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> Why Sabah Sarawak keep supporting BN?

post Apr 3 2018, 03:25 PM

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I am a Sarawakian, grew up in Sarawak. Studied in Selangor for the past 5 years, now have been working for the past year here in KD.

So here is my view on things from keeping tabs on my home and the peninsular.

For starters, compared to the BN here in peninsular, the BN in Sarawak actually employ competent people. Yes, undertable money is passed around but this is the norm for both the Gov and the Opposition. The people aren't too bothered by this, so long as progress can be made, which has considerably in the last couple of years when Adenan took office.

Tell me, as a native whose livelihood use to depend on the land now given work in the government sector, and whose children are being given the opportunity to undertake tertiary education, who should they feel grateful for? the opposition? Yes, they did contribute somewhat but much of it is still attributed to BN.

Secondly, to the people the party of BN or Opposition means zero. They vote for the people who runs the office. BN had Adenan, who did the opposition have? I can't for the life of me name a person worthy enough to head the state within the ranks of the opposition. None of them had vision, unlike Adenan's whose speech moved many including the chinese. The BN of Sarawak and the BN of peninsular are not the same party, working under the shadow of a master does not imply loyalty.

The people wants what is best for Sarawak. Will voting for the opposition bring Sarawak prosperity or are we swapping a leash for another, a benevolent master for an incompetent one?

The people from the west can cry all they want about how BN is corrupted and Sarawakians & Sabahans are stupid for voting BN still, but the simple truth is unlike the opposition in West Malaysia, the opposition in the East is no alternative to the current party. It is simply a kitten compared to its sibling of a lion in the West, while the BN in Sarawak is a recent slave granted some form of freedom by a leader whose life was cut short.

Finally my last point, you want to know why Sarawakians are so irked by West Malaysians and their opinions so much to the point where opposition can't even make inroads? For so long people have been voting a particular party only to realize that party has been involved in a scandal, the only alternative to that party, instead of trying to provide leadership or guidance has only shown East Malaysia scorn after losing, only showing an intent to win power in the next election without any sort of planning or vision for the people. The opposition in the West has made it clear, they are no friends or allies of the East, the natives can smell it from across the sea.

As much as I despise Mahathir, his words hold true, better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

The smart ones know they can't win by going head to head with BN, the opposition in the West is no help, the opposition in the East has no balls, the people's hearts has already been won, no point fighting for a war already lost, only way now is to change the government in the East from within or to work together with it.

Outside change can only start with some humility in hand, with vision and time, so far I haven't seen that from the opposition or its supporters while staying here in Selangor, so there is no hope for them winning over S&S in GE14, BN will continue to enjoy the support of the Natives.

P.S A small reminder to West Malaysians, Sarawak and Sabah may be part of Malaysia, but to say we share the same culture is as much of a lie as saying Malaysia is corruption free. Want to make inroads within the East? Start by learning our 2 state's culture and its people while we learn yours, expecting us to understand your culture and telling us off as if we are idiots for not knowing is not a good way to start.


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