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> GF anger issues, 7 years relatioship

post Oct 31 2021, 09:24 AM

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QUOTE(6inchjj @ Oct 16 2021, 08:30 PM)
As the title says , my gf has anger issues.

The first 2 years nothing much , pretty normal...well-mannered.
But the pattern all come during our 3rd year relationship...Damn cibai princess sickness....terrible mood swings.  vmad.gif

Everytime I waited for her to calm down a few days later, then only i confronted her regarding her anger problems..told her that her attitude is hurting me and making me feel miserable...honestly it's hurting the relationship.
But everytime she will just try to avoid the discussion and tried to brush it off macam selamba jer.. "I AM A GIRL MA..YOU GO FIND EVERYWHERE DE GIRL ALSO IS SAME DE LA !"
There was once I got tired of her cibai attitude that i want to break up with her.
At the beginning she still thinks I am playing with her....but when she realized I was serious , she started to cry. And even came to find me.
I straight told her that I kenot tahan her princess sickness and her cibai anger problems...little little things will suddenly meletup like a time bomb.  ranting.gif  ranting.gif

We drifted apart for more that a week  , then she approached me again...and somehow at that particular moment I felt that she really learnt her lesson.
She said she realized her mistake and will change herself to become a new person. So I forgave her and decided to give her a 2nd chance.  doh.gif ( I am hati lembik )  doh.gif

Fast forward ....now we are in our 7th year relationship. Now we already bought a house joint-nam and live together.
Occasionally she will still have anger issues , small small matters will meletup all of sudden like a timebomb.
When I say small matters , I mean really really remeh stuffs...
Example :
1. When come back from work , I didn't pour a cup of water for her.
2. Morning no cook breakfast for her to eat.

Just yesterday , she went back to her mum's home nearby , ask me to bring a baking stuff(Molasses Sugar) from our home for her...bcoz she wanna bake some bread using her mum's oven.
To be honest , I am not familiar with baking stuffs. I actually tried calling her but her phone no battery . So i just Googled how the stuff look like and took the most similar looking one lo...
I thought , no big deal ma..if ingredient wrong then mar substitute with other things lo...or just bake the bread another time lo , sincc her mum's house just nearby anytime also can go la.  rolleyes.gif

Then when i brought it to her....lai liao la.....meletup again...start mumblimg and scolding.
" 蠢到死 "

I dulan just diam diam don't want bird her....since she in her mum's home....Me scolding her back sure will make me look like the bad guy instead.
Damn fed up with my GF cibai attitude.

Sifus.....I am really confused now...Is it really my fault ????
Are all girls really like that ?
I thought relationship should have mutual respect for each other !!!!!
Your last questions
Not your fault
Not all girl like that
I had a gf like u for 6 years and understand what u feel.
Broke up, the relieved and best decision in my life.

Im almost a year with my current gf, and she is nothing like my ex...


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