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> [NOTICE] Successful trades list

post Jul 21 2007, 07:15 AM

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[WTS] threads.

[WTS] Used VHS tapes - Yngwie Malmsteen.
[WTS] College books - Computers, Physics, Biology, Marketing etc
[WTS] Original cassettes - Used.
[WTS] Assorted cassettes From A - Y.
[WTS] Dlink DSL-520T router. Faulty [Disconnect every ONE hour]
[WTS] Lanyards - Maybank and HP.
[WTS] CD Tyco, E.Y.C.

[WTS] Let it be me song book - Encyclopedia edition.
[WTS] 2011 diary - ONE unit only.
[WTS] Diary 2012. Two(2) only.
[WTS] Cassettes & CDs - Malay language only.

[WTS] Dictionaries - Chinese and Spanish.
[WTS] Used Original CD. N Sync, KRU etc.
[WTS] Power Extension cable - 24 pin to 20 pin.
[WTS] CRN 8245B CD-ROM Drive & Compaq Floppy - Internal drives for laptop.
[WTS] Zone of the Enders: 2167 IDOLO - Original VCD.
[WTS] True love cassettes box - Love songs.
[WTS] Easy listening favorites [cassettes] of the 70s & 80s.
[WTS] Rehal.

[WTS] Microphone.
[WTS] AMD Heatsink - Socket A/462
[WTS] PSU LSB-B350ATX [Used - Cap ayam]
[WTS] Speaker [Used - Cap ayam]
[WTS] Logitech Quickcam Express
[WTS] Various items - New and used., Bags, exercise ball, leg weight etc.

[WTS] Used black suit & blue long sleeve shirt., Custom made by Allen Khoo Tailor.
[WTS] Various CD's - N Sync, Michael Jackson., Modern Talking (imported), Star Wars.
[WTS] Various CD's - CD Silat Legenda, Natasha., Arial, Tangkap Lentoq, dan Hitz FMC 2.
[WTS] Problem solving with C++., C++ How to Program (Deitel & Deitel)
[WTS] Cutlery set.
[WTS] Whitney Houston, Yngwie Malmsteen,, STEPS, N Sync, Modern Talking.
[WTS] ASTRO decoder, dish and Sharp 21" TV., All used.
[WTS] Programming books and others.

[WTS] Blufroge. - ALL CLOSED on 31st January 2013.

.•°**°•.[WTS]Canon EOS 650D •°*°•.
.•°**°•.[WTS] Canon PowerShot G1X •°*°•.
.•°**°•.[WTS] Sony Playstation3 320GB •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Harman Kardon Soundsticks III •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Blackberry Porsche Design P9981 •°*°•.

.•°**°•.[WTS]Canon EOS 650D kit •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS]Sony Playstation Vita 3G & WiFi •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Harman Kardon GLA-55 •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] V-MODA Crossfade M-80 •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Larrie Women Shoe •°*°•.

.°**°.[WTS] V-MODA Crossfade LP2 •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Sol Republic Tracks Ultra •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Sol Republic Tracks HD •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Sol Republic Tracks On-Ear •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Monster NCredible NTune•°*°•.

.°**°.[WTS] Monster Diamond Tears Edge •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Monster Diesel VEKTR •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Monster Inspiration •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Monster Inspiration •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Monster Inspiration •°*°•.

.°**°.[WTS] Caterham F1 Team •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Caterham F1 Team •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] 2XU Compression Short •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] 2XU Short Sleeve Compression Top•°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] 2XU Elite Long Sleeve •°*°•.

.°**°.[WTS] Caterham F1 Team •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Caterham F1 Team •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Caterham F1 Team •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Optimum Nutrition 1 •°*°•.
.°**°.[WTS] Dymatize Elite •°*°•.

1.Bought Razer Tarantula - xBotakx (COD - Ampang)
2.Bought Razer Diamondback - xBotakx (COD - Ampang)
3.Bought Dell 17" CRT Flat Monitor - Scaloepz (COD - Ampang)
4.Bought GH757 Wireless Headphone - ramboo (Pos - Klang)
5.Bought CM-RS-500-PCAR-A3 extreme power psu - wiwiwawa (Courier - Ampang)
6.Bought KIRKLAND MINOXIDIL 5% - zencyc1123 (Courier - Ampang)
7.Bought Calvin Klein belt - bbjojo (Courier - Ampang)
8.Bought Ideal polarized sunglasses - CassieLim (Courier - Ampang)
9.Bought Country Life Biotin - jchong (Pos laju - Ampang)
10.Bought Country Life Maxi Hair - jchong (Pos laju - Ampang)
11.Bought Onda VX570 Touch 8GB Digital Media Player - Moresales.com.my (Pos laju courier - Ampang)
12.Bought Moringa Charcoal Bar Soap & Nakornthong Hom-Nin Rice shampoo - jasmineh2y (Pos laju courier - KL)
13.Bought Nakornthong Hom-Nin Rice shampoo - jasmineh2y (Pos laju courier - KL)
14.Bought Rogaine Foam - rogainemalaysia (Pos laju courier - KL)
15.Bought BlackBerry Headset - WaCKy-Angel (Pos laju courier - KL)
16.Bought Oakley Holbrook shades - non forumer (Pos laju courier - KL)


1.Sold Samic Electric Guitar - (COD at my home)
2.Sold G25 - ryugan (COD at my home)
3.Sold 2x512MB Kingston DDR1 RAM - VoiVod (Pos Ekspress - Johor)
4.Sold NOKIA 3610 - dya_ungu (Pos Ekpres - Hulu Langat)
5.Sold Samsung CRT 17" 753DFX (Black) faulty - hoei (COD at my home)
6.Sold 1x512MB Kingston PC3200, DDR1 (Single) - hoei (COD at my home)
7.Sold 1x512MB Kingston PC3200, DDR1 (Double sided) - hoei (COD at my home)
8.Sold Palit GeForce 6800GS 128MB (AGP) - hoei (COD at my home)
9.Sold Cooler Master 430 Watt (RS-430-PCAR) psu - hoei (COD at my home)
10.Sold CASIO fx-350MS calculator - mybakso (Pos Ekpress - Johor)
11.Sold Logitech MOMO Black - Lord_sepulchrave (COD at my home)
12.Sold Athlon XP 2400+ processor - ledfoot (Pos Ekpress - Ampang)
13.Sold Anakin Skywalker Force Fx Lightsaber - zenix (COD at my home)
14.Sold Creative Vibra 128 - mkay_2020 - (Pos Ekpress - P.J)
15.Sold Imation CD RW Portable - Non forumer (COD at Hentian Duta)
16.Sold 1GB Kingston DDR1 RAM - Non forumer (COD at Hentian Duta)
17.Sold Power Color ATi Radeon 9600 Pro 256MB - Non forumer (COD at Hentian Duta)
18.Sold Book 'Computer Networks' - zeroyang (Pos Laju to Terengganu)
19.Sold 3dfx Voodoo3 2000 PCI - khenry (Pos Ekpress to Perak)
20.Sold 10 pieces old cassettes - arkstorm2 (Pos laju to Penang)
21.Sold another 9 pieces old cassettes - arkstorm2 (Pos laju to Penang)
22.Sold Book - 'Database Development For Dummies' - icp (Pos laju to Pahang)
23.Sold Type O Negative cassette - metalslayer - (Pos ekpress to Subang Jaya)
24.Sold Yngwie Malmsteen CD - yanspe (Pos ekpress to Negeri Sembilan)
25.Sold Linkin Park - alankhoo (Pos ekpress to Penang)
26.Sold Kingston 256MB DDR RAM - bujangbalik (Pos ekpress to Terengganu)
27.Sold Yngwie Malmsteen - 'Marching Out' & Michael Jackson 'Bad' CD - ammirhafzan (Pos ekpress to Ampang)
28.Sold Krumania CD - non forumer (Pos ekpress to Shah Alam)
29.Sold Scientific Calculator Casio fx-570MS - cleo87 (Pos ekpress to Melaka)
30.Sold Book 'JAVA Network Programming and Distributed Computing' - mrdamncool (Pos laju to Penang)
31.Sold Skid Row CDs & Del Leppard CD - LanDi (Pos laju to Puchong)
32.Sold Book 'Computer Graphic C Version' - kypronite (Pos laju to Petaling Jaya)
33.Sold KRU - AWAS! CD - Non forumer (Pos Ekpress to Johor)
34.Sold 4xCDs (Fauziah Idris, Gegar 2, Tyco and Slam) - Non forumer (Pos Ekpress to Johor)
35.Sold 3xcassettes (Jamal Abdillah, Black Dog Bone & Carefree) - Non forumer (Pos Ekpress to Melaka)
36.Sold Germany World Cup 2006 Jersey - nimrod2 (Pos ekpress to Subang Jaya)
37.Sold Book 'Object-Oriented Programming in JAVA' - turnmoil (Pos laju to Damansara)
38.Sold USB Internal - peacenik (Pos Ekpress to Miri, Sarawak)
39.Sold Panasonic Telephone [KX-TG6411] - kwlee (Pos laju to Ara Damansara Petaling Jaya)
40.Sold VCD KRU - Non forumer (Pos Ekpress to Penang)
41.Sold Dlink Adsl2+ Modem Router DSL-520BD-Link Router - ojay (Pos laju to Sabah)
42.Sold Michael Jackson's cassettes, VHS and souvenior box - ghostrecon (Pos Daftar to K.L)
43.Sold Wan Suhaila CD - Non Forumer (Pos ekspress to Johor)
44.Sold HP DVD Writer - nash7007 (COD at my home)
45.Sold 11 Yngwie Malmsteen's CDs & 1 Kasawari CD - t2020 (by hand at Ampang - Sold through Mudah.my)
46.Sold Hot Wheels toys - zoomckng (Pos ekspress to Puchong)
47.Sold Battlefield 2 (PC game) - Non forumer (Pos laju to Kuantan, Pahang)
48.Sold A Structural Programming Approach Using C - Non forumer (Pos laju to Gombak [13 September 2011)
49.Sold Michael Jackson history past present and future - metallica_fan2 (Pos daftar)
50.Sold Microsoft Arc Mouse - non forumer (Pos laju)
51.Sold CD Britney Spears - buyer from Mudah.my (Pos laju to Sarawak)
52.Sold CD Mission Impossible 2 Soundtrack - buyer from Mudah.my (Pos laju to Puchong)
53.Sold CD Top Gun - Soundtrack - buyer from Mudah.my (Pos laju to Perlis)
54.Sold Hp Ismart Digital Photoframe - buyer non-forumer (Pos laju to Labuan)
55.Sold Michael Jackson "On the Line" CD and Thriller cassette - buyer from Mudah.my (Pos laju to Bangi)
56.Sold Mercedes West McLaren shirt - buyer from Mudah.my (Pos daftar to Kedah)
57.Sold Senario VCD - buyer from Mudah.my (Pos daftar to Labuan)
58.Sold NSync CDs - buyer from Mudah.my (Poslaju to Johor)
59.Sold Maria Mariana and Ziana Zain cassettess - buyer from Mudah.my (Poslaju to Johor)
60.Sold Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu VCDs- tinie8642 (Poslaju to Setapak)
61.Sold Celine Dion CDs - buyer from Mudah.my (Poslaju to Sarawak)
62.Sold IP-Set Top Box (HYPPTV) - buyer from Cari.com.my (Poslaju to Shah Alam)
63.Sold Motorola Dect Phone - buyer from another forum (Poslaju to Johor)
64.Sold Innacomm W3100 - buyer from another forum (Poslaju to Perak)
65.Sold Al-Quran Waqaf & Ibtida' - buyer from another forum (Postage to Johor)

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