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 Masters in Marketing?, Worth it?

post Jan 25 2023, 10:40 AM, updated 2w ago

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So my current job pays about Rm4k+ (more to relationship management+looking for potential business partners and low level market research). Working in a small embassy...so no possible way of growing here besides a small pay raise, worse yet, embassy jobs are very far and few in between....people usually work in these positions for many years..hence the lack of opportunities (basically like playing the lottery here)

Due to life circumstances I am graduating from my degree in Business and Marketing soon (technically done la, but waiting for convocation). So currently at age 29 this year ..as a late graduate with 3+years of shallow experience. Would taking masters help boost in my career and salary?

What kind of jobs should I hunt for for a payraise? As of now...those marketing exec positions will force me to take a massive paycut..itu pun susah when ada commitments and gotta take care of parents.

And is taking Masters going to help?

Not gonna lie, i feel super small at times compared to my peers who are raking home 6-8k montly salary...while im struggling to get by. The next jump is to help make things more comfortable instead of money in then hardly can save..just to survive.

What is your take on my unique situation. All ideas welcomed, thank you.

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post Jan 25 2023, 11:12 AM

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Masters is more of documented practice of applying your marketing knowledge. Unlike a degree, there is not much more of new academic learnings. If you are in a job with restricted environment for applying your marketing knowledge, your scope for new learnings in a Masters Degree environment will be limited. Better to initially focus in working towards moving to a better 'marketing' space. Once you have done that, perhaps going for Masters , then , will be more suitable.
post Jan 25 2023, 11:29 AM

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QUOTE(waka14 @ Jan 25 2023, 10:40 AM)
What kind of jobs should I hunt for for a payraise? As of now...those marketing exec positions will force me to take a massive paycut..itu pun susah when ada commitments and gotta take care of parents.
Just sharing my personal experience. My sister currently 24-25 years old making RM4.3K++ working as a Social Media Consultant for one of the largest investment firm in Malaysia, her previous salary is RM3k (40% increase in salary, all within a year) before making the jump. She said she uses only Canva for graphic design and some AI copywriting generator for her work. Also, her formal education and her current work is totally different because she took Bachelor in Ecology.

Maybe you could try taking certification from Hubspot, Meta (FB & Insta) or Google that relates with social media marketing? Then build some portfolio to woo your potential employer (my sister uses TikTok as her portfolio to showcase followers growth/engagement thingy).

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In Malaysia, having a Master’s doesn’t mean an automatic salary jump. Employers will usually look at work experience instead…try digital marketing or marketing jobs in financial institutions or even agencies - most will pay over RM4k++ for entry level candidates.
post Jan 25 2023, 07:29 PM

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Tbh, master degree is just a paper quite useless. Doesn't guarantee any increment. I worked in a large mnc and those director , senior manager, general manager all only got bachelor degree. They say when hiring those master degree doesn't give any advantage to the candidate. Probably because many of the job function can be learned through actual experience and not through paper qualifications


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