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 AI Art Generatorsss in the world, Information

post Nov 13 2022, 08:04 PM, updated 3 months ago

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AI art generator is a softare that can generate art or image by enter text prompt or images, they also able to outpaint images or paint, infinite zoom in image,etc.
AI art generator is getting more function and reliable as days go by,

These are a list of AI art generator you can search on web.(for what i found) wink.gif
1. Midjourney-----{TOP TIER LIST}good in creating oil paint and digital art [DISCORD][CHARGE(after trial)]
2. Nightcafe-----{TOP TIER LIST}good in create magical style and realistic photo[WEBSITE][FREE(use vpn)]
3. Dall-E-----{TOP TIER LIST}easy and include other few function art [WEBSITE][FREE]
4. Stable diffusion ------{TOP TIER LIST} [WEBSITE(demo)][SOFTWARE][FREE]
5. Novel AI-----{TOP TIER LIST} the most powerful anime-style image generator[SOFTWARE][CHARGE(after trial)]
6. Disco Diffusion-----hard to use[COLAB GOOGLE][WEBSITE][FREE]
7. Wombo art-----fast and easy, few artstyle selection[WEBSITE][FREE]
8. 一帧秒创-----multiple function, but requires china phone number(anyone knows any Usable online sms receiver can comment below,hehe, [CHINESE][SOFTWARE][CHARGE(after trial)]
9. WaifuLabs-----generate manga art style of waifu(anime wife), for profile pic use[WEBSITE][FREE]
10. Artbreeder-----slow but unique gallery of art library to generate image[WEBSITE][FREE]
11. Picrew-----generate various art style of anime character forprofile picture[JAPANESE][WEBSITE][FREE]
12. Crypko-----anime character [WEBSITE] [CHARGE VARIOUS PLAN]
13. Monstermash-----still in development, creates 3D monster with your drawing [WEBSITE(demo)][FREE]
14. ERNIE-ViLG-----abit more on realistic style, support Chinese text[CHINESE][WEBSITE(demo)][FREE]
15. Cogview图文生成----- use image to generate, (able to creat beans that lines up as alphabet B, and look trustable photo),tho not as good as other but support chinese words[CHINESE][WEBSITE][FREE]
16. Gaugan -----generate realistic landscape [WEBSITE][FREE]
17. Make girls moe-----anime character profile pic generator[WEBSITE][FREE]
18. Cre8tiveAI----haven't try before
19. AutoDraw-----convert your drawing to simple line art [WEBSITE][FREE]
20. Animated Drawings------bring your drawing to live[WEBSITE][FREE]
21. Imagen[not yet release]
22. NUWA[not yet release]
---------------------- shocking.gif shocking.gif shocking.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif
theres more ai art tool like
Petalica paint-----auto fill colour for your drawing, AI art search engines, etc
and other more awesome and free to use tools.
im anewbie here and try to have discussion in Real world issue topics, maybe can like my post to rank me up?idk mega_shok.gif rclxub.gif i just wanna have conversation and rank is required, HAIYA, make sure to subscribe i'll post more useful websites for yall collect
feel free to add up if i missed any yawn.gif
post Nov 17 2022, 11:02 AM

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Update with other few AI Art generator
23. Hotpot ai-----no harmful words allow here[WEBSITE][FREE]
24. DeepAI-----quick generation [WEBSITE][FREE]
25. starrai-----takes time, not really understand user prompt[WEBSITE][PLAYSTORE][APPLESTORE][CHARGE(after trial)]
user posted image

26. runway -----{TOP TIER LIST}with multiple great tools for video editing[WEBSITE][FREE]
27. Deep dream generator-----not bad [WEBSITE][CHARGE(after trial)]
user posted image

28. perchance ai-----not bad too,fast [WEBSITE][FREE]
29. Jasper-----need credit card registeration(i didnt register)[CHARGE]
post Dec 31 2022, 08:41 AM

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QUOTE(Peenix99 @ Dec 25 2022, 01:28 AM)
Unbelievable... Artist gonna be out of a job...
It was going to happen sooner or later.

I say this as someone who also likes to draw; embrace it.

Instead of focusing on all the whiners claiming their art got "stolen" by the AI models, they should look at how it can help them make artworks faster.

I saw one Japanese artist used AI to color his sketches into really good full color piece. Manga used take at least 2 weeks per 19-page chapter. With AI, mangakas might be able to worry less about the technical stuff(formatting, inking, etc) and focus more on conceptualization, storytelling and composition.
post Dec 31 2022, 10:36 PM

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Novel AI generated anime drawing still far from perfect, it's quite popular in some image site, but experienced user or image collector will be able to differentiate the difference between human created and AI generated,

Novel AI generated drawing has blurry textures (very similar to waifu2x upscaled images), extra fingers and other type of anatomy issue.
high error rate, only 1 out of 10 images is presentable

so experienced human artist still safe for now imho


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