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> Car Purchasing Formula?, Rule of Thumb?

Jennypenny P
post Jan 17 2022, 12:14 PM

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QUOTE(hungrygodzilla @ Jan 14 2022, 04:15 PM)
What if i tell you, there's no rule of thumb for spending money.


Everybody is living a different lifestyle, as simple as this.

Some prefer to drive Myvi, spend money on apparels, can spend money to buy Rolex, buy Chanel. Got problem ma? No problem.

Some prefer to live foodie life, eat RM1k for dinner as long as it's legenardy and good. Got problem ma? No problem.

Some like to be water fish, shower girls with cash in club, treat whole kampong to expensive liq and wine. Got problem ma? No problem.

Some like to gamble, go Genting roll hundred of thousands also no sweat. Got problem ma? No problem.


Back to car. There's no rule of thumb. If you really admire conti car badge, if it give you lots of confident in life, you dont mind eat plain roti also wanna barely afford the car. Can you? Got problem ma? No problem.

If you wanna shout to whole world that you are the role model in their life, super humble, earn 20k buy 2nd hand Myvi, act like you have higher moral value in life, feel like you are damn sensible and BMW drivers are stupid. Got problem ma? No problem.


Read all the post, take it all with a pinch of salt. Ask yourself, what do you want, how much you can afford before feeling hati sakit. If you earn 20k but buy Myvi also hati sakit, then buy Axia. Some will say, wa, so humble lo, some will say, wa so stingy lo, want to bring money to coffin lo. Some will say < 1 year salary la, some say 30% too much la. Again, they are they la. Dont let people force their moral onto you, like macam moral raping you. Is it ok to live humble and careful (stingy), it is ok to live carefree (dangerous).

If you want comfort, want "premium" badges, instalment not hati sakit, then buy la. Some will say, wa stupid lo, want show off. Some will say, fuiyoooo, nice car leh, damn comfy leh! envy you leh!

If you not here not there, just pick a budget you feel good, other people also "feel good" (even though i dont know why you should care about others), buy the best car in that budget, one that you feel happy driving. Again, some will say this, some will say that la.

Who do you want to please?

How I spend my money, is up to me!!
post Jan 17 2022, 01:24 PM

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QUOTE(constant_weight @ Jan 17 2022, 11:38 AM)
S90 need to keep a extra small b segment car for downtown use, or a motor also ├žan.

If you still enjoy down to earth lifestyle and loves street food like me, my S60 also pening d. Don't know how people survive with a 7 series or S class, they should have smaller car also.

People u-turn, I have to do 3 points turn 2x. Parking too narrow can see can not fit, asshole double park, people can squeeze through I can not, lastly not common but got a couple of drive thru can not go through, very embarrassing.

S90 is 1879mm wide and 2941 wheelbase. The size is between 5 and 7 series, while S60 is sandwiched between 3 and 5 series.
Thanks for the insight, havn't got the chance to see the S90 up close and try it personally, but based on your description, seems like S90 is way too big for my liking, S60 seems like a better fit, also a lot cheaper, with all the same set of safety features (i assume)

QUOTE(ZeneticX @ Jan 17 2022, 12:09 PM)
After reading so many "finance professional" replies whenever this topic comes out in this forum over the years (no matter /k or FnF).... this is simply the best, straight to the point answer so far

Consider saving ur reply and just quoting it whenever this topic comes out again tongue.gif
TBH, when i read back, I've not answer anything la, i just typed a long story bullshit to say the following "read other's answer, then do whatever you want with your money."

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