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> Plan to buy a NEW/USED car?(V3),, ASK HERE for recommendations

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QUOTE(Genderbender @ Dec 4 2019, 07:43 PM)
dear all, i buy 2nd hand car..

get loan 60k as the seller mark up say sell for 80k..

and now the dealer put the insurance cover 80k instead of 60k.

He inform it bank rules, MUST buy insurance at purchase price & cannot buy based on loan amt.

anyone face the same?

and he charge for the insurance is expensive compare to others & he say only have this insurance only..
dont bother get back to him....
there are so many choices out there la..
what's car is that? your budget is around rm60k -80k?

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QUOTE(VeeJay @ Nov 24 2019, 03:34 PM)
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QUOTE(Pain4UrsinZ @ Nov 24 2019, 03:38 PM)
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Kia and Peugeot is under Naza group they more or less monopolize the market for parts, only such a distributor can survive in Malaysia, the volume sales is terrible until stockist don't even bother to bring in OEM/3rd party parts for these cars (of course there are exceptions to the rule) so you're pretty much stuck with getting the original stuff. Hyundai is controlled by Sime Darby another similar type of company to Naza. Both Hyundai and Kia are going the Mazda route now with better spec car which rival conti cars but still considered cheaper than conti, and also upkeep going upwards. They've abandoned what Honda/Toyota is doing which is to provide cars with spec good enough but make sure it is still cheap to maintain. Mazda, Kia and Hyundai now aim to meet highest euro/american standards for their cars but with Asian manufacturing to lower over cost but still eventhough spec for spec it will beat an Accord/Camry and is closer to Passat/308/etc. in terms of design, comfort, technology and safety standards......the maintenance follows.

VW is very big in China so I'd recommend you consider Passat because you can always aliexpress parts from china on the cheap. This is what the Skoda/Audi owners are doing as they're all sister companies with very similar technology and parts in their cars, one can say sometimes it is just like rebadging Proton used to do with Mitsubishi cars. Plus VW has higher volume and more support in Malaysia.

QUOTE(fastreader @ Nov 25 2019, 08:46 AM)
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tq tq blush.gif

QUOTE(Collomack @ Nov 25 2019, 10:57 AM)
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2013 BMW 316i - first things first people buy low-end BMW's for the prestige and high-end BMW's for the performance, nobody goes to a BMW showroom to buy a MPV so stay away from the 218 Active Tourer the price is artificially inflated for seller's benefit if you buy it today you won't be able to sell it tomorrow without losing 20-30k from what you paid. The 118 is a decent car but it is a hatchback, if you want a conti punny hatchback going the recon route for a Merc A200 is a far better deal. So back to BMW, you're getting a used low-end BMW, you want to lansi abit because BMW right? Buy the low-end spec 316 it uses the same engine as the 116, 118 and Mini Cooper S -- they're all 1600cc turbo engines. The sedan body is a curse and blessing, when people going to showrooms to buy it many thought finally they can afford a 3-series sedan, so happy finally can lansi to colleagues and join BMW car club but then later realized/kena sindir.....316 being base model will have the lowest spec.....so it has smaller rims, smaller ICE screen, less fancy trim and accessories, etc. Of course if compare hati sakit but those fella's bought it at full retail price mah! Now you're buying it as a used car around Vios price only, just remove the 316 sticker at the boot then drive around proudly coz except for car guys and BMW owners not many can tell the difference between the models on the road without the model sticker at the boot. At about 60-70k you can play with it for another 5 years then sell it on should be value drop to about 30-40k, better than buying a 118/218 at 110k then let it drop to 50-60k in 5 years.

2016 Merc A200 - for > 100k get this, it is unreg (not used) so can buy like new car -- new car interest rate, can choose number plate, seller provides limited 3rd party warranty. Piece of mind as Merc maintenance although still expensive because conti would be cheaper than BMW and Merc parts more lasting.

QUOTE(imnotabot @ Nov 25 2019, 11:17 AM)
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You say Honda Fit so you're meaning those imported versions of the Honda Jazz? They're okay but they're getting pretty old plus those run on CVT gearboxes, although that generation of gearbox was considered good (Globally) but for the local market it was the first kind of CVT people experience here and also many service centers wrongly put regular gear oil instead of CVT gear oil and ruined many gearboxes. Good car but doubts on the gearbox.

2009 Toyota Yaris - if you want something imported, with import quality, and rare looking so it is not too obvious it is an old car then you can consider the previous generation of Yaris. Basically it is a Vios hatchback. All the important parts are from the Vios for don't need to worry about maintenance, it is cheap!

About the Toyota Prius it is because you see the price range for the 2011 models is about RM30k plus minus, right?
There is a reason Hybrid cars are so cheap, the hybrid electric system is a very high voltage system and also very high-tech.
So of course buying used you can always bring it to any workshop for the usual engine oil and filter change, but if anything electrical issues crop up you'll have no choice but to bring it back to UMW Toyota authorized service center or 3S because only they have the equipment to check the car and equipment for the technician. Please see video below:

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QUOTE(cempedaklife @ Nov 25 2019, 06:57 PM)
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iirc older 1.6 altis tarak vsc doh.gif

QUOTE(VultureXT @ Nov 25 2019, 07:04 PM)
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iinm your requirements is....

under 20k
good fc -- since your mileage is high so no need AWD/4x4 although higher ground clearance is better for east coast.
space for wheelchairs.

2013 Nissan X-Gear 1.6 - this is the 5 seater version of the Nissan Livina, it is not so famous so that's why used car prices for it are very cheap but when it comes to upkeep of the car if you bought one which was well taken care of then you've no worries because it uses a standard slush box gearbox and 1600cc engine which is also found on the Nissan Latio and Nissan Livina so with so many of those cars on the road you don't have to worry about parts even if Nissan Malaysia stops making them stockist will still import from overseas cheaper versions or the many used parts in the car graveyards laugh.gif

It is slightly higher so good ground clearance for east coast roads, also easier for you to get people in and out of the car because of the higher level of the seats you don't need to bend your back too much when positioning oku/old folks people into the car because it doesn't drop so low like a sedan.

Yes, it is not a sedan but the hatchback tailgate is easier to on your body too as you can slide the wheelchairs in and out easier as sedan boot you need to lift then drop it in for hatchback tailgate you don't.

QUOTE(nite_eif @ Nov 25 2019, 11:23 PM)
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2013 Toyota Inova 2.0 - size and space wise it will be about the same as Estima but this rides higher up the ground, less fancy and with normal doors. Riding higher can be a pro/con depending on your thinking, if you're thinking of smaller MPV like Wish/Stream which are built on sedan car chassis they ride lower so it is easier to get in and out because the seats are near your bum level for average height person where sedan you gotta bend down or MPV like Innova/Estima you need a side step/stretch abit to get in and out. Higher gives you better road visibility and you don't have to worry about monsoon season like now where there'll be pockets of flood waters, as long as it is not too high you should be able to drive through the flood waters with ease. Of course bum level is better but higher is okay too especially if you've got old folks it is easier for them to go in out (even with the height) then go in out of a sedan. Estima would give you power doors and power boot (this you can add with after market parts) and is more comfortable but then Estima would burst your budget for newer one and those within your budget are over 10 years old. So all-in-all it is not so fancy but it is more practical and as with most toyota's parts and maintenance is cheap because sharing among different models.

Choose the youngest and highest spec Innova your budget allows.

QUOTE(lolwei @ Nov 29 2019, 10:38 AM)
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I think the Mark X ticks all the boxes, right? thumbsup.gif


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