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> TFT Technology Panel Guide

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FT Technology Breakdown and Model/Panel Index
LCD Panel Technology Type and Characteristics

TN film (Twisted Nematic)
- low manufacturing/retail costs
- restrictive viewing angles
- fast pixel response times
- dead pixels display white. Stuck pixels display RGB colors
- lower contrast levels means blacks are not as dark as VA based panels
- lower color reproduction

IPS (In Plane Switching)
- improved viewing angles over TN
- very good color reproduction
- slower pixel response times than TN
- dead pixels display black
- lower contrast levels means blacks are not as dark as VA based panels

Super-IPS (S-IPS)

- same as IPS except ...
- likely best color reproduction of all TFT
- less expensive to produce than IPS
- improved pixel response

VA (Vertical Alignment) Technologies

MVA (Multidomain Vertical Alignment)
- compromise between TN and IPS technologies
- superior color reproduction over TN but not as good as IPS
- very good viewing angles but less than IPS
- higher contrast than TN or S-IPS means very good blacks
- dead pixels are black
- slower pixel response than TN or IPS
- details can be lost when directly viewing dark areas

Premium-MVA (P-MVA)
- same as MVA except ...
- "overdrive" technology increases pixel response but still slower than TN
- may have slightly degraded color reproduction due to "overdrive" process

PVA (Patterned VA)
- same as MVA except ...
- larger viewing angles
- higher contrast levels means darkest blacks

Super-PVA (S-PVA)
- same as PVA except ...
- "Magic Speed" (the Samsung equivalent to Overdrive) improves pixel response
- slightly improved color reproduction
- slightly improved viewing angles

Purchasing Considerations
TN Gamers
Considered a "gamers" panel due to it's fast pixel response times which reduces trailing images know as "ghosting". However, this advantage has been reduced by new technologies to accelerate pixel response times in other panel types. Colors and contrast tend to be weak and blacks are not truly dark. Viewing angles are significantly limited. However, monitors based on this technology tend to be inexpensive.

IPS / S-IPS Graphics Work or Web Browsing
Considered to have the best color reproduction of all panel types, these panels are well suited for graphics work or web browsing. Pixel response time is also good but slower than the TN "gamers" panel. Contast and blacks are also less dark than VA panels but viewing angles are excellent.

MVA / P-MVA / PVA / S-PVA Compromise for All-Around Use
These panels are a compromise between the fast pixel response times of the TN panel and the excellent color reproduction of the IPS panels. Contrast and blacks are best of all the panel types. Viewing angles are similar but slightly inferior to IPS.


Acer AL1951Cs - 19" TN Film
Acer AL1916ws - 19" WS TN Film
Acer AL2016ws - 20" WS Chunghwa Picture Tubes TN Film
Acer AL2032wa - 20" WS AU Optronics P-MVA (M201EW01 V0) OR LG.Philips S-IPS (LM201W01)

ViewSonic VA1912W - 19" WS Chi Mei Optoelectronics TN Film (M190A1)
ViewSonic VP912B - 19" AU Optronics TN Film (M190EN04 V1)
Viewsonic VX922 - 19" AU Optronics TN Film (M190EN04)
Viewsonic VX924 - 19" AU Optronics TN Film (M190EN04 V5)
ViewSonic VP920 - 19" TN Film
ViewSonic VP930 - 19" AU Optronics P-MVA (M190EG01 V0)
ViewSonic VA1912W - 19" WS Chi Mei Optoelectronics TN Film (M190A1)
ViewSonic VA2012WB - 20" WS Chunghwa Picture Tubes TN Film
ViewSonic VX2025WM - 20" WS AU Optronics P-MVA (M201EW01 V0)
ViewSonic VX2035WM - 20" WS TN Film
ViewSonic VG2021m - 20" TN Film
ViewSonic VX2235WM - 22" WS Chi Mei Optoelectronics TN Film (M220Z1-L01)

Samsung 930B - 19" Samsung TN Film
Samsung 940B - 19" Samsung TN Film
Samsung 906BW - 19"WS TN Film
Samsung 940T - 19" Samsung PVA (LTM190E4)
Samsung 940MW - 19"WS Samsung TN Film (LTM190M2)
Samsung 204B - 20" Samsung TN Film (LTM201UX)
Samsung 206BW - 20" Samsung TN Film
Samsung 215TW - 21" WS Samsung S-PVA (LTM210M2)
Samsung 226BW - 22"WS TN Film
Samsung 244T - 24" WS Samsung S-PVA (LTM240M2)

Dell 1905FP - 19" Samsung PVA (LTM190E4-L02) or AU Optronics P-MVA (M190EN03 V0)
Dell 1907FP - 19" TN Film
Dell 2001FP - 20" LG.Philips S-IPS (LM201U04)
Dell 2005FPW - 20" WS LG.Philips S-IPS (LM201W01)
Dell 2007WFP - 20" WS LG.Philips S-IPS (LM201W01)
Dell 2007FP - 20" LG.Philips S-IPS (LM201U04)
Dell 2405FPW - 24" WS Samsung PVA (LTM240M1-L01)
Dell 2407WFP - 24" WS Samsung S-PVA (LM201W01)
Dell 2707WFP - 27"WS Samsung S-PVA (LTM270M1)
Dell 3007WFP - 30" WS LG.Philips S-IPS (LM300W01)

DELL E228WFP - 22" TN Film
DELL E207WFP - 20" TN Film

2007 WFP A03 - Panel code RT803: S-IPS LG.Philips LM201W01
2007 WFP A03 - Panel code PM330: S-PVA Samsung LTM201M1
2007 FP A03 - Panel Code UW473: S-PVA Samsung LTM201U1
2007 FP A03 - Panel Code HN210: S-IPS LG.Philips LM201U05

To see the service menu(panel info on top line):
Turn off the monitor.
Hold down "menu" and the "+" while powering up the monitor.
When monitor is fully powered and the input graphic disappears: release "menu" and "+" then press the "-" button

BenQ FP71G+ - 17" TN Film
BenQ FP91G+ - 19" TN Film
BenQ FP202W - 20" WS Chunghwa Picture Tubes TN Film

LG L1752 - 17" TN Film
LG L1952 - 19" TN Film
LG L1970HR - 19" TN Film
LG L194W - 19" TN Film


Typical Problem on LCD Panels

Backlight Bleeding Problem
The entire surface of an LCD is backlit from behind by a light source (CCFL light) and the LCD blocks out the light that is not needed. Backlight bleeding occurs when this light is not 100% blocked allowing some light to "bleed" through the LCD causing spots of lighter areas on a dark or black background. Unfortunately, almost all LCDs suffer at least a small amount of backlight bleed because the opacity of LCD panels is not enough to block all light, though it only causes problems if it can be easily detected by the human eye. The graphic to the right shows an example of what an LCD display with excessive backlight bleeding looks like with a dark, static background.

In general, there is no definite fix for backlight bleeding. The best way to fix backlight bleed is to have the monitor replaced or avoid LCD's which are known to have bleeding problems all together. Read reviews on the model of LCD you plan on purchasing, buy from a retailer that will allow you to exchange the display if there are any major problems and if possible try to view a display model or two before you buy. Even this does not guarantee you will receive an LCD completely free from bleeding.

Picture Courtesy from DELL forum -> wldock
user posted image

Banding Problem
Picture Courtesy from engadget.com
user posted image

Dead / Stuck Pixel
A dead pixel is defined as a pixel or set of sub-pixels that has failed and is permanently in the off position. This condition means that the pixel will not let any light through. This can be observed as a dark or black spot on a brightly colored or white background.

A stuck pixel is defined as a pixel or sub-pixel that has failed and is permanently in the on position. This can be either with a single or multiple sub-pixels for a given pixel and is best observed on a dark or black background. A white pixel means all three sub-pixels have failed while a green, red or blue pixel means one of the sub-pixels has failed.

Picture Courtesy from behardware.com
user posted image

Dead Pixel Policies

Size Comparison
user posted image

To compare an LCD to another LCD

Calibration information..taken from DELL support forum (gpro)

BeHardware - Monitor calibration for 0 to 100 euro

TFT Central - Calibrating Your Monitor

Microsoft - Color spaces and you

Charles Poynton - Color technology, Gamma and Color FAQs

Timo Autiokari - Accurate Image Manipulation

Dry Creek Photo - Monitor calibration methods and calibration tool reviews, color spaces and color management.

Norman Koren - Monitor Calibration and Gamma (including useful test images)

DisplayMate - Check the Picture Quality of Your Display - reference pictures

Sean McHugh - Cambridge in Colour - Color Spaces

Calibration Tools

GretagMacBeth - Color Management Tools

ColorVision Spyder2

DisplayMate - program for adjusting, setting up, tuning-up, calibrating, testing and evaluating Computer and HDTV displays

Hex2bit software - Monitor Calibration Wizard (freeware version)

Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet for Windows XP - helps you manage Windows color settings in one place

Monitor Test programs

WIndows (freeware unless specified)
gradlin-v0.2-fs.exe - RGB gradient test screens download

Checkemon - Test screens for solid color, gradients & more.download

Softcare Monitor Test - Test screens for vertical and horizontal gradients, solid colors, geometry & more.download

EIZO Monitor Tester - 24 test images for geometry, convergence, brightness, homogeneity and panel response time.download

Dead Pixel Buddy - Solid color test screensdownload

Undead Pixel - Solid color test screens, pixel flasher.download

Dead Pixel Tester - Solid color & gradient test screens, pixel flasher & more.download

Nokia Monitor Test - Test screens for color, resolution, brightness, contrast, geometry, focus, readability and more.download

NEC Monitor Test - Test screens for color, resolution, brightness, contrast, geometry, focus, readability, and more.download

Pixel Persistence Analyser - Tests for pixel persistence (aka 'ghosting') in LCD displays. Interprets user adjustments to test screens, and returns numerical values for Gamma Factor, Transition Time, scrolling text readability and other criteria.download

flatpanels.dk Monitor Test - Run online in window or fullscreen mode (suitable for Macs), or download executable fullscreen program for any resolution.download

flatpanels.dk Input Lag test - Can be used to test for input lag if you have 2 monitors connected. You will need a camera to record the counter.download

Passmark Monitor Test (shareware) - 25 different test patterns including, Master screen, convergence,Contrast, Color scales, Fonts, Printer color calibration, Persistence, Gamma measurement, Zooming to verify power supply stability, Solid colors to test for missing or always on pixels.download

PiXel Check - Check for dead pixels.download

LCDTest - Test patterns include adjusting analog LCDs, detecting dead/lazy pixels, checking panel alignment, checking color transitions.download

Widescreen Gaming Forum has another list - MONITOR ADJUSTMENT & TESTING TOOLS link

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