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> online degree vs physical degree for oversea opp

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post Jun 23 2022, 02:39 PM

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QUOTE(pongpong12 @ Jun 23 2022, 12:34 AM)
Hi I will make this as short as possible

I am 23, recently graduated from Diploma in Public Relations in TARUC. Suddenly facing dilemma on whether I should proceed Year 2 Degree in PR in TARC (or possibly other universities) for 2 years physical degree or proceed with INTI Online Learning Simplified (online degree) for Bachelor's Degree in Business (Maj Marketing & Min International Business) for 3 years.

I am tired of saying I don't really mind about graduating late, and I admit my kiasu-ness and pride got over me. My batch of students (99s) from my school are either already graduating from their degree or are currently working. I really wan't to just proceed with online degree so I can focus on doing full-time work and building up my work experiences in the business field, although I am afraid of missing out on the importance or values of a physical degree.

I have asked for advices from people in real life, and got two side of answers. The ones that advised me to proceed with physical degree in university are older generation people, namely my entrepreneurship lecturer (ex-entrepreneur himself), while those that advised me to proceed with full time work and online degree are the younger generation people, mostly friends from my batch and friends from the 99s.

Now I want to seek fellow lowyat's opinions, whether I will be really missing out alot from physical degree, namely my inability to build up social network and build up my achievements through university events, clubs, and societies, and whether they will be crucial for me if I am pursuing my career in communications and/or marketing. Or will online degree affect my credibility or values as a graduate for better companies to grab me.

I have a very clear goal of wanting to develop my life overseas, mainly migrating to places such as Taiwan, China, Australia or South Korea (i've been taking classes to learn Korean, Japanese and Cantonese). How likely will either choice help me to seek oversea opportunities? Or if your answer is as honest as it is cruel, shoot me down on how unlikely I will not be able to develop oversea with both choices and how I should proceed with my next life choices. Thanks!
Why did you friends advise you to work full-time and study online? I'm not saying it's wrong, I'm curious what their reasons are.

I'm just going to say that when a divide like this exists, heed the experienced ones' advice.

The thing is, attending physical classes narrows the gap between you and your classmates, and you bond better and you build better network. This is by no means saying that if you don't attend one, you won't build one. No. I'm simply saying it offers better opportunities.

When you're working, the key is always network and people connectivity. It doesn't matter if you have a high capital or an established business base; without partners who trust you, your business can only go so far, and even a mighty one will fall when one is absent.

Of course, if you're looking for business for fast profit, then it doesn't matter. People who sold masks during covid in 2020 made significant gains without needing any networks to begin with, but the problem is it's an unsustainable strategy that you shouldn't replicate if you're looking for a long-term business. Ask yourself, how many of your friends who told you to forego physical classes are self-entrepreneurs? How many have their own companies with employees? Then ask yourself, if this is what you want in the long term?

My advice? Attend physical class, get an exchange overseas, meet people. You will not reap your rewards immediately, but in the end it'll be worth it.


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