's internal... Not just AVI files (DiVX), WMV, VOB or MP4 with 720p/1080p HD content (h264) also can...
h264 yes. But it's the MKV header that's PS3 cannot read. So you need to demux the MKV, and remux it back to MP4. - aiman04

How to demux the MKV, and remux it back to MP4 - aiman04
It's been 2 weeks of extensive research about PS3 for me. Found a software that can extract AVC.h264, convert the audio only, and remux to create a .MP4 files from my .MKV HD videos (even splitting the file at 4GB if it's too big, PS3 have problems for videos >4GB playback, plus FAT can only store 4GB each file). If anyone wants it, you can get it here, http://sentry23.googlepages.com/. The software is fast, about 10 minute for a 3 GB video. This because it doesn't do any converting to the video because it's already in AVC.h264 format, it only remuxes it to the .MP4 container so that PS3 recognizes it . But it mostly works with 720p videos only, even though some 1080p can be successful too.
Now I'm going ahead to upgrade my HDD, maybe get a 5400rpm to be safe. Swissknife, I'll google that.

About video playback? YES, we can play videos at its native 720p resolution, even 1080p.

I found two programs that are quite reliable to do it. I'll try to write about it a little bit. Might miss something, as I'm writing from my memory.

PS3 Video 9 Recommended for remuxing .MOV Quicktime HD Videos


Can convert almost any video files to PS3 video formats. But converting big and long vidoes will take a very long time for HD videos at 720p or 1080p.

So they also provide a profile to extract AVC.h264 video and it's audio (it will convert the audio only if needed) from .MKV or .MOV (Quicktime) files, and then remux the video and audio together again, but this time into an MPEG-4 video container that is .MP4. This will take only about 1 minute for file that will take 50 minutes if you do the normal conversion. To use this don't use the wizard, but use the "current conversion" tab instead.

MKV file - Select "MKV Passthrough" method.
720p - Works 50% of the time.
1080p - Never work for me.

MOV file - Select "Quicktime HD MOV Passthrough" method.
720p - Works 95% of the time.
1080p - Works 95% of the time.

I still use this program to convert HD movie trailers from http://www.apple.com/trailers/#section=justhd which you can get 1080p trailers with awesome picture quality. And PS3 will play it that same native 1080p resolution!

GOTSent 0.23 Beta 6 Recommended for remuxing .MKV Matroska HD Videos


If you don't already have it, you'll also need these two filters:

AC3Filter Haali Media splitter


Doesn't do any conversion, only remuxes .MKV files to MPEG-4 video format for PS3. Very fast.

Just browse for your .MKV file, it will extract AVC.h264 video and it's audio (it will also convert the audio only if needed) from the .MKV file, and then remux the video and audio together again, into an MPEG-4 video container that is .MP4. This also take only about 1 minute for file that will take 50 minutes if you do the normal conversion.

Plus one extra feature, it can split your video at 4GB if it's bigger than that, because of 2 things. First, if you transfer the file using USB external FAT32 HDD, you can only put files no bigger than 4GB, second, I read reports saying that PS3 has troubles playing videos bigger than 4GB.

MKV file only.
720p - Works all the time.
1080p - Never work for me, but can be successful for high profile h264 videos.

Really reliable for .MKV files. I have download a certain 7.5GB .MKV 143 minutes video with 720p resolution, used this program to remux it, took about 15 minutes. The video was split to two 3.6GB .MP4 files. Transfered using my USB HDD, and the video played gorgeously at 720p resolution!
Download the latest version here:


The GOTSent program is for MKV videos only. It is really easy. Just browse for your file, set destination folder, leave everything as default, and click convert.


Maybe you need to install these first:



My method here doesn't change the video resolution, frame rate, etc at all. It just take it as it is and put it into an MPEG-4 container. So the picture quality remains as awesome. Hope you get it to work.

The mkv file must use either AC3 or DTS (will be auto transcoded to AC3) audio not AAC. What the remux process does is, taking out the audio and video from the mkv container and put them into the vob container which PS3 supports.

For 1080p source the whole video will be trancoded into MPEG2 codec and the final file size will be bigger but the picture quality remains. For instance an 8GB of 1080p source will be 10GB after the transcoding process and it will take a while, depends how powerful your PC is.

The best part is all the vob files regardless the size can be transferred to PS3 HDD via network. So don't need to burn into a DVDR or split those big files to fit into those FAT32 external devices which have 4GB size limitation.

Q) hmm...is it possible to play video files larger than 2Gb and formats other than .avi..? must install linux er?
A)yes you can playback file larger than 2GB other than avi like mkv files but you must remux it into a vob or trancode/convert it into mpeg2 and transfer it via network to PS3 hdd....

Remux mkv into vob :-

- Only take 15-20mins.
- file size remains the same.
- picture quality remains like the original source.

- you can't ff/rw while playback.
- you can't stop in the middle and continue, once you stop, you must Play it from the beginning. You can only Pause the video.

Transcode/Convert into MPEG2

- you can ff/rw, stop in the middle and continue.
- picture quality remains like the original source.

- takes a longer time, 3-5 hours of transcoding (depends on the file size and how powerful your PC is).
- the file size will be almost double from the original file. - tot31



Convert Trailer [apple] from mov to mp4 - karasawamk2

Karasawa here and i actually i wanted to share few alternate file converters for those who usually download HD trailers (aspecially in apple HD trailer site) and the software called yamb [it's more like mp4box].

Maybe u heard it before but anyway if actually good and alternate fast from remux MOV to MP4 and and the quality is still there. Even they have edit, modified, 3gp convert, etc...

Both support h264 avc 720p and 1080p and i meant for small files (mainly movie and game trailers). Can't support convert from mkv to mp4 file alike...


PS3 setup with VGA Box

by kazasho,Oct 31 2008, 12:47 AM

ok guys, to whom who want to use vga box

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

this model is VGA BOX 2198P, bought for RM120

inside got vga cable, y-splitter audio, power cable, vertical stand, manual

Im using a VGA LCD monitor, I need the vga box as a converter

Since Im using HDTV with HDMI cable before, so I need to change the display output setting first using HDTV + HDMI cable, then connect with component cable

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

component + audio cable with av multi in the other end
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

input to ps3
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

for audio setting
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

vga box
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Connecting PS3 to LCD and Sound System

To use your sound system with PS3, you may need to confirgure your setup as such.

Sound system that come with HDMI IN and OUT.

1. PS3 HDMI OUTPUT > Sound System HDMI IN
2. Sound System HDMI OUT > LCD HDMI IN

Change the settings on the PS3's XMB for the correct outputs for video and sound.

Sound system without HDMI OUT.

2. PS3 Optical OUT > Sound System Optical IN (provided your sound system has optical IN)

Change the settings on the PS3's XMB for the correct outputs for video and sound.

PS3 Reset Display setting

Want to change HD display to SD display? or vice versa?

Hold down the power button on the front of the unit till you hear a beep (4-5 seconds). Make sure the ps3 on standby mode 1st (red light - off)


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Network Troubleshooting

For Playstation® 3, to connect to the Internet (to enjoy the online capability), you can do it in two ways:

1. Wired Connectivity (thru LAN).
2. Wireless Connectivity (Wi-fi).

Please refer to your manual (with diagram shown) or visit the below site

Q. How to test my ps3 connection to the Internet?
A. At XMB menu, select Settings > Network Settings > Settings and Connection Status List

You will see various tests will be conducted to ensure success/failure of those ps3 connection. If you have problems, please proceed to this thread
here and post the result for diagnostic purposes (so we can help users).

Some info on NAT types. (Technical)

NAT means Network address translation. NAT has various types here a are some examples.

How to find what NAT type you have.

If you want to know if you are open, moderate or strict. Go to the find game part of MW2 multi-player and look at the bottom of the screen, it will say NAT type then open, moderate or strict. If you want to see your NAT type number, then in your ps3 go to, Settings > Network settings > Settings and connections Status list.

NAT Type 1 is when you are connected directly to your modem with your ps3 by Ethernet cable. This is the best way to see if the problem is your equipment or a ISP or sever issue. So always try this first to see if it corrects your issue. If your problem is solved by a direct connection to your modem then the problem is somewhere with your router/ps3 settings or your equipment is starting to fail. If it does not correct the issue then you need to contact your ISP about the issue for help.

NAT Type 2 is when you are connected through a router into a modem. Now you can have three types of NAT type 2, open, moderate, strict. These are associated with router firewalls, ports and upnp settings. Best way to get open is to set your ps3 up with a static ip address in a DMZ in your router.

NAT Type 3 is port restricted. This means by default specific ports an options like chat, video, etc are disabled. This is usually associated with a combo DSL modem/router setups an/or your ISP is blocking the ports. If you have this setup, the guide may not be helpful to you. If so you need to contact your ISP for help or possibly buy your own modem and separate router, so you can have access to your own router admin settings, that a DSL combo modem/router usually prohibits you from having access to.

Note: If you have a ADSL/cable all in 1 wireless or combo modem/router. Just plugging in a ethernet cable does not have the same result as bypassing the router on a normal setup. Because your router and modem are one unit so there is no way to bypass the router part of the unit to achieve a NAT type 1 connection.

Open [NAT 1]
The best experience, you can play/talk with all other gamers.

Moderate [NAT 2]
Better, but not ideal. You can play/talk to other gamers that have a NAT Status of Open and Moderate and no-one else.

Strict [NAT3]
This is the worst possible setup. You can play/talk to other gamers that have a NAT Status of Open and no-one else.

Q) I need some help with the ps3 internet settings (port forwarding, NAT & DMZ settings). Help?
A) Here's a good guide, here and here
Try setting the MTU setting to 1364 on both the router and the PS3. A few have reported more stable connections at MTU 1364.

Recently PSN connection have been unstable on streamyx, its advisable to set MTU 1486 in ps3 network settings. - knuta

Q) What router should I get for PSN?
A) Join the discussion about routers here

Portforward PSN Ports - credits to syaryel

Since most of us provided with Riger Wifi/Modem, here's a quick step on how to do the ports forwarding:
Check list:

1. Default Gateway, Static ip, Net mask, DNS (streamyx default:,
2. PSN Ports TCP: 80, 443, 5223
UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658 (Voice application)
3. DMZ ip setting
4. UPnP enable

for further detail please refer to the attached files at below link (Post #1014):


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Hardware Troubleshooting

Q) I'm playing ___ game and my PS3 hang! Help?
A1) Sometimes certain programming bugs/glitches can hang the PS3 OS. No choice but to reset (either soft reset and go back to XMB or do hard reset). Try to note down when and what trigger the hang.
A2) In any case of freeze/lockups, eject any disc in the drive first before attempting to restart the system. This will lower the risk of the BD drive problem [citation needed] - vorchiel

Q) I get a XMB error msg. What does it mean?
A) Refer here - slickz

Q) My ps3 stopped detecting discs. How to fix?
A) If you have a SGP set and have a way to send it to Sony SGP Service Center for RMA, they'll honor the warranty.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «
TheUndead's PS3 Warranty Claim FAQs for Singapore PS3 sets

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «
forumer snipersnake share's his RMA procedure

Some gamers here have tried a non-official fix involving the spare-part [SONY PlayStation3 PS3 KES-400AAA Laser]. Contact forumer [tot31] or [bernard moh], they have experience in such repairs. These are the threads discussing the problem - here & here

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Reports say that this actually harms the ps3 and also not recommended by sony.
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


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Internet Sharing for MAC to PS3

For those who owns a Mac with 2 Build-in Ethernet ports, you can share your internet connection from (streamyx etc) to your PS3 via cable. You will need 2 Ethernet cable.

Here's the setup.

Step 1 - Setup

1) Attached the ethernet cable to your free ethernet port (Ethernet 2) and the other end to your PS3 ethernet port.
2) Go to System Preferences, select Sharing.
3) Share your connection from: Build-in Ethernet 1 and check Ethernet 2.
4) On the right panel, check Internet Sharing. Done.

Step 2 - Mac Network Configuration

1) Go to System Preferences, select Network
2) Add a new connection by click on the + sign and select Ethernet 2. Rename it to Playstation 3 or anything you like.
3) Place these configuration below manually and save the settings.


Step 3 - PS3 Configuration

1) Go to Network Settings and select Internet Connection Settings
2) Select Custom/Wired Connection/Manual Settings/Auto Detect for Speed and Duplex and IP Address Setting to Manual.
3) Place these configuration below manually and save the settings.

default router
primary dns
secondary dns

MTU, Proxy server and UPnP setting is optional if you are using them and lastly press O to save the settings. Test your connection and you're good to go.

My setup is as below:

Streamyx modem ethernet cable -> Mac (Ethernet 1) and from Mac (Ethernet 2) ethernet cable -> PS3 ethernet port.


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PS3: Using the Data Transfer Utility

You can transfer (copy or move) data that is saved on one PS3 system's hard disk to another PS3 system's hard disk using an Ethernet cable.

user posted image

Before you start, please note:

* When you perform this operation, all data that is stored on the PS3 system that will receive the data (the "destination system”) will be deleted.
* Deleted data cannot be restored, so be careful not to delete important data accidentally. Data loss or corruption is the responsibility of the user.
* Some types of data may not be transferable.

Preparing the systems to transfer data

Before starting the data transfer operation, you must perform the following steps.

1. Update the system software of both PS3 systems to version 3.15 or above.
2. Prepare the PS3 system that will send the data (the “source system”).

If multiple users exist on the source PS3 system, you must perform the following operations for all of the users before starting the data transfer operation.

* Create a PlayStation Network account if a user does not have an account.

On the XMB (XrossMediaBar) select PlayStation®Network > [Sign Up for PlayStation®Network].

* Deactivate the PS3 system if the data to be transferred contains content that was purchased from PlayStation Store.

Select PlayStation®Network > [Account Management] > [System Activation].

* Back up, or "sync", trophy information on the PS3 system with the PlayStation Network server if you want to transfer Trophies.

Sign in to PlayStation Network, and then select Game > [Trophy Collection].

* Sign in to PlayStation Home before transferring the data if you have obtained reward items for use in PlayStation Home on the source system.
* Back up your profile information and stages you created in LittleBigPlanet to your saved game. You can then use the data that was backed up when playing LittleBigPlanet on the destination PS3 system.

Please note that the following restrictions apply if you perform the data transfer operation without creating a PlayStation Network account:

* You may not be able to use the saved data on the destination PS3 system.
* You may no longer be able to earn Trophies using the saved data that you transferred.
* Trophy information is not transferred.

Transferring data

Turn off both PS3 systems, and then perform the following steps. If the transferred data is saved game data that is copy-prohibited or data that is copyright-protected, it will be moved to the destination PS3 system and deleted from the source PS3 system.

1. Using an Ethernet cable, make a direct connection between the two PS3 systems.
You can use either an Ethernet straight-through cable or an Ethernet crossover cable.
2. Connect the PS3 systems to different video input connectors on the TV.
For example, use the HDMI input connector and the video input connector on the TV.
3. Turn on the TV, and then turn on the PS3 systems.
Use the TV remote control to switch the video input to display the screen of the source PS3 system.
4. On the source PS3 system, select Settings > [System Settings] > [Data Transfer Utility].
5. Select [1. Transfer data from this system to the other PS3™ system.].

user posted image

If you did not complete the preparation steps described earlier, follow the on-screen instructions to complete these steps.
6. When the PS3 system is on standby to begin the data transfer, use the TV remote control to switch the video input to display the screen of the destination PS3 system.
7. On the destination PS3 system, select Settings > [System Settings] > [Data Transfer Utility].
8. Select [2. Transfer from the other PS3™ system to this system.]

user posted image

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation.


* After the data transfer operation has been completed, you can turn off the source PS3 system. Set the TV to display the screen of the source PS3 system, and then select Users > [Turn Off System].
* If content that was downloaded from PlayStation Store was transferred as part of this operation, you must activate the destination PS3 system before you can use the data. Log in to the PS3 system as the user who owns the content, and then select PlayStation®Network > [Account Management] > [System Activation] to activate the system.

Limitations of the data transfer utility (as of 10 December 10 2009)

Some types of data cannot be transferred using the data transfer utility, and some types of data can be transferred but not played on the destination PS3 system.

For the latest information, visit the support site for the data transfer utility. The following types of data are not transferable:

* Video content that has been downloaded as a rental from PlayStation Store (file type: MNV).
* Tracks (including SongPacks) for SingStar software that have been saved on the PS3 system’s hard disk.
* Game data from LittleBigPlanet.
* Copyright-protected video files (file type: MGV).
* Video files that are compatible with the DivX® VOD (Video On Demand) service.
* The following PlayStation 2 format software titles, if they are installed on the PS3 system's hard disk: [FINAL FANTASY XI] and [Expansion Discs]; [SOCOM II: U.S. NAVY SEALs] and [Related discs included with OPM* Issue 87, OPM* Issue 88, OPM* Issue 89, OPM* Issue 90].

* Official PlayStation Magazine

For the following data types, you must perform some additional steps after completing the data transfer to be able to use the data:

* Application data for Life with PlayStation®

Download and install the Life with PlayStation® application on the destination PS3 system. You can continue using your contribution points for the PlayStation Network ranking system of the Folding@home™ channel.

* GripShift

When you start the game for the first time after the data transfer operation, an error message will be displayed and you will not be able to play the game. To play the game, download and install the game again.

* Saved data for Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters: The Video Game

The saved game will not be recognised when you start the game for the first time after the data transfer operation. To use the saved data, quit the game, and then start the game again.


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PS3 Hardware Service Providers

Here are a list of PS3 hardware service providers (repairing and troubleshooting) to help you in your Ps3 hardware issues.

1) Bernard from Gamer's Solution @ +603-26977728
2) Tim from Playtime Bangsar Shopping Center @ +6012 6716209

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Mix Links:


Upgrade PS3 HDD: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/713066

LCD TV/Display Discussion Thread V2: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1360005

Compatible Routers for PS3: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/637256

The best HomeTheatre sound Systems for PS3 (4.1, 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound): https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/436422

PS3 Compatible Bluetooth Headset: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/525467

PS3/Entertainment Setup | V2: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1207070

Buying ps3 in overseas: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1314002

Headphone for PS3: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/628903

Playstation Eye and Playstation Move: http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/631141

Playstation Official Wireless Stereo Headset: http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1895448

Playstation Vita: http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1733972

Official Blu-ray Thread (movies): http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1943289



Buying ps3 in overseas: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1314002



2 or more players Games: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1259311

List of 1080p games: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1148402

How many PS3 games do you own or must have games?: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/487770

Any good games to get this holiday?: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1456191/

PS3 Couple: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1511289

The Longest PS3 Game to Play: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1508188

PS3 Family Games: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1500559

Online Games: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1434966

PS3 Serious REPLAY Value: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1404350

Purchase new and 2nd hand Consoles/Games/Blu-ray movies

Consoles Couch Garage Sales (Games): https://forum.lowyat.net/Games

Blu-ray/HD-DVD/DVD (Movies): http://forum.lowyat.net/Blu-rayHD-DVDDVD

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Recording equipments for PS3

Many have seek for equipments/tools to record PS3 multiplayer gameplay and here are some recommendations with various budget to fit to your needs as we find more infomation.

Picture Quality: ?/10

More infos soon!!!

Discussion thread: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1605744

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Remote Deactivating All Consoles using PC web browser


1. Sign in using your PSN account (atm US PSN ID account, other regions not available yet)

2. Click on the Account tab

3. On the left, select Media & Devices

4. On the four options that show up, click on GAME

5. Deactivate All

6. You are about to deactivate ALL DEVICES on your account for game media.

This action can be performed only once every 6 months.  sweat.gif  rclxub.gif

To play games that were previously downloaded, you will need to activate a device from the [Account Management] menu on the device.

   Are you sure you want to continue?

Select YES

That's all you can do at the moment until Sony allows us to deactivate each system.


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reserved for future updates


I will organize the FAQ thread accordingly - it will take time... any new things to add in FAQ is highly appreciated...do inform me

cheers thumbup.gif

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QUOTE(GamersFamilia @ Dec 31 2012, 03:45 PM)
1st ...
me too.. 1st laugh.gif
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what is ps3? NOObie report in~~ yawn.gif
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I want to upgrade my ps3 hdd. is it true that I need a backup of firmware as well in pendrive?
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QUOTE(kirakosmos @ Dec 31 2012, 04:57 PM)
I want to upgrade my ps3 hdd. is it true that I need a backup of firmware as well in pendrive?
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QUOTE(shahreza2000 @ Dec 31 2012, 05:58 PM)
Thanks.... the size it neede is laptop one right 2.5?

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