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> 360 degree camera for Honda CR-V

post Jun 10 2021, 02:32 PM

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QUOTE(TDUEnthusiast @ Jun 10 2021, 02:05 PM)
You may as well not buy any cars then. Car manufacturers don't make everything on their own. Chances are they're using components that may have come from the same supplier, e.g. TRW, of course with different specifications and all.

Based on the calculated maintenance cost, what sense does it make to save a few hundred ringgit in return for a potentially bad time if something goes wrong and you can't claim anything? This is pretty much like not buying windscreen insurance cause you think it'll never crack, and when it does, all you can do is regret and live with a cracked windscreen cause if you couldn't be bothered to cough up a bit of money for the insurance, chances are you won't be willing to spend 4 digits for a replacement either

If anyone listens to those who are anti-warranty and run into problems themselves, what other advise can you guys give after that? Oh too bad your luck's rotten? Too bad for listening to you guys?
Don't really understand your point really. It all depends on the costs, benefits and probability involved. If all you focus is the benefits, then of course it makes sense to keep the warranty. Similarly, if you only focus on benefits, you will obviously wanna buy the 4D lottery. Buy RM1 win RM 2500 why not.

Edit: yes I never once buy windscreen insurance.

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post Jun 11 2021, 02:12 AM

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QUOTE(pcdoctor_my @ Jun 10 2021, 10:35 AM)
I found the service schedule cost, and I did a calculation up to 60 months schedule.
Summed up to RM 2641.61
And a small note below - "- Price shown after 15% discount"


Not inclusive time and maybe abit of public transport fee to and fro (Grab fares)  brows.gif
See..I was right...  rclxms.gif
(And BTW, I saw the Air Filter Element costs - RM 246.30 - WTF is it made with? Some Gold platted material? )
You seem like a typical guy hope and prays that disaster would one day "definitely" strike on you. Like you're wanting someone to crash in you today,for example. Or hoping either your engine or gearbox would fall apart and then start claiming free from Honda etc. LMFAO.
And ever heard of SC also rejecting warranty claims which is are considered legitimate? Cause car manufacturers are in the business of making money - and that means - they dont wanna make a loss by giving free.
Thats why when it comes to some manufacturing defect deemed for recall, some will keep quiet. Unless you're in the US , then consumer protection is higher over there. Not over here.

Reliability is also upmost key reputation for a car manufacturer. If a car is shitty in reputation, no one want to buy a Honda. And thats what makes droves of Malaysians, once upon a time, steer away from Proton into Honda.  whistling.gif
Only to find out their more expensive, entry level, Honda City is more basic than a fully equipped Persona.  yawn.gif , and yet more expensive.  whistling.gif
I can confidently say for sure that the SC does not reject warranty claims which are considered legitimate. They don't make the decision of whether it gets approved or not.
post Jun 11 2021, 06:19 PM

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Mine is 2015 Accord 2.4. For the 5 years under warranty period, i take the car to sc for servicing due to 2 factors, Warranty and cheap price. The honda maintenance services is almost similar to outside. Most expensive service was on major service at 100k km which cost rm700+ iirc and rest around rm300-400.

Things that I had claim warranty during the whole period, 3 times driveshaft due to leaking oil, Driver Side mirror due to its vibrates at high speed (total cost of this is at rm2k including painting) and brake skim service under warranty.
post Jun 11 2021, 08:24 PM

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If people want to maintain their warranty, then let them maintain the warranty. I don't see the problem with that. It's a new car. Some people find it less hassle when they go to service center. Furthermore, he wasn't boosting about his warranty.
post Jun 13 2021, 04:49 PM

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Wow thanks for all the comments and feedback. About the warranty, it's really up to individuals, but for me personally, I am not going to give that up for 360-degree camera or some savings from services. Cheers!


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