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> Married but found a real love

post Sep 27 2022, 01:52 PM

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plot twist she's married too and u're also 3rd party, perfect match
post Sep 27 2022, 01:53 PM

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QUOTE(robintan7788 @ Sep 21 2022, 10:35 PM)
Hi everyone, I'm new to here... Ok.. a very long story about my marriage life, i'll try to cut it as short as possible..

I'm married about 6 years, my wife have sickness, before I marry her, i already know she have sickness, some kind of sickness that can't be cured,
she looks like normal person, in fact is not, some times will feel uncomfortable or whatever, that's not really the main point, just sharing a little,
as for her attitude, is like a lady boss, everything wants to win & what so ever even though obviously that she's wrong, and we've a lot of arguments,
that's fine, and a lot of small small thing hard to explain everything here,

because a lot arguments happen all these while, we didn't 88/kiss for like 4 years, and i know it's very abnormal for marriage life,
right now i felt that we're just a living partner... and we don't have baby...

so.. 1 day.. i know a girl from internet... actually i just want to buy something, i didnt even bought it, just ask some questions with the girl...
and the conversation keep on going... the conversation sparkling a lot, i have a lot of clicks with the girl and of course, same to her too, and we have a lot of same interest..
then we decided to meet up after about 2 months of chatting, when we meet up, we both have great great special feeling toward each other,
the feeling is like... we've known each other for like 2 or more years instead of 2 months, it's so special, i don't even have this kind of feeling on my wife...
and we had a great passionate kiss! we both love it so much...

after the meet up, our conversation keep going until today... and she really really like me and of course me too, but sadly is that we can't be together due to i've married,
and i can't find happiness in my marriage life compare with her... and she don't mind to be the 3rd person

so guys and gals... my question is... if you were me, what will you do? if she be the 3rd person and if my wife find out, she can bring it to court & sue me right?
any other legal way that can counter or have 2nd wife legally, or any better advice on my case? btw i'm non-muslim, thanks all!
google what is twin flame
post Yesterday, 10:16 AM

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With regards of you pity leaving your wife because she got sickness.

She sounded bossy. Did she ever appreciate your sacrifice being with her instead feeling entitled, bossy, always right and never wrong?

Her toxicity and negativity will kill u and u end up being a walking corpse.

I used to feeling guilty leaving my ex. Now I'm with a girl that I love as much as being loved, it's the best thing. Thinking back, it's not fguilt that helde back. It's my cowardice for not being able to do the right thing. For me and for my ex too. Knowing what I ended up now, it would be a shame if I didn't break with her then. Both will suffer, I even more for sure.

U pity her, nobody's gona pity u. Your wife may think it's unfair and mistreated, she felt the same way though even if u stay married. If either way she will always be right and you are always wrong , then why not divorce. U don't have to stay with a toxic situation
post Yesterday, 10:25 AM

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i would suggest u to have "deep" talk with your wife and sort things out
she would have agreed if this relationship drags in this way will not benefit both parties ending up divorce as well.
Before u decided to marry her i do believe there were some clicks before that too. have you had your inner voice to take care of her before and after marriage? she has sickness, its simply ignorant for u to just dump like that. Put urself in her shoe, if she dump u the same way.
the itchiness is always there, u enjoy the fun but that might not last as you and her just met.
Get a counsel to fix things, not run

post Yesterday, 10:36 AM

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QUOTE(yungkit14 @ Sep 22 2022, 08:47 PM)
why girls always go for merrid guy hahahaa ????????????????
1 hand cannot clap ya... both party must be willing
post Yesterday, 10:47 AM

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at this early stage there's not much tracks to cover but be inconspicuous and take your first step with the divorce proceedings, won't be messy here since there's no children involved.

... 2nd wife legally? hahaha. You joker kissed someone whom you chatted online and met recently now terus thinking about marriage dy. I like you fren but it seems like you're prone towards thinking with your dick.
post Yesterday, 04:01 PM

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QUOTE(ctys2012 @ Sep 28 2022, 10:36 AM)
1 hand cannot clap ya... both party must be willing
why the obsession ?

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