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> FFK issues, got FFKed? report here!

post Aug 8 2010, 12:21 PM

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From: Pandora


Complaint aginst: Muslord77,fatal chaos,amielord
Phone number: 0172155318,0176052086 (he said no credit,he ask me to call him/or his abang ipar,i called him for around 10-15 minutes,of coz wasting my credit also)<--WTF seller call buyer??(normal FFKers action also)

Date happend:7 august 2010
Topic about/from: http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showtopic=1516704

Summary about the story:
-he bid my item E7400 for RM230 and Asus P5KR for RM200,so total RM430 (exceed the quick grab price)
-so i close the thread for temporary to avoid coming bidders
-i PM him said i sell to him the 3 item include Cooler Master TX-3 for RM430..he said ok with that
-after that,he said RM400..ok,im ok with that price..no problem since i put RM400 for quick grab price)
-we agreed to DEAL at night..i said i have a COD with somebody at JLN UNIVERSITI,PJ before we COD..
-he asked me to come his place..PUCHONG(im from gombak,going to PJ,its ok coz im buying,but after that want going to puchong??of coz not!!at least come half way)
-i can smell something here already (FFKer action)..ok,keep going
-he gave me his phone number.he asked me to call him for fast dealing.he said no credit(with phone call of coz no proof..he know about it of coz..thats why he want me to call him.. if PM,we can take screen shot about the pm conversation)
-he also give his abang ipar phone number..asked me to call his abang ipar about the deal & COD place..what the heck is going on??..
-ok,i called him..i asked the deposit to avoid FFK case..he said ok..he asked for maybank ACC..ok,i give already during PM.
-during phone call,he try to dont want pay the deposit and said he is a trusted buyer..i already checked the both nickname..nothing different,only writing style different
-we agreed to COD at KELANA JAYA even he asked me to come PUCHONG/SUBANG/SHAH ALAM/PUTRA HEIGHTS/
-i already told him that im working 10am-10pm everyday..tired of coz 12 hours working and he want buy from me,why i must come to him??but im ok for halfway.coz im from JLN UNIVERSITI,then go to KELANA JAYA (consider far already)
-after few minutes,he asked me to buy proc only..he said not enough budget,im ok,but must paid RM230 as he bid for the item..
-i asked him why not take all the item at RM400?consider dirt cheap already
-he told me he got not enogh budget(from RM430 he bid,go for RM400..now RM380??WTF!!)
-i said cannot..RM400 firm..that he said ok..will try find RM20..
-i want the deposit,i asked him about maybank or cimb..there have cimb,but dont want going there,dont have license..maybank was nearest with him,keep asking me the bank close at what time..(already bored..too many excused)
-after that,he said want to ask his abang ipar to bank in to me the deposit..and i asked him,why not u transfer online??he said,he not using maybank or cimb..ok no problem
-he reply me in PM,his abang ipar cannot bank in to me..how he ask his abang ipar?he said no credit..if he said he pm his abang ipar..during that,i dont see his abang ipar online..coz im checking both of them..coz not take too long to give me the result
-i also asked him about his age,he said 21 years old..still study..dont have driving/motorcycle license..also DONT HAVE BANK ACCOUNT<--failed cheating(he said using other bank before..and be reasonable la bro..tak kan xde account..orang gila pun ade account bank..)
-aku buat tak tau je time tu..nak keep going
-so we are already DEAL for my item RM400 without deposit,cod at KELANA JAYA after i finish my cod at JLN UNIVERSITI..a bit late..he said no problem
-he said he is trusted buyer..already have many deal in LYN.NET and all people come to his place
-ok..we already agreed about above thing
-i have asked my seller who want cod with me at JLN UNIVERSITI if he can cod at KELANA JAYA or not..i think its near to him..he said ok..no problem..TRUSTED SELLER!!!
-so,around 10pm,i send SMS to both of them said im going to KELANA JAYA now..the seller replied ok
-this Muslord77 reply:
1-Aq msj ko tdi.kte cancel
2-Aq da pm ko tdi.cancel deal.ko x check kew?aq nk tuka

-he got credit??
-and today NO PM RECEIVED-liar
-why not he tell me earlier for that?he already know that im working till 10pm..must tell me before that ma...why he bid for that item?why he too many excuse and not reasonable
-both his SMS i didnot reply coz i already bored with his excuse and attitude and know that he will FFK..
-here i post some screen shot about PM conversation just for sharing

-sorry about the language and who know him,kindly please pm me..or post here if u ever did the deal with him..just want to know only
-and to Muslord77..please JAGA REPUTASI KORANG
-too all trusted forumer..just beware with this person..thats all
-im finish sharing...thanks for reading..

Muslord77 attitude:
-not reasonable excuse people

-COD prefered
-Deposit from buyer to avoid FFK
-Buyer come to seller(who want to buy??)
-For trusted buyer maybe can cod half-way with seller(depend on your conversation)
-Always be careful


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