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> TOP/BEST Air CPU Cooler?

post Feb 16 2022, 01:21 PM

Look at all my stars!!
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i'm using Noctua and no regrets until today...totally silent as well...

QUOTE(Eternalgl0ry @ Sep 15 2021, 08:52 PM)
Someone recommend me the best air cpu coolers? was told air coolers are more reliable ?

Currently using Corsair H100i GTX in Corsair 540 case

ASUS MAXIMUS VIII FORMULA motherboard + i7 6700k CPU

So far after years of usage. no problems with temperatures
but Quite annoying clliccccccky sound from radiator  shakehead.gif
It only happens under load or high usage

I dont know much about AIOs after 2016 but i replaced once and thinking to replace again. Maybe its better now ? idk
post Apr 24 2022, 12:44 PM

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Last month bought ID Cooling SE-224-XT White for 12400F. Not bad for RM93. Basic version oos or have to pay extra for LGA1700 mounting.

Not overclocking. With no power limits, 12400F temps at 65c, all core 4Ghz running Cinebench r23.

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post May 18 2022, 10:02 AM

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QUOTE(Police4896 @ Nov 8 2021, 07:52 PM)
Noctua D15 is good, but it is overpriced. You can get similar performance for around 200-300 ringgit.

Lower 200 range, got Scythe Fuma II. Gamer Nexus got review, not bad but not as good as D15. Has 6x6mm heatpipes.

At around 280 got Thermalright Frost Commander 140. This one less common, not as much reviews out there. However, it got 5x8mm heatpipes, so more cooling than the Fuma II.

Assuming the fins and fans are all the same, weight is a good enough measure of how heat a cooler can dissipate. First 2 examples weigh around 1kg, while D15 is 1.2kg. I think they most likely weigh slightly more, since the number I found for both of them is exactly 1000g, which is definitely estimated.

However, all this is good and all, best cooler choice depend on what CPU you have. If you cooling something with smaller die size (5600x, 12600k, etc), higher heat density, lower actual heat load, the limiting factor for cooling is not how much heat the cooler can dissipate, but how fast the heat can transfer from the CPU to the cooler.

Thermalright True Spirit 140 Direct is suitable for overclocking those less high end chips. This one around 190, single tower, much smaller than the other ones so in total it cannot dissipate as much heat. However,  in the base, the heatpipes directly contact the CPU, not like other coolers that put the heatpipes in a piece of metal then the metal contact the CPU. This make the heat transfer from CPU to cooler faster, since less stuff in the way. Because this one only weigh 650g, a lot smaller than the other ones, cannot dissipate as much total heat as the others.

Sadly I don't think there is a direct heatpipe cooler that is large, so no best of both worlds.

However, keep in mind that those larger coolers I mentioned, most likely can handle those smaller CPUs quite well. I got overclocked 5600x, using Scythe Fuma II, max 70c, cinebench r23 11000.
Scythe Fuma II and Noctua D15 actually price wise is not much different. If you see the price different a lot is because demand and supply that causing it. Actual retail price was Scythe Fuma II cheaper than Noctua D15 about RM20 based on currency exchange. Noctua D15 (1500 rpm) give you cooler as the fan speed max is faster than Scythe Fuma II (1200 rpm). On full load (max fan speed) it generate lesser noise than Scythe Fuma II.

QUOTE(Police4896 @ Dec 9 2021, 11:41 AM)
room not air conditioned, just normal selangor temperature which is around 30c
30°C is very hot. Your room must keep the door open all time. I use to have 30~30.5°C for my room during day time. While gaming or processing video on Premiere Pro, I will start sweating. So I must keep my room temperature around 28°C with aircon turn on then I could keep my processor and GPU running around 50~70°C else my room temperature with 30°C and just with fan and close door environment, my CPU and GPU would be around 65~85°C. I have external LCD screen to show my RAM usage, CPU and GPU usage and temperature. I very particular about the heat generated, it help to keep my computer to run as optimum.
post Today, 11:29 AM

Look at all my stars!!
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Looking for a second inlet air fan for my build, to add more air going through the case.

Is Nidec Small Typhoon good?

Dont like loud noise from the fan.



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