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> Dota 2 Trading Thread (Nov 2016), Read: 1 Post per Forumer

post Mar 10 2020, 01:33 PM

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Looking for arcanas

Pm price
post Mar 27 2020, 03:11 PM

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[H]: Rubick's Arcana
[W]: RM 120

[H]: Shadow Fiend's Arcana
[W]: RM 100

[H]: Legion Commander's Arcana
[W]: RM 110

[H]: Alchemist - Genuine Eternal Radiance Blades
[W]: RM 100

[H]: Spectre - Soul Diffuser
[W]: RM 65

Dealing Method: Maybank Bank-in (If deal is confirmed, will verify the trade on my steam guard only after money has been transferred, i have more than 1000 trades on my Steam account so please no scammers thank you)

Contact Method : Forum PM/ Whatapps +60125721303

If you're looking for a specific item do let me know, my price will always be slightly lower than market price.

Thank you and Good Luck Have Fun!

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post Apr 5 2020, 04:43 PM

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T01 P
post Apr 30 2020, 05:26 PM

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[H] Cash

[W] Collector's Cache 2019 sets

pm me thanks
post May 1 2020, 06:26 PM

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[H] Cash

[W] LC arcana

offer and pm me thanks

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post May 14 2020, 04:22 PM

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From: SP

[H]Item [W] Price
Dragonclaw Hook SOLD
Ursa Alpine Hat SOLD
Ursa Alpine Scarf SOLD
Ursa Alpine Pants SOLD
Ursa Alpine Glove SOLD
Rotten Stache RM454.29
Dark Artistry Cape RM413.00
Genuine Golden Doomling RM270.33
Exalted Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm RM207.33
Scorching Talon RM138.83
Unusual Cluckles the Brave RM757.29
Exalted Feast of Abscession Bundle RM129.69
Frozen Scythe of Ice RM124.37
Exalted Blades of Voth Domosh RM98.31
Unusual Fezzle-Feez the Magic Carpet Smeevil RM87.81
Unusual Garran Drywiz and Garactacus RM86.72
Exalted Manifold Paradox RM86.73
Exalted The Magus Cypher RM84.46
Bladeform Legacy RM78.20
Exalted Demon Eater RM74.80
Exalted Frost Avalanche RM75.85
The Andestian Sentinel RM46.75
Legacy of the Eldwurm Crest RM41.50
Treasure Upgrade Infuser - Fall 2016 RM37.10
Genuine Bloodfeather Wings RM31.42
Leviathan Whale Blade RM29.92
Bindings of the Battleranger RM28.62

or many other items in my inventory. PRICE ARE NEGOTIABLE.

Dealing Method: via M2U / CIMB

Contact Method: Forum PM, Steam PM or 017-9107639 (whatsapp only, notifying what item you would like to buy).

Steam Profile/ID URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/_madli/

Successful Items Sold: (In Spoiler)


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post May 18 2020, 01:55 PM

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From: Bikini Bottom

[H]: Cash
[W]: Arcanas

Dealing Method: Bank via M2U / CIMB Clicks
Contact Method: Forum PM

Thanks in advance.

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Badrul hisyam99 P
post May 26 2020, 04:38 AM

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Post #147
[H]: Divine 2 account
[W]: Rm3000(can nego)
Have all prestige items ti8 and ti9
Have immortal garden from ti6
Can pm me for more info
Whatsapp +601110973758


post May 30 2020, 01:02 PM

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anyone want d2 items? i am less and less plying it. plan to sell it all off.
Feel free to pm me the items u want and price.

post Jun 8 2020, 10:45 PM

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Hi, needing to let go these caches , no longer playing.

TI6 // Iceburn Elegy (WW)
TI6 // Nightsilver Resolve (Luna)
TI7 // Covenant of the depths (Invoker)

Please DM - take all 3 for special price thanks
post Jul 5 2020, 05:06 PM

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[H]: TI10 Treasure 1 Tinker Arcanic Resonance Beam
[W]: RM8

[H]: TI10 Treasure 1 Night Stalker Shadow Of The Dark Age
[W]: RM8

[H]: TI10 Treasure 1 Warlock Warden Of The Hellborn
[W]: RM8

[H]: TI10 Treasure 1 Lifestealer Dark Maw Inhibitor
[W]: RM8

[H]: TI10 Treasure 1 KOTL Prominence
[W]: RM8

[H]: TI10 Treasure 1 Medusa Fate Of Hydrophiinae
[W]: RM8

Dealing Method: Maybank / COD (require add 30 days friend in dota 2)

Contact Method: pm me here

Steam Profile/ID URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/8913/


user posted image
ac3blood P
post Jul 10 2020, 11:49 AM

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[H] Pudge The Abscesserator Bundle

TI 10 Cache sets.
Origin of the Dark Oath Night Stalker
Ravenous Abyss Underlord
Apocalypse Unbound Ancient Apparation
Beholden of the Banished Ones Warlock
Fury of the Righteous Storm Disruptor
Lineage of the Stormlords Juggernaut
Silent Slayer Silencer
Mindless Slaughter Pudge
Heartless Hunt Bounty Hunter
Herald of the Ember Eye Grimstroke
Fissured Flight Jakiro
Flashpoint Proselyte Huskar
Signs of the Allfather Nature Prophet
Glory of the Elderflame Lina
Songs of Starfall Glen Enchantress
Ancient Inheritance Tiny
Forsworn Legacy Mars

[W] Arcanas

Only looking for item trades.

Note that need to add 30 days as friend to be able to gift my items to you.
post Jul 27 2020, 11:44 AM

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WTS Pudge TI10 Immortal Hook - The Abscesserator Ultra Rare


Note that need to add 30 days as friend to be able to gift my items to you.

PM me if interested
post Jul 31 2020, 11:12 PM

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[H]: TI10 Collector's cache, Immortal treasure 1, Immortal treasure 2
[W]: Cash money

Dealing Method: Maybank transfer

Contact Method: PM me here or chat me up at carousell

Items are priced in USD.
See the attached picture to know what is available.
First come first serve. Buyer pay upfront full amount would be preferred.


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KingBrettTheGreat P
post Sep 6 2020, 05:25 PM

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[H]: Cash money
[W]: bettable , arcana , high tier item or inventory

contact me here

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