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> Out of breath & winded after compound movement, Deadlift & Squat. Also Creatine question

post Oct 26 2020, 11:27 PM

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QUOTE(pergilahsayang @ Oct 24 2020, 05:57 PM)
Hello Sifu,

I'm a skinny guy trying to bulk up & have been training for 4 months.

At first, it was going fine until my muscle able to handle more weight.

On my 3rd or 4th set of deadlift & squat, I am so winded, out of breath, the heart is pumping too fast for my comfort, body felt light & cant feel my feet (same feeling if having low blood sugar or low blood pressure). No case of fainting yet as I immediately sit down (bracing myself, afraid I faint standing up).

On top of that, squat makes me want to puke too urghh.


1) What is it that I am lacking? Body endurance? VO2 max? Or low glucose/carb in the system? rclxub.gif
2) How to alleviate this or improve this?
3) In the case where my heart pumped too fast and out of breath, what should I do? Move around? sit down? My body instinctively wants to sit, but I am not sure if that is the right thing to do.
3) Is creatine easy on the stomach? 

My health background & other info:

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Those compound movements are definitely hard on your body, evenmore so if you do proper bracing your core, and holding your breath in like a can of unopened coke during the motion of deadlift/squats. But, it's very surprising when you've been training for 4 months and you're still having such a major issue with this? I mean don't get me wrong, i'm still worn out like hell after 5x8 of deadlifts/squats - but it's within limit.

Looking on top of whatever physical issues you may have, are you using too heavy of a weight? What's your height/weight/bodyfat ratio? You kept on increasing the weight during that 4 months duration?
Are you squatting more then your bodyweight for reps? Try 80-90% bodyweight for reps - those should be easy for a typical male.
Are you sure you have the proper form down? Proper form makes yourself feel "solid" - it's really a hard feeling to describe but it just feels right - and it took me 6months+ of solid form practice to get all my compound forms spot-on for my body's aspect ratios.

Also - are you consistent in that 4 months of weightlifting? ie. at the bare minimum, 3 type of compound lift(squat/bench/deadlift/ohp/row) every week for 16weeks without miss?
And no, i won't comment on your nutrition/other body related matters as it's not possible to comment on those with just words you've posted - i'm not a e-doctor.

QUOTE(guysmiley @ Oct 24 2020, 06:41 PM)
i used to be 173cm and 52-54kg. damn skinny!!! one day i went to farmasi to buy that weigh gain, but the staff recommended me multi viitamins. she said need to tale evryday for at least 3 months. but 2 months later i started gaining weight it kept going up. i never go below 75kg. i used to be active. but these days im too busy and my weight now is between 78-82kg.

with your stomach condition, i wont recommend too much heavy lifting. i had stomach operations few years ago and since then i feel pain if i do any heavy lifting or cycling. try things to increase your stamina instead.

also bear in mind, it will take a very long time to see any difference.
Correct, to see any solid difference, at least 4-6 months of consistent effort must be done first! And if really things doesn't go your way - be very critical in evaluating your own effort or just get a personal trainer - as they will be accountable to evaluate every aspect towards hitting your goal (not those stupid p.trainers u see in gym who help ppl how to bench press only)

oh and.. 78-82 kg, that's fat for someone that short right? How's it feel to experience being skinny, and then fat, which is better? biggrin.gif
post Nov 2 2020, 04:39 PM

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QUOTE(pergilahsayang @ Oct 27 2020, 01:15 AM)
1) Oh yes, holding the breath for proper bracing do exaggerate my out of breath condition. Probably one of the reasons today was a bit easier as I hold my breath less.

2) Height: 170, current weight 55 (was 46 before my 'diet' on May, started training on July), Bf%: I think 15-18% now as I see faint abs & rib cage, but don't know accurately really  hmm.gif

3) Still learning & correcting my compound form along the way.

4) The weight on the compound movement increased a bit, but still lame in comparison to a typical male (yeah I sedar diri  tongue.gif ). Below is the starting weight and where I am now (for 12 reps):

Squat 20kg ----> 30kg (scared to increase more weight for now as squat makes me reflux)
Deadlift 30kg ----> 45kg
Bench 18kg ----> 35kg
OHP 18kg ----> 26kg
bend over row 14kg ----> 30kg
pull-up 3 reps ----> 10 reps
Push up 3 reps ---> 20 reps ; now doing weighted push up 10KG 12reps

I do the workout at home, with barbell, dumbbells & resistance band.

5) Consistency, I'd say so-so. In these 4 months, I only have 35 workout sessions. Improving my body is kinda a 'reward' to myself after a certain successful project. So I seldom force myself on days that I really don't want to do it. Oh yeah, I did pause my workout for a month after getting sick for stomach problem (August)
i think you should put more focus/research about breathing during each lifts then. Im not expert enough to explain in detail because it's something i naturally learn what works best for me... but even myself don't hold my breath the whole duration incl unracking part - you'll feel pening that man, im sure alot of ppl can relate.

Also - don't worry about the # of kg's you're lifting, seriously in gym i can say noone cares if you're lifting an empty bar pun as long as you're not obviously fooling around hogging the spot. What's important is you MUST progress/increase your weights to actually see improvements/changes past the initial honeymoon stage of 1-4 months of muscle/physiological changes.

but if you just want to stay healthy, then it's not so important la... just keep practicing proper form, you'll know you have proper form by constantly leaving the gym without joint/bone/nerve pain, and only that sweet muscle soreness the next day.


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