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> Mistreatment of China's Uighur, Why China resort to inhumane treatment

post Sep 28 2019, 10:24 AM

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The organ harvesting caught my attention.
The news report did not cite evidence merely claims, from London, and China responded; as expected.
With what the west have done to Hong Kong, hard to believe their claims.

XinJiang issue condemn by west but received praised from more countries including a number of Middle East.
People may live in fear, but they were train and taught skills to live in the city.
Germany makes headlines by employing refugees to good use.
So all those condemning only knows how to kill terrorist.
Violence vs peace, I prefer the latter.

Where are extremists coming from?

Something that Al Jazeera reports may have covered.
Usually brainwashing happens in one place then send elsewhere to cause chaos.
Then the media attention is not directed at the source.

Just like MY being brainwash, then cybertroopers sent out to spread lies and incite hatred.
While master minds enjoy a life of wealth and luxury in PWTC.
post Oct 8 2019, 02:00 PM

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QUOTE(touristking @ Sep 29 2019, 04:41 PM)
China mistreat people. The American also mistreat people. So?
So it is ok to mistreat you biggrin.gif LOL
post Oct 9 2019, 01:19 PM

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QUOTE(puchongite @ Sep 29 2019, 02:31 PM)
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+1 Thank you for sharing the youtube. The comment's in youtube shows one aspect of the reality.

QUOTE(ramz @ Oct 9 2019, 07:43 AM)
Mistreatment is not ok no matter what. For Uighurs case, is something like preemptive strikes on Muslim before they start to organize to be a force that will threaten China's narrative.

But China must learn that should not be the way to handle conflicts. Don't learn from Malaysia.

Must I tell China the right way? Is what I do. Convince Muslims that islam is a false religion. Don't force, don't impose. Do reverse dakwah. That's it. And if there is promotion to violence, haul those people up, not haul up 2 million people, that's not the way.

Morality is a funny thing. If u do something wrong often and prevasively enough, it will start to look acceptable. Then it becomes the new morality standard. So it's very important to condemn it at the first sign of human rights violation. Even in this forum there are people saying it's ok because others are doing it.

Don't take Human rights violations lightly .
Right, mistreatment is not alright.

On 5th July 2009, riot and chaos by extremists occured. So the initiative is not preemptive.
PRC deploy security force but there were no ends to the violence.
PRC did something few other countries attempted, education.
West called it camps which it does look like it.

The nature of extremist is brainwashing, seclusion and segregation. They would not even consider medicine for the sick.

Fast forward to date, locals especially women can socialize and work in society.
37 states praise XinJiang https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-xi...s-idUSKCN1U721X
Mean while rest of the world still dealing with terror. Saudi Arabia amassing war machine over historic levels.

They have a different culture and system. They do not vote and do not use 2 party system. Yet the taught the locals language, law, skills.
They did not teach another religion in the camps. Muslims are still Muslims.

As oppose to a western system in Hong Kong, 2 million are rioting in violence, injuring locals, vandalising facilities, for months now.
Yet HK let them protest and hardly killed 21 dead like in Iraq.

It is good that you voice out the wrongs. Unfortunately extremism and terror continues to exist in the year 2019.
As the youtube Puchongnite shared, some countries still being victim to terror unlike in XinJiang.
It is hard to see back then they burn national flags including MY but today tourist feel safe in XinJiang.

Human rights are important but Malaysia is anti ICERD, so we respect the majority. What happen in XinJiang is solved according to their system.

QUOTE(Spear2 @ Oct 9 2019, 11:47 AM)
I have read a number of articles, some painted China as an evil regime, forcing 1M Uighur population into detention camp similar to Nazi, maybe gassed them to reduce the number or forced abortion to reduce the population etc ..., some reports pointed out the inconsistencies and lack of concrete evidence, and visits by foreign  investigators yielded nothing substantial other than the "education" camps to reduce extremism.

I think the truth is probably somewhere in between. There are some gross exaggeration from the western media, taken from a handful of people who have suffered under the callous and rough mistreatment, dozens of extremist suspects were even put to death and having the stories blown up and viral'ed.

But look at the background. This is China communism coming to age, even the Tiananmen protest 30 years ago was brutally crushed with hundred of deaths. China will not tolerate extremism in any form that departed from central doctrine. That is the dark side of having 30 years bullet train progress elevated 1 billion people out of poverty and abysmal living conditions, instead of the democracy and liberalism suggested by the soft approach in your bolded statement.

Do you think you can convince the Muslims? How many years you need and what tools are at your disposal? It is very likely if you come out in the open and continue your reformation cry, you will be placed in a religious correction center ... smile.gif
China is an evil regime. No voting regime. Until they stamp down corruption. Today west continues to propoganda against PRC.
If their system is wrong then there would be riots and civil unrest. Just like Hong Kong which the youth were educated / brainwashed by colonial powers.
To riot in such manner, planning, equipment, they have to be well funded.

PRC knows it cannot impose their system on the world. But they realize how western powers dominate the world. So for them not to be consumed, PRC must survive and thrive. Surely India, Brazil, Africa are not doing anything and Russia has been painted the villain.

Muslims in MY cannot be convinced because the constitution states of it. Neither would I want to try. Respect them as they are. But up to a point where they do not violate others' rights as stated in the constitution.

QUOTE(ramz @ Oct 9 2019, 12:09 PM)
China is doing the "no nonsense" way. That is against the morality I have been upholding for many years. I can't accept that. It will set president on the accepted morality that authority can bulldoze its way to make things "right' in the name of "preemtive measures". Preemptive measures to violence I agree. But not to ideology. But what if the ideology have violence within? That's a tough call to make. But I stand we still need concrete evidence of the manifested violence it will cause. But I don't think China is doing it on that reason. They just don't want a "political ideology" to flourish. Is like Malays defending their "must always be in power" agenda. Same thing. Which I can't accept.
Would you fight a war in a nonsense way?
Would you make friends with terrorist?
So in dealing with corruption, stern and effective method must be employed. Rule of law.
Employing education to fend off extremism and terror has resulted in what XinJiang has to day.

As the youtube Puchongnite shared, even multiple states were invited to experience the change.
It is not perfect where everyone became rich like Norway. But the extreme thought have been enlighten by education.

In this case it was not a tough call to make. They tried enforcement. Naturally they progress down this path.
After 2019 years why are there still so much terror.... that is the main question.

Malays are forever in power. The monarchy, government, military, police and economy are all controlled so well that even after 60 years, MY fail to achieve high income economy that people are still 'happy'


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