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> [NOTICE] Successful trades list

post Mar 21 2012, 11:08 AM

New Member
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 9

Joined: Feb 2012
ldcsvui86 Sucesful Trade List


1. DDR2 800MHZ RAM 1GB - (POST) to hangtuah
2. WD 160GB external Hard Disk - (COD - Ampang Cavenzi) to fryingpan
3. DDR2 667MHZ RAM 1GB (x3) - (COD - Ampang Park) to wongzai
4. GBC Tape Super 36 in 1 Game - (COD - AvenueK) to boy.jactech
5. Canon EOS 400D + kit lens 18-55mm EFS - (COD - KLCC) to jsong
6. Laptop HP Pavilion DV2000. 14.1" - (COD - Ampang Cahaya) to thexhaust
7. Linksis Cisco Wireless Modem Router - (COD - Ampang Cahaya) to tomiverson
8. Motherboard P5GC-MX/1333 + SATA 80GB hard disk - (COD - Ampang Cahaya) to calvinljh
9. Casio Exilim EX-Z40 Camera - (COD - Ampang Cahaya) to CN124
10. GBC Tape Pokemon GOLD version - (POST) to MPower
11. Processor - Intel ® Core™ 2 Duo, RAM - 2x 512MB DDR2, Power Supply - RS-460-PCAR-A3 - (COD - Ampang Point) to sybercraze
12. Canon 500D + kit lens 18-55mm EFS - (COD - Leisure Mall) to spiller46
13. Samsung LCD 17" + Intel Pentium 4 CPU Set - (COD - Ampang Point) to uncleblues01
14. (hynix) Laptop RAM 2GB PC3 10600 - (POST - Kedah) to Musafir_86

this is just some of my successful trade. will update soon. =)

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post Mar 21 2012, 10:36 PM

New Member
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 46

Joined: Jan 2011

My Successful Trade List :

Sold :

1. XFX 6670 - Sold to pakutekan

2. Seagate SATA 3Gb/s 160-GB Hard Drive - Sold to daddytech09

3. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini - Sold to HawkreiN

4. Garmin Asus A10 with Car Kit - Sold to shock_dell

5. SME Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I8190N - Sold to jassielim

6. Yes 4G Dongle - Sold to kangx25

7. Dell S2440L LED Monitor
1 unit SOLD to kiLLua the babap !
1 unit SOLD to S-lim,
2 units SOLD to jimmylim85, 1 unit has been fully refunded due to some problem
1 unit SOLD to ktyy0207,
1 unit SOLD to kambing_hencem,
1 unit SOLD to aral,
1 unit SOLD to mashimoro85,
1 unit SOLD to Super tiger retic (Fully Refunded due to 1 dead pixel)

8. TP-Link TL-WR841ND 300Mbps Wireless N Router - Sold to UncleLim

9.Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro GT-I8552 - Sold to m2m4m6m

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post Mar 22 2012, 06:05 AM

New Member
Group: New Member
Posts: 0

Joined: Mar 2012

Successful trades

S1. phileo - Playstation 3 game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3"
S2. duhdude - Playstation 3 game "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"

B1. Pbbseller - Playstation 3 game "Assassin's Creed II Greatest Hits Edition"
B2. Pbbseller - Playstation 3 game "Bioshock"
B3. Pbbseller - Playstation 3 game "Dead Space"
B4. Pbbseller - Playstation 3 game "Dead Space 2 Limited Edition"
B5. Pbbseller - Playstation 3 game "Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition"
B6. Pbbseller - Playstation 3 game "Alice: Madness Returns"
B7. Pbbseller - Playstation 3 game "Dante's Inferno Divine Edition"
B8. Pbbseller - Playstation 3 game "Demon Souls Greatest Hits Edition"
B9. Pbbseller - Playstation 3 game "Fallout 3 Game of The Year Edition"

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post Mar 22 2012, 04:29 PM

New Member
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 15

Joined: Aug 2010
From: Selangor,petaling jaya, MALAYSIA!!!

BlackTaro's Successful Trade List

Sold :

GTA 4 for RM60.
Assassin's Creed 1,2 and brotherhood for RM120
Mini Ninja's RM50

Street Fighter X Tekken for RM140
Undead Nightmare DLC.
Modern Warfare 2 DLC map packs.
Infamous 1,2. Digital Version.
Fat princess.
Street Fighter 3 online edition.

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post Mar 24 2012, 03:44 AM

New Member
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 19

Joined: Feb 2010
My successfull Trade list-

Iphone 4 -1unit sold to Langkawi(http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showuser=391282)
Iphone 4s-1unit sold to Langkawi(http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showuser=391282)
Iphone 3gs -1unit sold to t0777(http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showuser=322658)
Iphone 4 - 1unit sold to carlosnest(http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showuser=131925)

Lv Bag sold to Crazyallen(http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showuser=145720)
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post Mar 24 2012, 09:42 AM

New Member
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 20

Joined: Jan 2007

My successful tradelist:

1. montell81 - Deuter Futura Pro 42 (RM390) post
2. AskarPerang - C6 epikcase + SP (RM25) post
3. DAViS - Casio G-9200MS-8 (RM480) cod
4. tleilaxu - PaperMate Pacer Executive Mechanical Pencil (RM23) post
5. leeyung - Marimo (RM110) post
6. [d]esmon[d] - Christmas Moss (RM13) cod


Not yet selling wink.gif

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post Mar 24 2012, 02:34 PM

Getting Started
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 134

Joined: May 2005

My successful tradelist:

1. Intel Proc - Battlefield1942 (post)
2. Ram, DVD writer - deadwiller (post)
3. CD writer - Torniquet (post)

1. 775 Mobo - Raze97 (poslaju EM076052382MY)
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post Mar 24 2012, 09:26 PM

New Member
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 25

Joined: Sep 2010
From: Klang valley area


1.CLINIQUE, Travelling pack worth RM 130
2.Used treadmill
3.Toshiba washing machine
4.Yamaha C- 70 guitar
5.Black knit dress
6.Liese Dark chocolate hair dye
7.Eucerin white solution for oil-control
8.Asus G-Series-G55VW

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post Mar 25 2012, 02:53 AM

Getting Started
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 123

Joined: Oct 2011
From: Pahang

-My successful tradelist-

1.DV6-6180US with Ajul
2.Nokia Lumia 800 Cyan with Aruja_69

1.Microsoft Office Home & Student + Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 with putochip123

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post Mar 26 2012, 05:32 PM

New Member
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 4

Joined: Feb 2012

My Successful Trade List

from 5w33 Converse Black Classic Slim - RM110

Sold to pillowman - A0512, 08-10 TOYOTA COROLLA ALTIS 2 Din Dash Kit & Wiring Harness RM170
Sold to liangtucky - D1003 1 Din Detachable Front Panel AVI/DVD/VCD/MP3/CD Player–FM/AM , USB/SD, Portable Hard Disk RM400
Sold to horray -E0323 4 Inch TFT Active Matrix Mobile LCD Car Flip Down Monitor RM570
Sold to evoboy - 11 Red Roses RM163
Sold to distin411 - 6 Red Roses RM78
Sold to kidmad - 11 Red Roses RM163
Sold to simon7788 - 11 Red Roses (COD) RM160

Total Sold = RM1704

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post Mar 26 2012, 08:34 PM

Getting Started
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 200

Joined: Oct 2007

My Successful Trade List

Sold: biggrin.gif
1. Dopod D838 pro - Non Forumer postage
2. Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB pebble blue - Non Forumer COD
3. Legoland discount vouchers 4 pcs - cadogan 784 postage

Bought: wink.gif
1. ATH-T22 head phone - Akabane@DrJackel COD
2. 12dbi antenna - mikelanding COD
3. PDA ASUS P750 - twyeoh COD
4. 512mb pc2100 laptop ram - asroy postage
5. Cooler master HAF932 full tower casing - cscheat postage
7. TX2 thermal paste - gnne84 postage
8. Denso Irridium spark plug - ZenGTMM postage
9. 12V triple car socket - benjamin113 postage
10. Pet clicker - lexta postage
11. Redline Lighten Crank pulley - samwongjyhhorng COD
12. Acer TravelMate 3212 WXMI dvd rom - zippo86 postage
13. 1GB ddr 2 laptop ram- zippo86 postage
14. 12dBi antenna - dexterhau postage
15. TP-Link TL‐WA730RE - ra2boy postage
16. Project S stainless air filter - airline postage
17. Cat 6e networking cable (20 meters)- yeakyau postage
18. Intellinet 524698 usb wireless adapter - yeakyau postage
19. TP-Link wireless modem TD-W8961ND - yoongkeen postage
20. 14dbi Panel Directional WiFi Antenna - coolstore postage
21. OClabs Universal North Bridge water block- sopen2003 postage
22. Asus EAH3650 Grafic Card - non-forumer COD
23. EVGA 768MB GTX460 - Dandy COD
24. EK-FC460 GTX - usop8290 postage
25. EK-DCP 4.0 Pump - fish_fryzzz postage
26. Asus M2NE AM2 - ezzydamvp postage
27. Corsair Gaming Ram 800Mhz DDR2 2x2GB - ezzydamvp postage
28. orange xigmatek 12 cm brushless fan. x2 - pc-mafia postage
29. Swiftech Mcw30 universal SB water block. - sopen2003 postage
30. Dominator Air Flow Fan. - ones postage
31. XIGMATEK XLF 120mm Fan (F1253) oren color x 3 - lingloong postage
32. XIGMATEK XLF 140mm Fan Orange & Black@White LED x 1 lingloong postage
33. XIGMATEK XAF 1256 blue color x 4 lingloong postage
34. 230mm Fan Grille - niclasteoh postage
35. IC Perihelion High Performance Thermal Compound (4 gram Tube) - niclasteoh postage
36. 3M™ THERMAL CONDUCTIVE INTERFACE PAD 5590H - niclasteoh postage
37. WATERCOOLING COOLANT Red and Blue - CyntrixTech postage
38. Larkooler Mosfet block - ckhoong postage
39. Intel X25-M G2 Solid State Drive, SSD 80GB - Max Khor postage
40. 3.5" to 2.5" Bay Converter - doinfinity postage
41. Pocket Pepper Spray (with key-ring) (20M) - jhleespaces postage
42. Vega Racer 2 - dpower postage
43. UV NUCLEARTEC COLOR CCFL Twin Light Kit - niclasteoh postage
44. (faulty)Scan Disk 32GB CLASS10 - jack9100 (conman) postage
45. TL-WA5210G 2.4GHz High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE - edisonedw postage
46. Beauty line Red wine papaya Breast UP soup - yuchain postage
47. Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2 PC2-6400 800MHz 4GB Kit [2X2GB] - DEz012 postage
48. Blackberry Torch 9810 - zaimzaman postage
49. Grounding Cable - erictioh postage
50. 4-digit Motherboard Diagnostic Analyzer - funlot postage
51. CO2 tank - drade90 cod
52. Check valve & high tempered water hose - weijie cod
53. CASIO EQS-500DB-1A1 DAViS postage
54. Aqua plants Glosso and HC weijie postage
55. Red Ramshorn Snails x 12 cute_miao postage
56. Nano Marimo x 2 cute_miao postage
57. Planted Aquarium Dry Fertilizer kiminha postage
58. L-shape Co2 diffuser (U) furydeathcore postage
59. Up-Aqua Co2 Fine tuning/valve regulator furydeathcore postage
60. 3 bulb T5 24watt 2ft lamp areku postage
61. Hemianthus Callitrichoides (HC) samsoncch postage
62. Asus p8z77-v Pro InteL ClaN COD
63. 8 Pcs 3/8 Bitspower Matte Black Barb Fitting with 8 pcs clamp Stark Industries postage
64. XSPC Rasa Waterblock for Intel 1155/1156 Socket Stark Industries postage
65. no Planarian powder arrow postage
66. ASUS HD 6970 Direct CU II fmlim COD
67. Cooler Master Silent Pro Platinum 1000W kevink82 postage
68. Intel I5 3570k kevink82 postage
69. WD 1TB WD10EURX alanxander postage
70. Swiftech MCR320-QP Radiator imnovice COD
71. XSPC x20 750 respump combo unequalteck COD
72. Tecnofront Raven Test Bench Casing StratOS postage
73. Shin-Etsu High Performance Thermal Paste beng012 postage
74. 3 way Splitter with Water Flow Indicator with G1/4" Thread niclasteoh postage
75. G1/4 Thread Stop Fitting with Temperature Sensor Display niclasteoh postage
76. Denso Irridium IK20 gjrforce postage
77. Resun CL-450 Chiller vvincentx. COD
78. Nikon D7000 + AF-S Nikkor 18-105 VR kit lens Kuaqi COD
79. Kingstone SD10V/16GB bluerhinoit postage
80. IR-NK remote control for Nikon D7000 sevenor postage
81. Lenspen FilterKlear sevenor postage
82. 67mm FOTGA CPL FILTER sevenor postage
83. 52mm-67mm STEP UP RINGS sevenor postage
84. 4-Pocket Fotga Filter Wallets sevenor postage
85. Aputure Battery Grip for d7000 shadow_dweller postage

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post Mar 27 2012, 12:18 AM

Getting Started
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 93

Joined: Aug 2007

My tradelist

Acer Iconia A500 kenny79 (highly recommended) rclxm9.gif

Viewpad 7 jackpro41
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post Mar 27 2012, 11:50 AM

Group: Senior Member
Posts: 3,605

Joined: Dec 2009
From: ¯\(°_o)/¯

MY TRADELIST laugh.gif laugh.gif

1.01337xx789 - rm100
2.01323xx393 - rm360
3.pogo sketch - rm50
4.motorola defy sealed - rm1300
5.celcom top up rm300 - rm280
6.htc desire a8181 sealed - rm1699
7.macbook air 11.6" sealed - rm2899
8.old coins for collection - rm100
9.samsung wave s8500 new - rm1599
10.huawei mifi modem - rm399
11.samsung galaxy W i8150 - rm980
12.samsung galaxy W case - rm50
13.mifi modem charger - rm40
14.micro sdhc class 10 16gb kingmax+memory card reader - rm160
15.idefense samsung wave - rm70
16.micro sdhc class 10 16gb dna - rm130
17.hotlink top up rm1200 - rm1080
18.maxis skmm data sim - rm100
19.doraemon touch and go card x2 - rm50
20.celcom skmm data sim new - rm55
21.snsd cd run devil run + mr taxi - rm150
22.sound magic earphone - rm130
23.sony vaio sr-12g battery - rm150
24.0124520917 - rm150
25.micro sdhc class 10 32gb lexar - rm250
26.need for speed hot pursuit new - rm130
27.need for speed most wanted black edition used - rm40
28.lumia 710 ori sealed - rm950
29.lumia 800 ori new - rm1650
30.screen protector for lumia 800,710 and wave - rm20
31.01332xx393 - rm360
32.foot patch - rm120
33.photojojo macro lens for mobile - rm130
34.usb otg cable 3 units - rm40
35.western digital passport essential external hard disk 1tb - rm350
36.prada phone case used - rm250
37.samsung galaxy s advance and s3 case - rm80
38.samsung galaxy s3 sealed - rm2160
39.2 years maxis data sim - rm1800
40.sony 8gb pendrive - rm80
41.chrome stickers - rm10
42.sony xperia go - rm899
43.plush toys - rm25
44.casemate tough s3 - rm120
45.whitening strips - rm220
46.powerbank 4800mah - rm80
47.micro sd 32gb class 10 - rm115
48.microsoft surface rt - rm850
49.jusco voucher - rm850 <--- got scammed by gamer211.. lets pray that he vanishes from the earth soon...
50.tee shirt - rm200
51.samsung galaxy W battery - rm50

1.need for speed most wanted black edition - rm40
2.motorola defy used 1 month old - rm1050
3.macbook air core 2 duo model 11.6" used 2 weeks - rm2420
4.car sticker - rm10
5.celcom skmm data sim new - rm75
6.doraemon touch and go card new - rm25
7.nokia lumia 710 - rm630
8.sony ericsson c510 - rm180

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post Mar 27 2012, 03:03 PM

Audere est Facere
Group: Senior Member
Posts: 1,541

Joined: Dec 2006
From: Singapore, Chicago, Appleton WI, Bangkok, KL
My Tradelist:

BOUGHT biggrin.gif
Iphone 3GS 16gb White from mchicken - COD
XMini II speakers from kjyow - COD
Iphone USB Cable from myhello - post
Ravage USB flash drive from fouzhi - poslaju
Canon SX40 Digital Camera from digitalfm14 - purchase at shop
Kingmax 32gb MicroSD Class 6 with SD adapter from marcus20125 - poslaju
Universal World Travel Adapter White, Compact All in One Adapter with USB Port from doinfinity - poslaju
Crumpler Moderate Embarrassment Messenger Bag from mohdhatta87 - poslaju
iPhone 4s ultra-slim bumpers and screen protector from Tavia88 - registered post
LIVESTRONG bands (2 pieces) from roarus- COD
Western Digital MyBook Live 3TB from rockstar_ - COD
XSP screen protector for 4S from s3an_looi - COD
Nexus 7 16gb wifi from Lazyboy - COD
Pebble Smartwatch Black from jehqiphone - COD
HDMI V1.4 Cable - Support 3D & Ethernet - High Quality Webbed Protection - Dual Magnetic Ring EMI protection from mkmobile - COD
iPad Mini 16gb wifi SLATE from onthefly - COD

iPhone 3GS 16gb White - COD
Microsoft Arc Mouse White - COD
Crumpler Moderate Embarrassment Messenger Bag - COD
Aztech WL559E Wifi Repeater (new) to TuX - COD

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post Mar 27 2012, 10:05 PM

New Member
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 6

Joined: Jun 2011

Successful trades thumbup.gif

1.Epi Les Paul pickups sold to melvin93
2.Boss gt-6 sold to jamtank unknown
3.Epiphone LP Custom sold to mudah buyer

thanks smile.gif

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post Mar 28 2012, 09:58 PM

Getting Started
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 278

Joined: Aug 2007
From: Port Dickson

My Successful trades

Sold to
Hao Intel SSD X25-M Gen2 OEM RM450
highlander8 Asus Motherboard P8Z77-M RM 240

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post Mar 29 2012, 04:17 PM

Getting Started
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 90

Joined: Jun 2011
My successful tradelist:

1. Samyang 8mm f/3.5 Fish-eye (Nikon mount) - COD with arintom
2. GreenAire Mini USB Port Piezo-Ionizer - COD with razan
3. Maybank Malaysia Open 2012 Tickets - COD with non-forumer
4. Nikon D90 Body - COD with BlackG
5. Nikkor 50mm f1.8D - COD with BlackG
6. Nikon D90 Kit Lens (18-105mm) - POSLAJU to noobfag
7. Nikkor 18-200mm VR2 - POSLAJU to non-LYN forumer
8. Nikon D7000 Body - COD with Walter0723
9. Nikkor 35mm f1.8g - COD with Walter0723
10. DIGIeye TR-38 Tripod - COD with Zheng87
11. PSP 3006 (Pearl White) - COD with kennchee

1. Belkin Micro USB in-car Charger - POSLAJU from Tavia88
2. iDEFENSE PRO Body with Screen Coverage - POSLAJU from tan_alliance
3. Sanyo Charger + 4x Eneloop AA Battery + accessories - COD with busyman
4. Octopus Flashmates Pouch - POSLAJU from spectrelabs2
5. Yoobao YB-631 Power Bank - COD with VoltGadget

QUOTE(Walter0723 @ Oct 15 2012, 09:56 PM)
Good stuff and gentleman seller. rclxms.gif
I've try most of setting of D7000 and the 35mm lens. So far It had no any problem on those stuff. Nice body, nice lens, nice cover and best lowest price.
I have a happy deal at all. Recommendable seller thumbup.gif
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post Mar 30 2012, 03:02 PM

New Member
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 6

Joined: Oct 2011

My Successful Trades List:

1. Bulk of clothes & bags - COD with killerkamote7 [RM1800]
2. iPhone 4s - COD with Moutzu [RM1500]
3. HTC sensation - COD with garra86's friend [RM900]
4. HTC flyer - COD with kola8855 [RM875]
5. Samsung Galaxy Note - COD with onlinetradermy [RM530]
6. Philips garment steamer GC510 - COD with weeloong81 [RM230]
7. Prada Cervo Antik - Post to momg [RM200]
8. Peru GP & cage - COD with tancyew [RM180]
9. Ferragamo sling bag & belt - COD with quiin [RM100]
10. Hamster & cage - COD with spid3rlover [RM100]
11. Fishtail skirt & off-shoulder top - Post to kandycane [RM78]
12. Fred Perry (Japan Edition) bag - Post to shermaine11 [RM38]
13. Charles & Keith wedges - Post to softbutter [RM26]
14. TSC heels - Post to newbambino33 [RM25]
15. Floral wedges - Post to Evens [RM10]

1. Accessories - Post by cloud8318 [RM1463]
2. Name necklace x 2 - Post by GlamTags [RM306]
3. Coach lanyard + glasses case + card case - COD with emmelie [RM280]
4. Coach wristlet x 2 - Post by Dagashi [RM275]
5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 - COD with scdvom [RM220]
6. A** A*** B**** - COD with SilentWitch [RM150]
7. S** - Post by Cuttiepie [RM150]
8. Marimo balls - Post by lee yung [RM120]
9. Guinea pig starter kit - COD with Spongebob Roundpants [RM85]
10. Hotlink simcard + RM10 reload - COD with Darkchild11 [RM40]
11. The avengers tickets - COD with Jason0629 [RM32]
12. H&M dress - Post by reenreen20 [RM15]

1. Charles & Keith pumps - Post to reenreen20

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post Mar 31 2012, 05:39 PM

Getting Started
Group: Junior Member
Posts: 81

Joined: Aug 2010

My Successful Trade List: thumbup.gif

1.coldz (car sign) -post RM30
2.satriacps5368 (car sign)-post RM30
3.kads (car sign)-post RM25
4.ravenkean (car sign)-post RM30
5.Collin8900 (car sign)-post RM25
6.bryanhkc84 (car sign)-post RM30
7.jenie86 (car sign)-post RM30
8.jeffreyyap (car sign)-post RM20
9.Naim=) (car sign)-post RM30
10.Skyl1n3 (car sign)-post RM30
11.ice leo (sticker)-post RM20
12.SKY233 (car sign)-post RM25
13.vincent4923 (car sign)-post RM160
14.zill (car sign)-post RM25
15.Skyl1n3 (sticker)-post RM35
16.newtopcworld (sticker)-post RM20
17.LP640 (Sticker)-post RM10
18.Dkck (sticker)-post RM60
19.FreakoxD (sticker)-post RM10
20.Mohammad -non forumer (sticker)-post RM10
21.Inori (car sign)-post RM30
Total Sold = RM685

1. LED strip from Dreamconcept - RM320

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post Apr 1 2012, 02:17 AM

Group: Senior Member
Posts: 1,727

Joined: Jan 2012
From: USJ

My Successful Sold List

MICROSOFT XBox360 Jasper Full Set SOLD to acehacker via COD
NINTENDO DSLite Full Set SOLD to acehacker via COD
SONY PSP 1001 Piano Black Full Set SOLD to happy buyer via COD
SONY PSPgo Piano Black Full Set SOLD to non LYN Forumer via COD
SONY PSVita 3g/wifi Black Full Set+ Uncharted Golden Abyss R3 SOLD to lastdayout via COD

PSVITA Shin Sangoku Musou Next R3 (JPN) SOLD to chooadam via POS LAJU
PSVITA Uncharted Golden Abyss R3 (CHI+ENG) SOLD to amunrah via COD
PSVITA Disgaea 3 Return R3 (JPN) SOLD to mivecv6 via COD
PSVITA Gravity Rush R3 (CHI) SOLD to Delacroix88 via POS LAJU
PSVITA FIFA Soccer R3 (ENG) SOLD to fonzforever via POS LAJU
PSVITA UNIT 13 R3 (ENG) SOLD to teckyang97 via COD
PSVITA Resistance Burning Skies R3 (CHI+ENG)SOLD to LYN Forumer via POS LAJU
PSVITA LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 R1 (ENG) SOLD to mivecv6 via COD
PSVITA Ragnarok Odyssey R3 (CHI+ENG) SOLD to kunimitsu via POS LAJU
PSVITA FIFA13 R3 (ENG) SOLD to 3ric82 via POS LAJU
PSVITA LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes R3 (ENG) SOLD to kamoohlala via COD

SONY ERICSSON MW600 Hi-fi FM Headset SOLD to IazHes via POS LAJU
HUAWEI E1762 USB 3G Modem SOLD to aliqueamyrei via POS LAJU
PSVITA 4GB Memory Card SOLD to teckyang97 via COD
CELCOM SKMM Simpack SOLD to playboy88 via COD
YES 4G Huddle with Account SOLD to todek24 via COD
NENDEROID Anohana Menma Figure SOLD to toy_sic via COD
SANDPIPERS Q8 Tablet PC 7" 8GB SOLD to Chialatz via POS LAJU
ARMAGGEDDON Taranis Kai-13 & Mikoyan Foxbat SOLD to lastJedi via COD
Battlefield 3 Edition RAZER Blackwidow Ultimate SOLD to Technika via COD
SONY MDR-ZX100 Monitor Headphones SOLD to CHEEKSEO via POS LAJU
LOGITECH Optical Gaming Mouse G400 SOLD to Jeremy via COD
SANDISK Extreme SSD 240GB SOLD to Iqcevox via COD

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