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English Clubs Manchester United Street Talks

post Aug 14 2022, 10:48 AM

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QUOTE(Azury36 @ Aug 14 2022, 08:49 AM)
This is almost the same set of players that let Ole down, Ralf Ragnick down and now ETH

What has the Board done for the past 3 years? Did they buy the players all those managers want?

"Maguire, Luke Shaw, Mc Tom, Rashford, Fred"

These are the same players ie most of them English/UK players play poorly in and out that ETH no option not to play

What the Board gave to ETH is not what he really wants. none of them ETH really want

No Anthony, no Nunez(liverpool), no FDJ, no Dumfries, no Timber(Martinez is not his 1st choice)

Need to give at least 2 players that he really wants before judging him
For me, you hit the nail on the head.

I remember at the end of last season there was optimism. There was much talk about backing the manager. And the worst case scenario put forward was the club continues to muck up transfers, we are forced to start the season with almost the same team and after one or two losses the fans start to call for the manager's head. So here we are. Sack the manager and no matter who comes in, it will be exactly the same.

The result last night belongs to 2 main parties; club management and the players. These 2 are the constant factor in all our failings in the past few seasons. People have come and go. Managers have come and go. These 2 parties are always here.

Club management. ETH got none of his requested targets. Our most expensive transfer was not first choice CB. Our CDM is missing. Eriksen was not a target otherwise we would have signed him for free earlier. He was only targetted once United flubbed most of our transfers as a possible target. Fans were laughing at RR last season, like they were at Mourinho during his rant. Both RR and Mou were proven right. LVG with his comments that United were not run like a football club was also proven right. Club management has to take responsibility in not refreshing the squad with adequate transfer budgets and then forcing the same set of players onto the manager. As I understand it, there is no appetite for wholesale changes to the squad and club management wants to keep their player friends around especially the English core. Don't be surprised that Rashford gets a payrise contract by end of the season.

The players. Look at the second goal. And the defensive positioning of the fourth where Shaw lost a simple footrace due to his positioning. I can see how ETH wants to set up the play. The structure is there. The problem is these players can't do it. A 21 year old in the Ajax academy can. But these highly paid pros cannot do it. So unlike Ole where there were no structure or patterns of play, I can see patterns here of what the players and supposed to do but in this case the players just fail to execute. Second goal is simple distribution decision making. Fred's first touch of the game was giving away a pass. Eriksen switched play beautifully early in the game to find Shaw in space to attack but Shaw couldn't control a simple ball and the chance had gone. Bruno had two open shots on goal in two games but cannot get it on target. I went in on Ole because structure is the manager's responsibility. I'm going in on the players now because I see the structure but the implementation of it fails.

It's a dual problem. Some players seem to get picked regardless of form - Maguire, McTominay, Rashford. There is something really fishy going on in that club because this is the third manager to display the pattern. Either all managers we have is deluded or the same club management has instructions in place for the manager. The same club management that refuses to dispose of underperforming English players because they represent culture. The same club management that gave Phil Jones a 5 year contract and is about to give Rashford his. The same club management that failed tor ecruit a single top target. Now we are talking about Rabiot. I'm sure many fans dreamt of Rabiot last season.

In closing, sorry to sound harsh about this, if you are one of those going in on Ten Hag not playing our academy youngsters you need to realize this isn't a video game. Sir Alex did it and it because football history because it was something so improbable in the 90s which was a different era. Even more so now in the 21st century. And if youre saying sack ETH, you need to explain who you are bringing in that is going to change things for the better.

My views are clear. Director of Football Murtough has to go. Technical Director Fletcher has to go. These are failures worse than the players but get no media space because media friends prefer to focus on ETH than their friends in the dressing room. Only after we get rid of the club management staff, can we start getting rid of the players and bring in the 10 RR said we needed. And only then, can we start having an impact on the pitch. With the same club management protecting the same set of players, no top manager will be able to change things nor will want to come.

Everyone's angry. Channel that anger in the right direction.

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