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> The World Ends With You The Animation (TWEWY), すばらしきこのせかい The Animation (Anime)

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The World Ends with You The Animation

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The World Ends with You: The Animation (すばらしきこのせかいThe Animation) is an anime series adaptation of The World Ends With You video game. The original team that worked on The World Ends With You will be returning to work on the animation.

TWEWY すばらしきこのせかい The Animation PV第3弾

First intended for release in January 2021, it was delayed until April 9, 2021. The anime will air every Saturday early morning at 1:25 a.m. (JST) on Japan's MBS / TBS 28 stations, during the "Super Animeism" block.

The first episode is titled "Grim Reaper Game "「死神ゲーム」.

Prior to the anime debut, a special broadcast will air on April 2, 2021 titled "The World Ends with You: The Animation Special Program" (「すばらしきこのせかいThe Animation放送直前特番」放送), also in the "Super Animeism" block.

The series will simulcast exclusively on Funimation.

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Race through the streets of Shibuya and survive the seven-day Reapers' Game!

Neku awakens in the middle of Shibuya's bustling Scramble Crossing with no memory of how he got there. Little does he know he's been transported to an alternate plane of existence known as the Underground (UG). Now an unwilling participant in the mysterious "Reapers' Game," Neku must partner up with a girl named Shiki in order to survive. Together, they complete missions and defeat monsters known as "Noise" as they gradually uncover the true nature of this twisted Game.

"There's only one way to stay alive in Shibuya: trust your partner."


The Animation was announced on June 25, 2020, through The World Ends With You's promotional Twitter account.

Prior to this point, key art was released teasing the announcement. More information was later shared the following month at Anime Expo.

Promotional image released by the official Twitter account

On July 27, 2020, the music production was announced to be fully complete.

On September 18, 2020, a brief preview of the first episode was premiered on the MBS and TBS stations (it can still be viewed here). It was followed by a 7 Days Campaign on the promotional twitter account where missions will be given out each day for seven days. The more people that complete the missions, the more profile icons they will release.

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The World Ends with You - All Vocal Songs

Songs List:
0:00:00​  Twister
0:01:15​  Twister (Original Ver.)
0:03:24​  Twister (JP)
0:07:01​  Twister (Live)
0:11:20​  Twister (Final Remix)
0:15:51​  Twister (Gang Mix)
0:19:21​  Twister (Remix)
0:23:13​  Twister (The Twisters)
0:27:21​  Twister (Crossover)
0:33:12​  Twister (Crossover [Live])
0:41:31​  Twister (That Power is Yet Unknown)
0:45:23​  Twister (Novoiski Remix)
0:48:56​  Twister (Solo Remix - PV Ver)
0:51:25​  Twister (T$UYO$HI Remix)
0:54:39​  Twister (Kingdom Mix)
0:59:24​  Twister (Kingdom Remix)
1:04:57​  Twister (Union χ Remix)
1:09:15​  Twister (?Remix?)
1:13:06​  Calling
1:16:30​  Calling (Final Remix)
1:19:54​  Calling (1960s)
1:23:53​  Calling (T$UYO$HI Remix)
1:27:57​  Calling (0 days)
1:33:47​  Calling (The Death March)
1:38:48​  Calling (Kingdom Mix)
1:42:49​  Calling (Kingdom Mix [Live])
1:47:10​  Give Me All Your Love
1:51:30​  Give Me All Your Love (Final Remix)
1:56:06​  Give Me All Your Love (All My love)
2:00:21​  Hybrid
2:03:25​  Hybrid (JP)
2:06:28​  Hybrid (Final Remix)
2:09:30​  Hybrid (Final Remix [JP])
2:12:32​  New Born (Hybrid)
2:16:31​  Hybrid (The Death March)
2:20:41​  Hybrid (Ignis faatus)
2:25:33​  Long Dream
2:28:37​  Long Dream (Final Remix)
2:32:16​  Long Dream (1980s)
2:35:46​  Long Dream (Parallel Mix)
2:38:46​  Make or Break
2:42:48​  Make or Break (Final Remix)
2:47:00​  Make or Break (Black box)
2:51:03​  Make or Break (Remix for qanchis)
2:55:22​  Ooparts
2:58:54​  Ooparts (Final Remix)
3:02:25​  Ooparts (Give me a chance)
3:06:19​  Someday
3:09:55​  Someday (JP)
3:13:30​  Someday (Final Remix)
3:17:02​  Someday (Final Remix [JP])
3:20:27​  Someday (Unplugged)
3:25:00​  Someday (Kingdom Mix)
3:29:50​  Someday (Kingdom Mix [JP])
3:34:24​  Three Minutes Clapping
3:37:33​  Three Minutes Clapping (Live)
3:40:46​  Three Minutes Clapping (Final Remix)
3:43:53​  Three Minutes Clapping (No Clapping)
3:48:12​  Transformation
3:51:29​  Transformation (Transformed)
3:55:08​  Transformation (Final Remix)
3:58:45​  Underground
4:01:03​  Underground (Final Remix)
4:04:20​  Lullaby for You
4:09:19​  Lullaby for You (JP)
4:14:21​  Jump Over Yourself
4:18:50​  Jump Over Yourself (Final Remix)
4:23:17​  Jump Over Yourself (papapayapa)
4:28:19​  Tatakai
4:32:15​  Tatakai (Final Remix)
4:36:11​  Runaway
4:42:19​  Runaway (The Death March)
4:47:48​  Satisfy
4:51:43​  Satisfy (Final Remix)
4:55:33​  Satisfy (Galaxy Dub)
5:00:36​  Owari-Hajimari
5:02:59​  Owari-Hajimari (JP)
5:05:10​  Owari-Hajimari (JP [Final Remix])
5:07:22​  Owari-Hajimari (x-tended Ver.)
5:11:38​  Game Over
5:14:26​  Game Over (Final Remix)
5:17:12​  Game Over (Busy Dizzy and Lazy)
5:19:59​  Emptiness and
5:23:00​  Emptiness and (Final Remix)
5:27:27​  Déjà vu
5:31:33​  Déjà vu (Discoteque)
5:36:19​  Déjà vu (Discoteque [Final Remix])
5:39:52​  Deja vu (Sanctuary Mix)
5:42:35​  March On
5:47:57​  March On (JP)
5:53:20​  Imprinting
5:54:26​  Imprinting (Final Remix)
5:55:51​  Detonation
5:58:21​  Detonation (Final Remix)
6:00:50​  MMM:001
6:04:12​  DTM -Crossover-
6:10:54​  Revelation
6:15:18​  Revelation (feat. Ritsu)
6:19:42​  The One Star
6:23:06​  SHADOW
6:27:54​  Junk Garage
6:29:20​  Junk Garage (Final Remix)
JYONGRI - Lullaby For You (Japanese version)

Vocal songs taken from the original Nintendo DS Game debut over 10 years ago back in 2007.

IGN gave The World Ends with You gave multiple awards, including best Nintendo DS role-playing game, best story for a Nintendo DS game, best new IP for the DS, and the best Nintendo DS game of the year.

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The World Ends With You The Animation Episode 1

OP Music Found in First Episode:

Calling Final Remix - The World Ends With You

Dominic Toretto
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I thought World End's Harem. O wai-
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Kingdom Hearts wannabe
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i like the art style but the story progress too fast tongue.gif
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nice, didn't expect to be on youtube


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