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> Seeking mental health care: how likely will you ?, Counselling, Psychologist, psychiatrist

post Nov 27 2017, 12:54 PM

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QUOTE(chrisderick88 @ Nov 26 2017, 06:01 PM)
First, I don't think someone have to have "mental illness" to actually see a mental health care expert. The thing is everyone can be functional but still have some kind of issues preventing one from... being his/her best.

I am one of them. I can function perfectly in work, in life, in love. But deep inside, I'm... sad. I can't tell why I'm sad and anxious, but that's it. One problem with KL is the price for mental healthcare is expensive, and company medical cards don't usually cover them. I fully understand that like other healthcare, it come with cost for expertise, but sadly it's not available to general public...

Anyway I am finding counsellor that's affordable to move forward, for me and my family. I'm functional depressed but my family & gf seems to be the one suffering the most...

Also I don't know if government clinic would bother - It's not like I'm not functional... lol.
Hi, sorry to hear that. In Malaysia, I feel it is very important to see a fully qualified psychiatrist. Counselling and your GP can be helpful.

Yes, in depression you can be "functional" but like a zombie of sorts (I've been there myself).

I recommend Brain Mind Specialist Clinic Malaysia (this is not a paid promo or anything).

Money is one thing. But when you are treated suitably ie. mentally, physically, spiritually... and then you come out of the depression, you will feel like you were in some other place where there were only dark clouds. When you come "out" of that, you will then realise how important it was to get treated.

All the best.
post Dec 26 2017, 06:41 AM

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I believe everyone who are fighting now knows that Depression have no face.

I, myself always try be normal when I'm outside and hangout with friends.

Deep inside, I guess.. it's all about yourself. No matter how hard you try to be own best. Things not went well, if things went well... somehow I think because of luck.
Everytime I try to think Positive, there's an evil or shadow inside you said 'you're a worthless'.. something like that.
Hard to explain.... I thought just let it out, cry non stop for hours will cure this shit hole. At the end, it will return again in short period.

I do once in a while tell them I'm emotionally and mentally struggle to stand on ground.
Most of them just say "Mengada-ada" or "You need more sleep!" etc.

But its been 2 years for me.

I tried work out, not working.
I tried to sleep early and wake up early, same. Not working.
Change my food diet, still not working.

So I decide to travel back to the place where I feel happy and productive all the time. Stay there for 40 days. Somehow it working.. I felt happy, maybe cured?

Then 40 days ends.. for the first time I felt a very hard butterfly in the stomach during the plane depart. My leg started to shake unconsciously without realizing it until the front sit person ask me I move too much.

I thought it was normal lah...

But it kept on coming... and for the past 2 months it is getting worst. And I had the worst Christmas ever. I skip most of year end gathering because everytime I think about it... I started panic for no reason.

Until I found this section on lowyat.

I am very transparent on this issues.. I shared a few but majority don't take it seriously.

If anyone knows a good therapy in Kota Kinabalu.
That's already a big help.

Thank you in-advanced.

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post Dec 29 2017, 12:20 AM

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Does anyone know the cost of psychological therapy in Malaysia?

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post Jan 3 2018, 02:59 PM

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I do have my ups and downs and I doubt myself sometimes. Yes, living with depression is difficult and it really helps to speak to someone.
Friends & family can help but its not the best as sometimes they don't understand. Worse still, sometimes they try to help but end up messing things up much more. But its with good intentions though.
I found this therapist who is very kind and patient. She uses many creative techniques to help me. I've been seeing her for many years. Slightly pricy but I think its worth it as she helps me out of my depression. The most important I feel is to find someone genuine, not those only interested in your money.
post Jan 18 2018, 12:21 PM

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Yes, if you can afford it, yes!
post Mar 12 2018, 11:41 PM

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I would, I did and I gained a lot of insight as to why i was who i am and why did i behave in some ways that can be scary to people around me.

The main reason why you should always seek a professional if you suspect you have depression, anxiety, schizophrenia etc is because YOU DO NOT WANT TO SELF DIAGNOSE. It never works and you might end up using that as an excuse to be a horrible person to those around you.

A professional will try and help you understand the cause of the problem and offer a voice outside of what you THINK you have. I realized I was displaying symptoms of BPD. I was hurting my partner and friends and some were afraid. I went to seek help and from august - november i went for maybe 10 sessions. I learnt that it wasnt BPD but how i was raised and how my parents molded me into. Once i realized that, it was controllable. And it wasnt BPD.

If you guys need help but cant afford the fees, go to HELP college's (https://www.cpcs-helpuni.com/) its only 50 for the registration and 30 for each subsequent session.

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