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> Why humans need religion

post Yesterday, 06:57 PM

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QUOTE(will4848 @ Oct 26 2021, 08:31 PM)

Well, like I said, you haven't seen telekinesis doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Just like what you said about the existence of reincarnation even though you haven't seen it. Same same.

basically reincarnation is not difficult to explain but the problem is, let say, after i explain maybe u wont accept, even u understand n accept then what this got to do with u ?

Oh so now reincarnation got ghost and heavenly being? How does that work? The ghost part especially.

there are 6 path of reincarnation in buddhism, basically reincarnation is about your habitual thinking(mind), the energy that left behind after u dead, called as manas consciousness

The first cause (creator god) is supernatural because he exist without a cause? What if I tell you ghost and heavenly being is also supernatural because they also exist without a cause?

Most people don't understand about reincarnation? I would say everybody don't understand about reincarnation. How can you understand something that you have never seen before. Even the greatest scientist don't understand certain things that they can see and study in detail in front of them.

already said, reincarnation, ghost or heaven being is not supernatural, only the creator god is supernatural ...
bcos when a person die, the transformation of energy cannot be 'experienced' with our 5 senses ...
just like water(H2O) got solid liquid n gas form, solid n liquid we can see n touch but we cannot experience H2O gas with our senses, so H2O gas is supernatural too ?

QUOTE(will4848 @ Oct 28 2021, 03:30 PM)
why ? is there a time frame set for reply ? btw i dont owe u anything .....
Awww.... your silly tactic won't work. Sure, you want to wait so long to reply is not a problem for me.

And stop replying inside quotes as it is extremely difficult to reply. Anyway, I took the liberty to put your replies in red. wink.gif

Well, basically telekinesis is not difficult to explain either but the problem is that you also won't accept it.

What is it to me? It is not about me. It is about seeking the truth. Are you interested in the truth or you just follow blindly whatever comes in front of you?

Arguing semantics about "supernatural" will get you nowhere. You say not supernatural, I say supernatural. Not going to change the fact that nobody has seen telekinesis or reincarnation before.


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