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> Fighting Spider Hunting Adventures, Share your nature experience

post Jan 9 2008, 11:48 PM, updated 10y ago

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I share the same passion for competitive sports millions others have who loves to watch sports shows...but my passion is not for popular sports like football, UFC, boxing, horse racing etc but a very special one... fighting spiders, specifically the malaysian/singapore fighting spiders(THIANIA BHAMOENSIS)!

Here I share some of my adventures with you on my hunt for the ultimate super fighter which I plan to breed it.
Also searching for a new challenger for my current 1st king - bighead(pic below).
Attached Image

Hopefully some others who still catch them can share their experiences too...

Why are they so facinating? Here's why...

Long fights (Winner fs Owner/Loser fs Owner By Clip Contributor)

6 minutes 11 seconds-Active fighting ~ 4 minutes, Breaks ~ 2 minutes
Longest fighting spider fight !! (14Aug2008) - This fight is simply a MUST WATCH. Astonishing. (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Blackie vs Razer REMATCH (21Aug2008) - Blood (Viper/Viper By Viper)

3 minutes 40seconds.
Gila VS Lalang - Super long fight! Both a bit lethargic but there was a sudden burst of activity at last part to determine the winner! (Krauser/Koppao By Krauser)

2 minutes 39seconds.
Lalang VS Destroyer-Long fight. After 1:30 technically it is just a hold... a very long hold up to a minute!
(Koppao /betweentheleaves By Krauser)

2 minutes 35seconds.
Fighting Spiders - HOLY COW! 2min35s. Bro1 vs jack. Double arm bite. Start off with both leaping. (Mindstorm/Mindstorm By Mindstorm)

2 minutes 11seconds.(total contact time)
Fighting Spiders: Destroyer vs Jong's FS (Jong Wins)-a strange fight ending with the loser in critical condition. The initial active fight is about 25s followed by the smaller fs Jong injecting poison to the larger fs thus weaking him. After that it was a hold all the way with a bit of extra gripping with Destroyer being in a weaken condition.

2 minutes 3seconds.

1 minute 51seconds
Fighting spider - Cacaradon VS Robocop !!Another MUST WATCH. Superb long fight from 2 large kings and clearly taken.(Yuda/Ken25 By Koppao)

1 minute 37seconds
Fighting Jumping Spiders - NEW RECORD TIME!!!(Bro1 vs Kelapasawit)Double arm bite. (Mindstorm/Mindstorm By Mindstorm)

1 minute 35seconds
Cobra vs Jet Li 2nd Match-A very tightly fought match with 10second break(?/? By Trevally)

1 minute 31seconds
Fighting Spiders: Newly Caught (Vega) vs Newly Caught (Sup pao) - Vega wins-a resilient onearm suppao in a fanastic match(betweentheleaves/Ken25 By betweentheleaves)
Fighting Spiders: Gila vs Lalang (Gila wins) Rd2- Amazing underside thorax/troat attack!!! A near fatal match...(Krauser/Koppao By betweentheleaves)

1 minute 28seconds - One of the most awesome fight!! Incredible array of moves including chopping, flipping, breaking off, carrying, arm biting. A technical stop was impose to prevent serious injury otherwise fight could have ran longer.
Vanguard vs Oneteeth (16May2008) (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Fighting Spider - Hero / Cage - Superb match, with both fs fighting until like "standing" up. (Yuda's Friend/Trevally By KopPao)

1 minute 18seconds.
Nexus vs SpitFire Great active fight. (Viper/Viper By Viper)

1 minute 12seconds.
Ajax VS Lalang - 25s active fight followed by a near deadly hold on leg(Jong71/Koppao By Krauser)

1 minute 2seconds.
Fighting Spiders: TFM vs Batman (Batman wins)-exciting fight, alot arm bittings(?/? By betweentheleaves)

Cobra vs Jet Li-Jet Li was 16 seconds being upside down and still won! Superb fight.(Fight may be longer than 1 minute as it was cut in the middle)(Trevally/Trevally By Trevally)

Vanguard vs Eagle (17May2008)-arm and teeth holding bite (Viper/Viper By Viper)

54seconds - fight and hold(20-54s)...tumbling fight in the begining
FIghting spiders1)(ksiao/ksiao By ksiao)

Fighting Spiders: Ah Gim vs Ah Seng (1)-very clear close up fight, can see the fs chop each other many times
(?/? By betweentheleaves)


Hope vs Crossfire Double arm bite (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Spider vs Spider - Crazy Fight!(Kelapasawit vs Joe). Joe stunted for 10s. (Mindstorm/Mindstorm By Mindstorm)

47seconds(cut)(Krauser/simone W By Trevally )
Polo vs Nokia - not really a fight...a kill!

46 seconds
Thunderhawk vs New FS (17May2008) - A long armlock fight (Viper/Viper By Viper)

Archilles vs Spartan. (video quality not so good) Great active fight. Tight Armlock. (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Crossfire vs Sigma (26Apr2008)- near death match, technical stop. Loser died few days later (Viper/Viper By Viper)

43seconds-Breaks ~ 16s
Fighting spider - YangGuo VS Noobist-Superb and unique fight btw a chop and a 1arm, crazy fast flipping(Lonewolf1205 /KopPao By KopPao)

Kaizer vs Nexus. Chop from far. Fainted and revived. (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Xinan vs NFS2 (2May2008). Damn fierce. (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Sigma vs Oneteeth (22May2008) (Viper/Viper By Viper)

CrazyHorse vs Bluejade (CrazyHorse wins)-dmhlam"Hell of a fight!"(betweentheleaves/betweentheleaves By betweentheleaves)

Ura's suppow vs Jong's suppow - Ura wins

Xonan vs Xinan (video quality not so good) Tight armlock (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Hope Vs Crossfire Lotsa chop attacks (23/3/08) - fierce fight, feature hanging from tread(Viper/Viper By Viper)

Fighting spider - RootBeer VS killerChop(yuda) - Great match. Attempted jumpover by a chop which eventually lost to a normal FS.(Yuda/Yuda By KopPao)

Hope vs Xinan (video quality not so good) Injured winner (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Fighting Spiders: Terminator vs Robocop (Terminator wins)-A must watch! Clash of the Singapore Titans!(KENZ691/Ken25 By betweentheleaves)
Fighting Spiders: Hulk vs Pisang (Hulk wins)(Vincent/Vincent By betweentheleaves)

29seconds-3 second break
fighting spider - 1 arm vs 1 arm (KopPao/KopPao By KopPao)

Fighting Spiders: Hulk vs Transformer (Hulk Wins)(Ken25/dreamchaser1 By betweentheleaves)
"Revenge of the Fallen"-aggresive fight ending with both fighter injuring one of their arms
Fighting Spiders: Raven vs Spar1 (Raven wins)-A lot of teeth grinding(betweentheleaves/betweentheleavesBy betweentheleaves)

Ketam vs Q.mp4 - Nearly break arm. Fierce fight. (Ura/Ura By Ura)

Fighting spiders - 9_lily2_vs_jack_wmv. Feature carrying. Upsidedown fighting. Winner upside but still recover to win.
Very good fight. Unfortunately poor video quality. (Viper/Mindstorm By Mindstorm)

Ura's Ubin vs Ura's NTU - Bashed!(Ura/Ura By Jong71)
Fighting spider - Shin VS FarmMart(win)(?/? By KopPao)

Draco vs GP (19Aug2008) - Blood (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Celltel vs Riper (19Aug2008)-Double arm bite (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Fighting Spiders: TFM vs Ah Seng's Newly Caught (TFM won)(dreamchaser1/Seng By betweentheleaves)-rated as one of the most exciting and ferocious match!

Trojan vs Scorpio (17Apr2008) (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Fighting Spiders - Record time!!! Incredible wrestling!!!(Bighead vs Archilles) (Mindstorm/Viper By Mindstorm)

21seconds(Krauser/Krauser by Jong)
GigavsDarkMatter (23June2009) 4s fight, break 5s, then fight 21s(Viper/Viper By Viper)
Gila vs Polo 2

Hades Lost Vs Scorpio (2Apr08)- holding on to tip of arm at the last part(Viper/Viper By Viper)
Kairo vs Chilli Padi (Kairo wins)(betweentheleaves/betweentheleaves by betweentheleaves)
An upside down fight lasting 14seconds! and still fighting after being upright for 6s!
Wayang VS Maim-lifting attempt(Krauser/Krauser by Krauser)

1 arm sup vs 3rd(dreamchaser1 /dreamchaser1 by dreamchaser1 )
Fighting spider - Hulk VS Transformer (01/08/09) Round 4(Ken25/dreamchaser1 by Koppao )

Xinan lost. (17Apr2008) (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Hope vs Hades (15Apr2008) (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Nexus (last fight) (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Quad vs Odin (27June2009)-1 arm and 1 leg broken in one match!(Viper/Viper By Viper)

Spider Fight - scareycat vs pippy. First record time fight. Also one of the fastest chopping fight by 2 equal opponents.
Also feature top down position near end of fight like dog fighting! (Mangrovejumper/Mindstorm By Mindstorm)

bigMac VS YuDa (Yuda/KopPao By KopPao)
Fighting spider - yangGuo VS tinyChop - one arm vs one arm(KopPao /KopPao By KopPao)

Nexus vs Scorpio (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Fighting Spiders - Exciting 15 second match!. Winner(hope) got carried but still recover to win. Jumpover block by Hope. (Viper/Mindstorm By Mindstorm)
Fighting spider - Terminator body slam Tony(Ken25/Yuda's friend By Koppao)
Gila vs Ajax(Koppao/Jong71 By Jong71 )

Fighting spiders - 020208_bro1vstopman_14s (Mindstorm/Mindstorm By Mindstorm)
Fighting Spiders - Kelapasawit. 3rd clip. Also feature a doubleflip. (Mindstorm/Mindstorm By Mindstorm)
Slayer vs Xonan (30Apr2008). Also shows Xonan moved into flank position to attack from side. Fast action. (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Slayer vs Thunderhawk (3May2008). Possible the longest pushing fight. Pushing about 11 seconds with slight half chops in between. (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Fighting Spiders - gleneagles vs hope (Viper/Viper By Mindstorm)
Celltel vs Riper (30July2008) (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Ranger vs Hisoka(Trevally/TrevallyBy Trevally)
Hulk VS Transformer !! (rd 1)(Ken25/dreamchaser1 By Koppao)

Ranger vs Hunter(Trevally/TrevallyBy Trevally)

Fighting Spiders - Longman vs Jack (Mindstorm/Mindstorm By Mindstorm)
Thunderhawk vs Oneteeth (4May2008) (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Oneteeth vs Hope (17May2008) (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Fighting Spiders: Terminator vs Chilli Padi (Terminator wins)-A much smaller fs putting up a terrific fight against the largest Titan! Even having a doubleflip!(Kenz691/betweentheleavesBy betweentheleaves)

Xonan vs Scorpio (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Fighting spider - 5 chops(KopPao /KopPao By KopPao )
Solo VS Xiao Kia(Krauser/Simon By Krauser)

Fighting spider - 8 chops (Great fight) (Trevally/Trevally By KopPao )
Fighting Spider - 5 chops until upside Down (also feature doubleflip)(KopPao /KopPao By KopPao )
Fighting Spiders: Carnage vs "Garden Fighter" (Carnage wins)(?/? By Betweentheleaves)
Fighting Spiders: Remembrance of Chilli Padi: The Last Victory(?/? By Betweentheleaves)
Fighting Spiders: AhSeng's Fighter Sup pao (?/? By betweentheleaves)
Green vs 7 Legs Chop(?/? By trevally)

Other good fights(less than 10 seconds)
Riper vs Unknown Rd2 (15July2008) (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Fighting spiders 11-21-07 (Mindstorm/Mangrovejumper By Mangrovejumper)
Blackie vs BlackSeth Rd1 (24July2008) (Viper/Viper By Viper)
Ken's VS mine - both caught at Fernalve (Kenz/KopPao By KopPao )
Fighting spider - U Ken VS Hero(Yuda/Yuda's friend By KopPao )


Death match
Kaizer killed its sparring partner,
Fighting Spiders - Destroyervsioimm
Fighting Spiders - Xinan vs Bro1. Bro1 died next day.
Fighting Spiders - Hope vs Jack. Bloodied fight.
Chaos vs Xinan - FATALITY(18May2008) - an incredible overshot chop by Xinan
Riper vs Unknown (Fatality)
fighting spider - bigMac vs smallChop2 (death)
Fighting spider - (CoupleChop) VS (YuDa's Chop) = death
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRl3Fn_S3PY(follow up)
Gila vs Mini-chop

Bloody fight
Fighting spiders - jackvsbigleave. Jump-over-abdomen biting.
Fighting spiders - Shocking. 6 leg died next day.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd-jmq7RuGI (follow up)
Fighting jumping spiders - Jack vs Bighead. Jump-over-abdomen biting. Bighead did not die next day.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYrpYYbe_bw (follow up)
See also Death match hope vs jack.
Kelapa Sawit FS flip attack and bite abdomen. (23June2008)-the victim got thrown/flipped and then attacked from behind
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nHqTqbW7ds (follow up)
Bloody Fight (29July2008)
After bloody fight (29July2008)
Riper vs Draco Rd2 (24Aug2008)

Blood spitting
Spitting out blood (11Aug2008)

Arm breaking
Trojan vsVanguard (20Apr2008). Also most spins/position exchange.
Fighting Spiders - Jack vs Smallchop
Fighting Spiders - Longman vs Joe
ThunderHawk vs Scorpio (4May2008)
火云邪神 VS Siao Siao
Chaos vs normal FS rd2 (15June2008)...Leg broke, not arm.
Fighting spider - Leg Broke
Seriously injured - Funny commented clip. One arm fs causing another 2 arm fs to be one arm.
Quad vs Valor (27June2009)

CrossFire won vs Vanguard (17Apr2008)
Trojan fast chop attack (16Apr2008)
Hades vs CrossFire
Hades vs Crossfire Round2
Crossfire chop Xinan!
Kaizer bloody chop attack!
Hades vs Hope
Vanguard vs Eagle (30May2008)
Hope vs FS (30May2008)

Far jump chop
Trojan fast chop attack (16Apr2008)
Vanguard vs D3 (15Apr2008). Fierce fight. Longest chase after fight. Forced to jump building. Good 10-13s
Fighting jumping spiders - smallchopvsbro1. Arm aiming chop. Also small win big.
Hades vs ThunderHawk (30Apr2008). Double jump chop.
Scorpio vs Oneteeth Rd1 (2May2008). A jump aimed high.
Vanguard vs Eagle (22May2008)
FS - Marauder (won) Trooper(nice close-up of a lighting fast jump attack)

Fighting Spiders - Joe vs Topman. Topman died next day.
see also 42seconds fight.

Side leg biting
Fighting Spiders - Nightstalker vs Hope. (stopped after 56seconds). Hope stunt after match.

Xinan vs Xonan (Fought in the air hanging by web). Total 28seconds. About 16seconds in the air.
Scorpio vs Xinan Round 2. Retreat and fight again.

Double flip
Scorpio vs CrossFire Round1
Fighting spiders-The doubleflip
Fighting Spiders - x2_vs_smallchop2ndround(poor video quality)
Fighting spider - PasirRis VS coupleChop - 9 seconds fight... Great fight(small win big?)

Good fight from a one arm spider
Fighting Spider - (1Arm Adam) v.s. Adam

Best chop from a one arm spider
Fighting spider - 1ArmBlue sneak a chop at YuDa

Chop vs Chop
fighting spider - babyChop vs babyChop2
See also 2 minutes 35seconds.
Fighting spider - (coupleChop) VS (yuda Admirity chop) - ended in draw where both retreated
Easter vs P rd1.mp4
Easter vs P rd2.mp4

Spinning fight
malaysian fighting jumping spider(lumpy vs quietman, 7seconds)
See also Arm Breaking - Trojan vsVanguard

Longest grip. One and half minutes. And a deadly grip
Darkstar vsThunderhawk Rd3 (20Apr2008)

Kaizer chop opponent till upside down!
Thunderhawk chop attack 2 (20Apr2008

Thunderhawk chop attack 1 (19Apr2008)
CrossFire won vs Vanguard (17Apr2008)
Sigma vs Thunderhawk (10May2008)
Celltel vs Draco Rd1 (21Aug2008)
Draco vs GP Rd1 (24Aug2008)
Fighting spider - draw match

Big FS fight
Hades vs Sigma (26Apr2008)
see also 22seconds fight. Bighead vs Archilles
see also 45seconds fight. Archilles vs Spartan.
Hades vs Chaos Rd2 (3May2008)
Hades vs Sigma Rd1 (4May2008). Far jump chop by Hades. Rapid retreat while still fighting.
Celltel VS Riper
Fighting spider - YuDa's 1st VS 2nd
Fighting spider - Joy / Terminator

Small win Big
Hades vs CrossFire
Fighting Spider - Smallchop vs Topman
Fighting Spiders - Bro1 vs Longman. 9 seconds
Xonan vs Hades 9Apr2008

Small vs Big-small lose but put up excellent fight
Fighting spiders - babyChop vs Adult
Fighting spider - small VS Big (3chops)
tiny vs BIG = No Fight ... with funny sound effects. Haha!(small fs with one arm some more)

Fall from stage, but still continue fighting
Spider fight - Ferocious fighting spider wrestling!

Long push
SpitFire vs Kaizer

Fighting spiders - The throw!
Fighting Spiders - Scorpio vs Xonan
Fighting Spiders - Bronze vs Justine(first clip)

Thunderhawk vs NFS (3May2008)

Bowl over
Fighting Spiders - Jack vs Lily2
Fighting jumping spiders - 080308 mix(Third clip)
Riper vs Celltel (19July2008)

Upside down biting to win
Spider fight(Jack trashes Bro1)
Also see Death match - Hope vs Jack

Body Slam
Xinan vs Scorpio (7Apr2008). Also block chop attack by Scorpio

1 arm lock, 1 arm pushing
Riper vs Unknown..

Tip of arm biting & spinning tactic!
Fighting Spiders: Sea vs AhSeng's Fighter2 Sup pao (Sea won)

Good close-up chops
FS - Goblin (won) vs Harry
FS - Goblin (won) vs Jabber

Retreat and fight back

Defense tactics

Underside grabing(to prevent being thrown)
Fighting spiders - Throw prevention and Arm Biting

Counter to jump-over tactic
Fighting Spiders - Jack vs X
Fighting Spiders - Jack vs Kelapasawit

Flip/trip opponent to escape
Darkstar Chop flip (19Apr2008)
Fighting Spiders - Longman vs Redleaf
GP vs Razer (24Aug2008) - Remained upside down for 22s! Blood.

Retreat tactic
GP vs Hunter (30Aug2008) - 13s.


Don't Let Go
Fighting Spider - dont let go(43 seconds)
Fighting spider - chop & disappear !(9 seconds)
Fighting Spiders: Terminator vs Ocean (Terminator wins)
Fighting Spiders: Tengah (Sup Pao) vs Tioman (Tengah Wins)(36 seconds)

Buay Steady Fights!
thinLeaf VS chop(yuda)
Fighting Spiders: Grip vs Tengah Rd2 (Grip wins)

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post Jan 9 2008, 11:50 PM

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From: Here and There.

Cool spiders.. but small and hard to breed it. ^^
post Jan 9 2008, 11:50 PM

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Date - 19/12/07 (Wed)
Time spent - 10.30am - 12.45pm
Venue - Puchong Perdana
Reason there - working afternoon
Venue type - Wasteland in new housing area
Plant type - Big leaves on dry land, jungle type plants
Insects - mosquitoes, ants, grasshoppers

Catch - 2 females-bluish color, quite fierce
Disappointing as no males but did saw one medium size one which i didnt catch.
Saw wild chickens there, rooster and hens which flew away. There is good soil there which I collected to
plant plants.

Added on January 9, 2008, 11:54 pm
QUOTE(leetplayer @ Jan 9 2008, 11:50 PM)
Cool spiders.. but small and hard to breed it. ^^
Worth a try. Man has successfully bred many types of seemingly impossible to breed animals eg panda, arowana and all sorts of CITIES ones. It's not really that hard to breed fighting spiders. It's the rearing of the young that is tough.

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post Jan 10 2008, 12:09 AM

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Date - 20/12/07 (Thurs)
Time spent - 11am - 12.30pm
Venue - Puchong Utama
Reason there - working afternoon
Venue type - Behind school waste land
Plant type - mostly surrounded by non fighting
spider plants but several spiders caught in this small patch of combination of tapioca
plants and water type long leaves plant(which
roots has nodules), Shaded by old rambutan tree
Insects - lots of mosquitoes

Catch- 4 males
Size - small medium to medium large
1st king - All_black(last 2 pics) - almost full body black - medium large (but no show when fight big head, only long push)
2nd king - young male - small medium, let go - no show when fight All_black
2 medium size unmatured male

26/12/07 - The 2 medium size unmatured male
changed skin
They changed on the same day indicated they're probably from the same batch hence i call them
bro1 and bro2 cuz they're probably brothers

bro1 - changed first in the day, i gave water
to it, slightly larger
bro2 - changed late at night - between 10-11pm
slighty smaller
First encounter after 1 day between bro1 and bro2 - bro1 takut
2nd encounter 3 days after changed - short pushed - bro2 ran
After that bro2 is takut even though fed with mosquito filled with blood on the 2/1/07
One week into Jan - 2 brothers are no longer takut and will always gear up for a fight
This shows that popular believe that light coloured spiders with white legs are lousy fighters are true only
to a certain extend...that's because they have just newly shed their skin. Given time when they mature and their
exoskeleton hardens they can become formidable warriors. People who used to catch spiders only see the spiders
at one point in time. No one really follow how spiders can peak in their fighting performance over time.
To understand the concept, check out this very interesting article on fighting fish on the part "On the problem of change". http://www.plakatthai.com/knowingyourfighterII.html

there is sugarcane plants nearby but no fighting spiders at all as living environment is too harsh
caught 2 different type of spiders(freed them after taking photo) - view pic

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post Jan 10 2008, 12:53 AM

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Date - forgot
Time spent - 6-7pm
Venue - Puchong Utama
Reason there - Half day morning
Venue type - Wasteland in middle of malay kampung area
Plant type - Wild pepper leaves, plenty of shade by coconut trees

Only found one large female and one small male
Quite dissapointing as the place looks very conducive for fighting spider. Lots of mosquitoes, grasshoppers.
Maybe school children may have catch them or maybe area is for cows to wander about as there is a kandang nearby.
post Jan 10 2008, 12:54 AM

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Date - 2/1/08(Wed)
Time spent - 8.30am - 9.15 am
10.30 - 11.30am
Venue - Klang Utama
Reason there - fix computer, working afternoon
Venue type - Roadside deserted land, opposite is some shophouses
Plant type - Shade - Banana trees, Jungle trees, ground - soft small leaves plant
Insects - insanely lots of mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats, ants

Catch - 7 males
Overall size - x-small to medium small
2 - x-small
2 - takut
all freed

1st king - Klang1
2nd king - Klang2
3rd king - Klang3
Age group - all matured
Size - all medium small

Fight after catch(name on left is winner)
Klang1 vs Klang2 - triple chop
Klang1 vs Klang3 - long push

10th of Jan - still keeping Klang1 and Klang2 but Klang3 has been killed by ants... opps

The males were pretty hard to find. The type of plant they made their nest in was for me the first encounter as the
leaves were small and soft, not typically spiders like as a heavy downpour would certainly spoil the nest. However most

probably the dense banana trees helped to soften the impact of raindowns.

Even though the area is invested with natural food source, the spiders are not large. This gets me thinking food
availability does not wholly dictate the overall size of population.

didn't bring my camera so no pics..maybe another day I go back to snap a few.

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post Jan 10 2008, 12:56 AM

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Joined: Dec 2007
Date - 5/1/08 (Sat)
Time spent - 5.10pm - 7.00pm
Venue - Puchong
Reason there - Off day, waiting for wife while getting a hairjob (3 hours)
Venue type - Behind shopping complex, Mining area turned into sand factory, next to large mining lake where sometimes ppl go to fish(but not popular)
Plant type - Shade - Tembusu, pretty shady next to lake, ground - soft small leaves plant, creepers, ferns...mostly not favourite of fighting spiders
Insects - mosquitoes, many fruit flies, gnats, ants

Didnt expect much and did not get much either. Caught a fat mature female, saw a female with eggs but did not catch it. Last minute as i was going home and was getting dark, i caught a small male in soft leave creeper leaves. Also some areas with fighting spider young but cant find the adults. Caught a hantu kuning male. Saw a big monitor lizard swimming along coast of lake.

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post Jan 10 2008, 01:25 AM

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Joined: Dec 2007
Date - 7/1/08 (Mon)
Time spent - 4.15pm - 6.00pm
Venue - TA, PJ
Reason there - Sent stocks to ss14, half day
Venue type - Public park but hot(meaning place where lots of spiders) area is behind some rich houses, quite unaccessable to general public, no one wants to go there anyway
Plant type - ALOT of ground creepers, lalang and plants-shin-deep. Near hot area are fruit trees, small soft leaves plants and long leaves plant, pandan.
Insects - lots of mosquitoes, many fruit flies, gnats, ants, grasshoppers

This is one heck of an adventure.

I used to catch here way back in the 80s when I was form one, form two. Back then the hot area was a slope area of wild pepper leaves behind a couple of houses. The spiders then I caught before got big ones but I remember they dont fight well or rather not really ferocious. Also one day when I was going there, a six foot cobra i think cross my path! But it didnt deter me, I still when ahead to catch my spiders! Back then also I remember had water rats there.

Now some parts of it is already been develop a bit better but now... the path to the hot area seems even harsher! They are shin-deep and thick and if I didnt where my long tracks it would be hell to walk through a hundred meters or so through those plants.

It's been a long long time(20 years) since I've been there and I didnt know what to expect. So i just walked. I tried to walk along a drain near the backyard of the houses but then a couple of small dogs ran out and yelp so I walked further away from the houses. I saw some trails that look like flatten plantation here and there and I followed them, thinking well someone may have walk through these wilderness before. I started off by catching a hantu kuning male at the base of a banana tree and as I near the old hot area I realize the slope area I used to squat around is now behind a fence and the wild pepper plants are gone and replaced with tall trees and shrubs the land claimer has planted. Also the house owner near there also seems to have planted other plants like pandan leaves, bamboo, bunga raya plants outside the private compound which I can just walk right up to. But I didnt go up to it first but walk around the area further from the houses where there are some short trees which I tried to find spiders. The plants away from the houses are those small soft leave plants and grasses which are not really conducive for fighting spiders. However to my surprise I found 2 small medium size males wandering about there. It was then
4.42m and I saw some clear areas under a small tree and as I look some more, I saw some feathers on the ground on a small patch of clear land. At that time, I taught gees... dont tell me got musang here. But this is in the middle of PJ. Just as I walk a few more steps and turn to look behind some shrubs, I saw a HUGE monitor lizard and it saw me and it scrambled away. Damn was I startled! It was about just 6 feet away and was probably basking in the sun. It was about 4 feet in body length (excluding the tail) and had a fat stomach. Damn, I didn't run away but thought it was better to walk the other way! Slowly I approach the backyards and the plants I saw was more of fighting spider favourite. There were LONG leave plants. I saw a small one here and there and knew some where must be a hot spot.

Then I came to this patch of land cleared away by someone to plant a coconut tree there. There I saw a male peering around for food. After i caught it and standing in the same spot, I saw another male with female to my right. Before I catch it, I peered around and saw ANOTHER male to my left looking around for food from a nest. Further to my left I also saw a big female peering out from its nest(got eggs and I didnt catch it). As i was about to catch the spider to my right first(which eventually was the biggest one..big guns), a third male was walking up my leg! Also a female was walking nearby...apparently I probably stepped on a nest as I was trying to catch the male to my right! Long story short, I caught all 3 males. 5.15pm. Suddenly large rain drops started hitting me...but I saw another nest (same standing spot)and decided to just tear off the leave. Another male! That makes FIVE males on one standing place!! Now this is what I call a rich area.

Before I could celebrate, it started to rain cats and dogs. I walked quickly(can't run...the growth around is too thick) to the land patch which had been worked and seeked shelther next to a large bunch of bamboo trees. but it was utterly useless as it was raining as hard as hell. I was totally absolutely soaked to my underwear. Drenched. I had to keep my camera in a plastic bag. I hang around there for maybe 15 min and then said wat the heck, might as well walk my to my car as it was also getting late. So I made my way back through the thick growth in maximum drowpour, back to my car which was another probably 400 meter away including through the park. Back on the park's walkway, I walked passed people shelthering under some park shelther but I didnt stop. Finally I reached my car and started to drive back...and then the rain subsided. Around 6.00pm. I made a puddle of water on my car rubber flooring and though... what a evening, but it was well worth it.

7 males
2 females
1 hantu kuning male - big
1 hantu kuning female

5 turned out to be takut!
Dont know wheather fighting them at 8.00pm has anything to do with it. Cause the spiders are not vigourous and looked lethargic and wanting to sleep.
1st king - big gun
2nd king - top man

I was hoping big guns would take the spot of bighead but that is not to be as it even lose to all_blacks.
So big gun is now currently 3rd king because it beat klang1 and klang2.

Bighead ranking stands.

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post Jan 10 2008, 09:21 AM

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From: Here and There.

QUOTE(mindstorm @ Jan 9 2008, 11:50 PM)
Date - 19/12/07 (Wed)
Time spent - 10.30am - 12.45pm
Venue - Puchong Perdana
Reason there - working afternoon
Venue type - Wasteland in new housing area
Plant type - Big leaves on dry land, jungle type plants
Insects - mosquitoes, ants, grasshoppers

Catch - 2 females-bluish color, quite fierce
Disappointing as no males but did saw one medium size one which i didnt catch.
Saw wild chickens there, rooster and hens which flew away. There is good soil there which I collected to
plant plants.

Added on January 9, 2008, 11:54 pm

Worth a try. Man has successfully bred many types of seemingly impossible to breed animals eg panda, arowana and all sorts of CITIES ones. It's not really that hard to breed fighting spiders. It's the rearing of the young that is tough.
Yeah.. thats what I'm trying to say heh.
post Jan 10 2008, 01:45 PM

Getting Started
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Hahaha like a journal oni. Anyway, very interesting! Please continue biggrin.gif
post Jan 10 2008, 05:55 PM

Team almostthere
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Interesting indeed. Im really interested with those spiders when i was small. Now no chance to catch them already.

Btw, i supposed the one that were used for fighting is the black coloured one rite ?
post Jan 11 2008, 12:35 AM

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QUOTE(uzairi @ Jan 10 2008, 05:55 PM)
Interesting indeed. Im really interested with those spiders when i was small. Now no chance to catch them already.

Btw, i supposed the one that were used for fighting is the black coloured one rite ?
Yeap, the black one. But usually it izit so dark. Normally its colour patterns are like the first picture(just posted) in this forum. But they will turn darker as they grow older or kept in dark containers which I don't recommend.
post Jan 11 2008, 01:00 AM

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Date - 9/1/08 (Wed)
Time spent - 4.30pm-5.30pm ...in the car!!
Venue - Ampang
Reason there - Off day, collect photos from my relative
Venue type - Behind Jalan Ampang
Plant type - Shade - Big jungle tree(dunno name), ground- wild pepper leaves..favourite of fighting spiders
Insects - lots of mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats, red ants

This is actually a sad story. Firstly I didnt catch anything on today because it started raining heavily 5 mins after I got out of the car. Enough time to take some pics only. I waited for about an hour but the rain didnt stop so I decided to balik.

But sadder still is because this spot is going to be gone forever as development has caught up. Earlier last year I discovered this spot because my wife worked nearby and I wandered around when I could see some undeveloped area. I caught many large and good fighters from here. It was really a rich(many spiders) area. Unfortunately at that time I didnt buy my videocam and digicam yet so I have no pic or video documentation of my catch and fights back then.

But now 3/4 is behind a zinc fence where new buildings are coming up leaving a small patch...i dunno still got spiders there as I also realize there is a lot less insects there now. In probably a few more months or weeks I think this place will be flattened as well...sigh. I'll be coming back soon to quickly save some of the population and maybe deport some of them elsewhere. Meantime here are some pics.

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post Jan 11 2008, 01:26 AM

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QUOTE(leetplayer @ Jan 10 2008, 09:21 AM)
Yeah.. thats what I'm trying to say heh.
Yeah, guess u're rite as breeding encompass rearing the young as well. I meant mating them is not that difficult as long as you catch virgin females... yes, these spiders seems to breed only once in their lifetime. Once after a female has eggs it seems impossible to get them to mate again. I have a video on their mating. Will link it once I post it up on youtube.
post Jan 11 2008, 03:32 PM

Getting Started
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I like u seriously....Very very interesting.....Keep it up...

Added on January 11, 2008, 6:27 pmAnd I noe that when u open the leaf and saw their eyes is white color normally is Male and their butt is small....I used to catch last time too....I even sell to others at RM5.....LOL

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post Jan 12 2008, 03:16 PM

Look at all my stars!!
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Wow.. nice spider catch. Makes me feel wanna go to my housing area nearby bushes and catch some also. icon_idea.gif

icon_rolleyes.gif Cheers icon_rolleyes.gif
post Jan 13 2008, 12:58 AM

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QUOTE(viper88 @ Jan 12 2008, 03:16 PM)
Wow.. nice spider catch. Makes me feel wanna go to my housing area nearby bushes and catch some also.  icon_idea.gif

icon_rolleyes.gif Cheers icon_rolleyes.gif
Haha, let me know if u get some.

Actually after form 2, I too sort of stop playing spiders too cuz of SRP and spiders seems like a small kid pastime. Boys were getting interested in girls, video games, sports, cars and other stuff. Strangely I remember I started catching them again when I was form 6! That was because at that time I went to stay with my grandmum in seremban and her house has a huge garden with natural living fighting spiders! I even purposely went to collect wild pepper plants and plant it in her garden and after several months I caught a couple of large males!(usually their size only medium small). That time I played fighting spiders to relieve my stress as i was studying like miminum 3-4 hours a day during weekdays and 6-8 hours a day during weekends. Gees, form six was tough. Luckily fighting spiders save my sanity..hehe.

Nowadays, hardly anyone catch them, because the living environment for most kids is so different from last time. Xbox, network games(I too was once a starcraft kaki smile.gif), internet and astro are so much more interesting AND COMFORTABLE options i suppose. This bring us to the fact that there is a very very big deterent to catching spiders. MOSQUITOES. Haha. Without proper attire and a good MOSQUITO REPELLENT, even I would't want to spend half a minute in those type of environment where you would expect to get many spiders. (Even though I am immune to mosquito bites, meaning I dont get a reaction when I get bitten. Not immume to deague or malaria though, how i wish)

Proper attire
1. Long tracks(the plastic type)
2. Shoes and long socks
3. THICK T-shirt(if u wear thin t-shirt, u mati la...those mosquito will bite right thru it)
4. For mosquito repellent I recomment OFF! cream. It is better than citronella based ones. I also sometimes have a citronella patch on my shirt for extra anti-mosquito power. Get them from a pharmacy. I make sure I apply cream even on my face, forehead, ears, back of neck and back of hand.

For gear, I have a waist pouch, about 10 small transparent pill containers, a pair of scissors and a large transparent plastic bag and a small one to catch some insects for my spiders while I'm there.

That's it, with a canon ixus I'm off to document my adventure.

post Jan 13 2008, 01:03 AM

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QUOTE(pitinn @ Jan 11 2008, 03:32 PM)
I like u seriously....Very very interesting.....Keep it up...

Added on January 11, 2008, 6:27 pmAnd I noe that when u open the leaf and saw their eyes is white color normally is Male and their butt is small....I used to catch last time too....I even sell to others at RM5.....LOL
yeap that't the most interesting part... seeing the white face. I remember i sold for rm3 only. Ur gang must be more interested in fighting spiders than mine back then.
post Jan 13 2008, 03:47 PM

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Yeah.. in the morning wanted to go for jogging and plan to try search for fighting spider also. rclxms.gif

My house front area have some bushes so i go check out.. whoila.. got fighting spiders. Try check in between the leaves got about 2 males spiders. Check here and there found more spiders ! Some are young average size spider about 5 sen size, and some adult spiders.. about 10 sen size. Since its just in front my house area, i decide to go jogging 40 minutes 1st, later only come back
catch some to take pics. tongue.gif

Attached Image

After jog, check the spiders still there. Caught the 1st one.. abit averagel size.. Easy catch.. just put it into a toothpick plastic case. Saw an adult spider, try to catch.. but its run and jump off from tree
very fast.. doh.gif Seems like my spider catching technique karat ady... Try seach again in between the leaves.. found about 2-3 of small spiders. Duwan catch coz too small ma..

Later caught an adult spider.. bigger than the 1st one. I just let it jump onto my finger..

About like 10 sen or my thumb fingernail size
Attached Image

Wanna fight with me? Nolar.. i think he wanna leap to my camera. tongue.gif
Attached Image

Start running around my hard and arm.
Attached Image

Attached Image

Put in in a big plastic case. I think use this case to scoop leaves which got big spider is a sure catch.. lol

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

I tried let the spiders fights but the small one seems kecut when see the big ones.. he just fight awhile den ran off.

So i decided to release the small ones and try find another bigger adult spider to fight. Found another leaves with spider inside.. i try press the leaves slowly.. an adult spider run out and jump off.. it ran too fast ady. This spider is definitely big.. i think its bigger than the earlier adult spider i caught.. to bad man. cry.gif I should use the big plastic case to scoop it.. but cant coz i put the earlier catch inside ady.. sweat.gif

Try search some more but all small spiders only. Since cant find any other adult spider to fight, i decide to release the earlier adult spider back to where i caught it earlier.
Its just in front of my house only.. i feel its better to let it roam free and find its own food.

I got some video of the spider caught.. but short clips.. quality oso so so.. coz hard to control 2 spiders and camera at the same time.. lol.. will try to upload here later.

icon_rolleyes.gif Cheers, icon_rolleyes.gif

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post Jan 13 2008, 04:37 PM

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Wow.. that kind of place u go for spider hunting.. maybe good for snake hunting too tongue.gif

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