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> Guide to A Budget Wedding, Matters most is who you marry

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My Same Day Edit Video + Our Love Story

To know more about all my wedding vendors - please refer here to the links below

I am extremely pleased with each of the vendors that I've hired and all of them did a good job. Will definitely recommend them to everyone who is getting married.

I've completed my thread on a guide to a budget condo earlier here Guide to a budget condo and hence the next one is the guide to a budget wedding.

We have spent much in buying the place and doing up etc. So how? When you don't have much left for the wedding and both of you wished to get married?
Many would advise and said, go save up. Of course, that's part of the requirements but things are getting so expensive with GST implementation, still there's a need to have a budget wedding because no matter how you save, things are going up every year. If you're lucky then your parents will fork out everything for your or at least 30-50% of the cost for wedding. We both earn a decent living however, however there are reasons that we wanted a budget wedding because of current family commitments, house commitments etc. Plus the money could be spent wisely elsewhere.

Having a budget wedding, possible? My answer to you is YES. It's all depending on the girl and also your family and in-laws. If you want a grand one, then a grand one it is. But to me a wedding is not about showing off to others (mostly think it is), but in the end of the day is about who you are with, whether is he the right one or not. If you have both the right guy and he's rich, good for you!

Here's a few thing that you will find this thread useful:
1. Your parents are not paying anything, the wedding is fully funded by both of you
2. The girl is not demanding and willing to settle for less
3. Your in-laws (normally the girl side) is not thinking that they're selling off their daughter and demanding
4. You're not realistic and you don't live up to the standards of the rest
5. You don't go compare with the friends around you
6. You are willing to spare some time to do research and DIY on your own
7. Your partner is supportive and both of you agreed to work this through

This is just a rough guide, and wedding is really personal preference most of the time. If you are not fond of what is written here, the x button is just on top.

Next, how to save?
1. Just got your bonus right? Allocate at least 50-60% of the chunk into the wedding savings
2. Plan wisely, spread your spending across the month (ie Feb pay for banquet deposit, Mar pay for Prewedding deposit)
3. Speak to your other half and agree to commit a fair saving every month until the wedding
4. Extra cash, put them into savings and not buy things that are not necessary

Let's start with the costing, please note that the costing is not including the final amount to pay for the banquet.
user posted image
The total amount comes to about RM30k plus which is I guess the standard market rate these days. And if you're planning for hotel, the budget should come to about 80-100k.

Registration of Marriage's Procedures - Click Here
Picking of Auspicious dates - Click here
Banquet - Click here
Gor Dai Lei - Click Here
Gowns - Click here
Shoes - Click here

Picking of Wedding Bands - Click here
DIY Stuffs - Click here
Invitation Card - Click Here

Nails Kristen Nails - Click here
Make up artist Grace Wang - Click here

Photographer and videographer Click here

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1. Registration of Marriage
2. Picking of wedding band
3. Picking of dates
4. Banquet
5. Wedding Incentive of RM500 for Selangor's citizen
6. GDL (Gor Dai Lei List) - Simplified version
7. Gowns - Taobao

Registration of Marriage

Fiance (Selangor), myself (Selangor)
Location for ROM: Putrajaya
Government have recently revised their policies again. What's new? So now, both from Selangor must put in their application in one of the Selangor's state office first. Either one from KL can head straight to Putrajaya for application and booking of dates.
JPN Selangor state
The main one is in Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam or you can head to any branches near to you.
user posted image

Here was the process that we went through:
1. Head to branch in Shah Alam
2. Took a number and waited less than 10 minutes
3. Went to counter and took a form to fill in
4. Went back and took a number within 1 minute head back to the counter
5. Submitted everything and was given a letter immediately to head to Putrajaya to book our dates
6. Head to Putrajaya with the letter and booked the date
7. Wait for 21 days when they posted our photos in Shah Alam branch and went back to take another letter, paid RM10 which is to bring on the actual day to Putrajaya
8. RM20 to be paid on the actual day

Documents required:
1. Form JPN.KC02 that is completed.
2. MyKad, MyPR or Malaysian green card (that is still valid).
3. One (1) colour passport-sized photograph per applicant. Blue or white background also can do.

Checklist from JPN for documents Checklist

If you wanna save all this trouble and you're not local (as in Selangor or KL) just to to Tian Hou Gong, or religious centre to get your ROM done.

Dress & Shoes for ROM
They really carry a lot of nice simple clothes, personally bought many clothes from them and the quality is good. Only cost about RM69-100+
Curves Boutique
Bought my shoes from Charles & Keith a while ago, white one with lace.
Pinjam link to share here, the same pair that I got 2 years ago
user posted image

I won't speak about the guy's attire because I assumed that shirt can be easily bought anywhere.

Hand bouquet
Got this from taobao: Bouquet
user posted image
After some self DIY adding ribbons
user posted image
These are soap flowers and they really last even they came kemek during shipping (forgot to tell my agent not to open my box la), they also gave me some freebie for flowers to tie on hand (what's that called again?). I planned to order more, one is just less than RM5. My friend use the 'real flower' for the ji mui and we found them too heavy, started to fall off halfway throughout the wedding and the extra metal piece actually scratched my hand with quite a bad cut. So I guess this might be a better option.

Here's the actual day photos on ROM with the flowers
user posted image
user posted image

Picking of Wedding Band

Most of the girls are pretty particular about this. Especially with the word of "once in a lifetime" being used most of the time. But well, you will also have to budget carefully and not over spent. Something more practical would be great, as you both will be wearing this on a daily basis. Something more lasting perhaps. Unless you don't plan to wear this on a daily basis, those with weird shape and diamond jutting out, to me it's really quite annoying that i hit into things every time I do some housework or washing. Then you feel heartache...

We only went to 3 shops and made the decision as we already know how much budget we have for this
1. Poh Kong - 1-2k range
Their design is fine, looks good from the outside, but once I have a good look at the ring, most of them are 'hollow' in the middle
Feels very cheapskate and light

2. Tomei
My engagement ring was bought from there, so I thought got discount voucher RM100 can go and look see.
Found the one I kinda like but was way too expensive, about 3.9k for the pair with rose gold
Tomei price tier is a lil bit higher and most of the range they don't give discount

3. Wah Chan
Many of my girls friends told me to head here, as they do give discounts
Manage to find something we like at the first glance
Discount given and one pair costed us about RM2.1k which was decent
We didn't wanted any diamond on the guy's ring
and comes with such a pretty box

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Picking of dates

Yup picking of date is kinda compulsory for many chinese to get an auspicious date. My mum actually told me to just go on the internet and Google a date. However, we wanted a date next year and there's no "Thung Sheng" which is only until end of this year. So to cut the hassle, we just went and paid for this and get things done.

There's a few choices around PJ/KL
Most famous is:

Loh Tit Pat 罗铁笔结婚择日馆 (I use them because they were fast)
No. 63D, 1ST FLOOR,
TEL : 03-2070 0917
Daily 10am-5pm
Sunday 9am-12pm
Friday, rest day and open during public holidays

Loh Tim Gei 罗添记
3-5,Lorong Pudu, 50050,KL.
Mon - Sat : 9am - 5pm
Sunday: 11:30 to 4:30

Yin Xi Fang Auspicious Services
D-G-08, Jalan Metro Perdana 3,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,
52100 KL

Casa De Vines S/B
03-5637 7062

Sunway Pyramid L1.AV.185,
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
46150 Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

谷中鸣 Kok CHong Ming
Website: http://www.kokchongming.com/
Kuala Lumpur Main Office
No.4-1, Jalan Pinggir, 4KM,Jalan Ipoh,51200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-4041 9613, 4041 9614, 4041 9618 Fax: 603-4041 9619
Email : [email protected]

Picking date process for me:
I called them up and told them I wanted a date early next year after CNY and if they can do so, they answered yes and I told them that I don't wanna go down all the way to Petaling Street to submit the information.
1. They whatsapp me the whole list of things that I need to fill in (Usually bride & groom's birthdate and time, parent's born year)
2. I bank in to them and whatsapp back to them on the receipt and information
3. They acknowledge receipt and called me if there's any other information required
4. 5pm they whatsapp me back on the dates
5. I replied them after I've decided on my wedding date
6. They prepared the box for me and self collect, they will tell you what and what not to do on the actual day and before

There were a few more options available, you can ask for appointment to meet the shifu (normally need to wait 1-2months) or you can go personally to submit. We didn't wanted to see the sifu because we were not interested in knowing about the 'future'

RM250 for picking of dates & the box
RM350 for seeing the sifu, picking of date & box

Pinjam photo again, here's how the box looks like and comes with set for groom and bride
user posted image
user posted image

Located above a very old photography shop
user posted image

Memang very traditional looking place
user posted image

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Title says budget therefore hotel is definitely out of the question.
I did a research on all the banquets in PJ mostly.

Here's the menus that I've tabulated, you can view the file from here.
Banquet Menus

I personally picked Palace Group because the menu were one of the most 'worth' because by paying such amount, the rest of the restaurant wouldn't be giving you suckling pig at those rates.

Many would think that the place is small (besides Menara LYL) but to me, what's most important is the place is decent and not too cramp but yet cozy.

Per table: RM900++ (menu will change by a bit and cost will increase next year by a bit but the food will be better) - that's what they told me
Beer : RM14.70 per bottle (current pricing)
Alcohol: Budgeting about 2-3 red wines per table, RM28 x 3 x 35 tables = RM2,940.00 (one of my uncle buka winery, so got discount biggrin.gif )
Not serving other alcohol, parents said no need.

10 pax food tasting 2-3 months before wedding (to confirm the menu)
Up to 5 invitation card (you know la quite fugly one, so top up a few hundred for better looking ones. Plan to design on my own)
RM100 corkage one time fee chargeable for whatever or you want to bring in 1000 bottles also ok
Free flow of chinese tea & soft drink
Free 'fake' cake for you to cut
Emcee is free but is the Captain of the restaurant la biggrin.gif
Decoration which is what you see, is what you get
Champagne for the yum seng on the stage

Deposit: Usually 10% or RM3,000 depends on how many tables

Take note: Do not commit to too many tables. Just need to give a rough count ie 30, 40, 50. The banquet would only ask you to confirm your exact no. of table like a week or 4-5 days before. Once you commit you need to pay for them. They usually only prepare 1 reserve table on the actual day. If your guests didn't turn up, then you would need pay for the empty table on that day but you can return to have the meal with half a year validity or so.

Things to consider
Food quality, ask around your friends/colleague (I personally had a few dinner in Palace Group, the dish were big and most of them gave compliments)
Parking issues (is there ample of parking spaces? if not your guest would be so frustrated huh?)
Alcohol (do you really need that much or different types of alcohol?)
Guests to invite (Go through your list, thoroughly)
Convenience (Any hotels nearby, for yourself and guest?)
Room for bride to makeup
Room to calculate money
Any reserve parking bays for bridal car

I personally like this place a lot - HGH Convention Hall located in Sentul's school. The place might not look so good from the front but inside the hall is definitely looking grand and even better than many hotels because there's not pillars and your main table is placed on a platform. The menus were pretty decent, but sadly you need 50 tables for weekend's dinner and we can't meet that quota.
user posted image

user posted image

Insentif Perkahwinan Belia
If you're a Selangor's citizen, you're indeed lucky. Selangor government is giving RM500 (previously RM300) for each individual who got married.
Yes, so if both of you are from Selangor, then you will get RM1,000.00
You're born in Selangor with your IC no. 10,41,42,43 dan 44 in the middle
You've stayed in Selangor for more than 10 years, you need to prove this with your school's leaving cert

user posted image

1. Terbuka kepada semua kaum
2. Tiada sebarang had pendapatan.
3. Lahir di Negeri Selangor atau telah bermastautin di Negeri Selangor selama 10 tahun (perlu pengesahan ADUN/Penghulu/Pengerusi JKKK/Pengerusi Taman)
4. Pemohon Islam: Sijil Nikah yang berdaftar dengan Jabatan agama Islam Selangor atau mana-mana Jabatan Islam Negeri.
5. Pemohon Bukan Islam: Sijil Pendaftaran Perkahwinan didaftarkan di Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara di semua cawangan Selangor atau Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara di setiap negeri.
6. Perkahwinan kali pertama sahaja.
7. Pengantin lelaki atau perempuan tidak melebihi usia 35 tahun semasa tarikh bernikah atau pendaftaran.
8. Permohonan hanya terbuka kepada perkahwinan / pernikahan / berdaftar pada atau selepas 1 Januari 2013.
9. Sah laku permohonan adalah sehingga 3 bulan selepas tarikh bernikah (bagi pasangan Islam) atau berdaftar (bagi pasangan bukan Islam)

Link for more info on Perkahwinan Belia
Download the form

Don't bother trying to change your IC address if you're from another state trying your luck for this, the IC department have all your details since day 1.

How to get this done?
1. Download the form, attached all the necessary documents as per above
2. Submit them to your nearest DUN office, acknowledgement copy for your safe keeping
3. Wait, wait and wait (1-3 months?)
4. They will call you to either attend an event to present you the BSN certificate or you can collect from Shah Alam office
5. Another 1 month of waiting for the BSN certificate that was issued ahead
6. Go to BSN with the cert and collect your cash money

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GDL aka Gor Dai Lei List 过大礼

Well, this is part of the chinese tradition to send betrothal gifts to the girl's side about a week before. If you did let the one as above picked the dates, they do come with this date as well.

There's an extensive list of GDL to follow, but here's the most basic one for your own reference and depending on what the girl's parents request.

Male side (To return)
洋酒一对 (Wine or liquor 2 bottles)
迎亲鸡一对 或 红包代替 (Pair of chicken or substitude with angpau)
聘金 (Dowry in red packet)
苹果18粒, 橙18粒 (18 Apple , 18 Oranges)
龙凤烛2对或4对 (Chinese wedding candles 2 or 4 pairs)
红布,男家九尺九,女家最少九尺 (9feet9“for groom, 9feet minimum for bride)
离乳礼金 Appreciation money for MIL
9 样吉祥品双份 (9 Auspicious tray 2 sets)
金猪或红包代替 (Whole roast pig or substitude with red packet)

*Note: All gifts will need to place a red packet

Female side
橙水一对 (Orange juice 2 bottles)
回鸡红包 (A pair of chicken or red packet must be lesser)
聘金 [要回] (Bethoral money): Partial of the money to be returned to groom
礼饼 [要回] (Wedding biscuits)
苹果9粒, 橙9粒 (9 Apple , 9 Oranges)
衣食碗 (Auspicious Dragon & Phoenix bowl)
12谷米 或 5谷米 (12grain or 5grain rice)
女婿钱包,腰带 (Groom wallet and belt)
9 样吉祥品 (9 Auspicious tray 1 set) 1 to be returned
金猪 [要回] - 切中间猪头,尾 四肢猪腿要回 (Roast pig to cut the middle section and return pig's head, tail and four legs)
新女婿裤,每个裤带要放红包 (A pair of male long pants for groom, with red packet in every pocket)
橙一对 红包一个放在猪头和尾中间,用红纸包上

*Note: All gifts will need to place a red packet

Bedding 安床
This is up to the couple whether they want to do so or not. If no, and your parents are not particular, just go buy a new 'red' sheets and change them for your wedding day. The date is provided by the picking date person as well.

有福气分别男家长辈 (Elder couple)
古钱, 缘钱 , 红包 ('Old coin', thread and ang pau, normally you can ask the shop and they do sell)
莲子,百合 , 龙眼 , 红枣 , 喜糖 (Lotus , lily, longan , red dates, candy)
生果 (苹果,橙)各1粒 (apple and orange 1 each)
红包2封 (放钱)(ang pau, inside got money one la)


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Gowns & Shoes


Well, many would ask, are you serious? Buying a gown for your once in a lifetime wedding without trying at all?
Yea, my answer is that I am serious. And the other question is about quality wise that things are literally MADE IN CHINA.
Tell me which is not? Those you got from bridal gallery comes from China too, unless they're by some famous designers in Paris, Rome then I don't know la.
Then perhaps you shouldn't be reading here at all.

There are reasons why I choose to buy from taobao:
1. I'm relatively small size, therefore easier to fit in standard size (not showing off, just drawing comparison)
2. My mum is a tailor, therefore personal service la tongue.gif
3. I pay peanuts and I don't get monkey
4. I get to keep the gown as mine paying such price or sell them away later
5. They're not too bad after all

As of now that I've purchased 3 gowns from Taobao and how to taobao? That's a whole long set of instructions. If you want to know how, PM me and I have already written on a 'taobao guide'.

Well, all I said is that you need to do quite a bit of research, not quite feasible if you can't read mandarin.

I bought 4 gowns in total
Everything costed me about RM750 (That's what you paid for renting one gown here)

Gown 1
About RMB500 (RM270)
I was amazed at the quality of this very gown when I received. The gown is really beautiful with the back about 1m long.
Also adjustable strap on the back, makes that easier for adjustment. Only drawback is the tummy area which is super stiff and hard to sit down. I guess, most of the gowns are like that, just need to get used to this for few hours tongue.gif

Gown looks exactly like what they place on the website
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

How the gown looks in actual
user posted image

Gown 2
About RMB220 (About RM150)
This gown looks quite simple in actual but acceptable to me as I don't really want anything too grand in such a venue, not doing in hotel or what so ever.
Quality is not too bad and kinda like the back.

user posted image
user posted image

How the gown looks in actual
user posted image

Gown 3
About RMM200+ which is RM100+
These whole piece of gown is made of lace. I am also really pleased with the quality, there's no stain and no damage on the gown when I got this.
Only drawback is the neck portion which is a bit big and will have to alter. The rest seemed fine..
Something that is not too grand as well

Original photo
user posted image
I bought the one without the long dragging part because I wanted to use this for morning, kinda troublesome to walk around

In actual
user posted image
user posted image
See the quality on your own, the lace are pretty nice

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Misc Items

Teapot set bought from
SS2 https://www.facebook.com/ss2uwedding?fref=ts
Friend got married they gave them vouchers so we were entitled for 30% off for this smile.gif
Total damage about RM50+
Didn't wanted something that looks too traditional because after that I won't be able to use them.

user posted image

Wrist flowers - Ji Muis to wear during the actual day morning
Real flowers are really heavy and expensive and the stem ended up cutting my hand previous and leaving a long scratch mark, so why not go for these?
Cheap only about RMB4 which means about RM2.50 each and looks so good

user posted image

Teddy bears
RMB58 which is about RM32 for a pair of 7-8" tall bears
Initially wanted to use for my bridal car, didn't expect the quality and everything to be so nice. Guess just gonna use as deco for our bed
user posted image

Bowties for HengDais to wear
The whole theme will be mint blue aka tiffany blue
The quality is pretty good, not the usual smooth type but with a bit of texture. RMB5+ which is about RM3 each
user posted image

Other misc decorations and stuffs

For glass decorations
user posted image

Ang Pau
user posted image
user posted image

Paper cup for minum teh
user posted image

user posted image

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To use for the second gown during the night
Bought this from Charles & Keith warehouse sales for about RM70-80
user posted image

To use for wedding photoshoot
Bought this from Tangs for only RM30, can you believe this? There's a corner in Tangs whereby they will put out all the shoes with minor defects or odd sizes at 80-90% off whereby their initial price tags are over RM1,000
From the photo, you barely see any defect was just a short line drawn by a pen and I don't mind since my photoshoot outdoor in the grass will dirty the shoes as well
user posted image

To use for the night with my white gown
This is like my best steal ever, just costed about RM120 initially price about RM1,000+
The very moment felt like Cinderalla found her glass slippers
user posted image

Christy Ng
To use for morning
Everyone knows Christy Ng I bet..
I got this pair when they were on sales at 50% which was only about RM130+
Initially I was contemplating for Kate Mozella for the quality but whatever la, since I am just wearing once and there's this pair here which is good enough
user posted image

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Picking of Wedding Bands

In all, I'm quiet a cincai person or easily pleased la. But I'm quiet petty on certain stuffs when it comes to planning I will draw down to little details.

Picking of ring was quiet an easy task, we only spend less than 2hours in a mall and just made our choice immediately.

Initially I saw some catalogs online and thought that Poh Kong might be a good choice since the rings looks pretty good. However when I stepped into the shop the quality of the rings disappoint me very much that they are so light and I didn't even realise if I were to drop them.

user posted image

user posted image

These actually cost about RM1k plus to 2k, not worth at all because the middle part is totally hollow
Then I proceeded to Tomei where I got a voucher bcos of my engagement ring

Most of them are over budget, the ones that I like is over RM5k, good wife la I don't want my hubby to spend too much and we stick to our budget as close as possible. Once in a lifetime don't apply for everything.
user posted image

Then I proceeded to Wah Chan and theirs was priced at a much more reasonable price
That's how we found this pair at a very decent price for only about RM2k plus after discount given
user posted image
Initially wanted to go home and think think first, but well then we just decided on the spot that we should just get this pair

The pair that I love the most is this from Love&Co.
Hubby promised to buy these at some point of our anniversary once we reach that financial state in our marriage. Actually leh, we are not really that poor just weighing what's worth not after buying a house and with such economy, perhaps it is better just to save for rainy days.
user posted image

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QUOTE(manpower4x4 @ Mar 17 2015, 02:30 PM)
Let me help Princess here on a non-traditional Chinese wedding. My and fiancee and I are going to get married at church and these are the things we had for costing:

1) Rings - RM1,200: For this, if your wife to be is not very fussy about having designer jewelry or stuffs, this budget is enough to get a decent pair from Wah Chan. They look nice and are sturdy too.

2) Shoes - RM70 (guy), RM150 (girl): I seriously cannot suggest anything. But for a pair of black shoes for a guy that costs anywhere between 60 to 150 is a fair deal for me. As for the girl's one, you can try shoe places around Bukit Bintang areas to get  fair deals.

3) Bridal Package - RM3700: I had to choose and take this. Simple. Everything is done and no hassle. From gowns to tuxes and all, just everything is given to you. Be sure to bargain for the better deal as you know you can. Avoid taking packages from Bridal Fair periods as they might not give as much additional bonuses due to standardisation among vendors in the fair.

4) Church - RM1050: Alright. This one I am not sure how much will be charged if you 2 are from the same church and getting married there. My case is different as I need to get a third party church to do it as I am from a Protestant and my wife to be, a RC. Not included is the Token (ang pow) to the pastor of the church.

5) Make up - RM850 (day and night included): I found this lady online who runs a small make up academy. Berry Lim from Facebook gave me a very good price as I am the groom and I am asking instead of my fiancee. In this deal, 2 free basic make up for the morning session is given free to any 2 ladies of your choice. Add in RM50 per person for basic make up for your other bridesmaids. For night, I am getting a free basic make up as well for free.

6) Wedding Dinner - RM6000+ (100 pax): OK, here's the deal. I was looking around places to do a buffet style dinner as to me, Chinese style dinner is not what I want. I have asked places around KL and PJ but I came across one place which is extremely good in price and good in buffet spread. Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. Not sure if the Chinese Banquet side is as good in terms of pricing but this is definitely a good place if you are on a budget. Cockage is one of the lowest as well.

7) Church and Dinner Hall Deco - RM3550: Here's the catch. I found this place that gave me a good budget for Deco. For my church, I only will spend about RM650 while RM2900 is for the dinner hall. Quite good deco and all. SomethingSpecial2You is the shop name and it's located at SS2.

These are all for now.
Thanks smile.gif Yea, indeed a budget wedding is possible. IF only the parents and girl is ok.
Will update the thread slowly. Been busy with ROM and work.

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QUOTE(darx84 @ Mar 17 2015, 03:30 PM)
phone up the restaurant, they will charged additional 16% for less than 25 tables.
I see, mine is 35 tables so there's no extra charge and they threw in FOC food tasting 10pax for me.

You called LYL ? Try Mutiara Palace. They were open to negotiation.
I heard from Kepong restaurants are good too.
post Mar 18 2015, 12:45 PM

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QUOTE(zhou86 @ Mar 17 2015, 03:23 PM)
Thanks for this. I am also in the midst of organizing my wedding, non-Chinese style in Church. But my location is in Malacca though.

Any example photos of your wedding would be super helpful as well. smile.gif
I belum done by wedding yet wor, in the midst of planning a year ahead
But I've purchased misc items, gowns, teddy bears and also decided on banquet, pre-wedding shoot, got quotes for MUA and also actual day.
post Mar 18 2015, 05:38 PM

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QUOTE(zhou86 @ Mar 18 2015, 05:17 PM)
Wah...you really do so much research already. What about manpower4x4?
GST coming, what to do. Hahahaa, no la just do as and when I have the time. A year sometimes is just like a blink of eye.
post Mar 19 2015, 10:02 AM

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QUOTE(zhou86 @ Mar 18 2015, 06:27 PM)
Yeah, I totally understand that. I thought 1 year would be enough, now I am panicking, although wedding day is end of this year.  shocking.gif
Haha, all the best to you k.

QUOTE(MandyG @ Mar 18 2015, 06:32 PM)
The box inside is what? How much is the charges for select date?

Price are all written on the post, kindly read thoroughly.
What's inside? Refer to the photo. Things to stick in the bridal car, heng dai car, ang pau packets, guide of what to do when and what.

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post Mar 19 2015, 12:23 PM

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QUOTE(manpower4x4 @ Mar 19 2015, 10:50 AM)
Well, I was planning like about 9 months ahead. Looking around for all the stuffs. Because my wedding is on an auspicious date in September (which I chose by accident based on the church's availability) so I quickly settled off the basics of everything. Now only left with the cake. As for me, I did not go a lot of places. Just get a few quotations around town and my area and if they don't fit, I will expand my search further down.
Lucky you, that's if the girl is willing to accommodate to most of the things and you give in some to her.
There's a lot who insist to like look around the all the jewelry shop over like a month just for a ring. Or any other simple stuffs.
To me, there's no need for it la, keep things simple minimise the arguments for both, make life easier.
I found my wedding ring at the 3rd shop and decided immediately biggrin.gif

QUOTE(zhou86 @ Mar 19 2015, 11:37 AM)
Ya, same. Mine also auspicious, (12/12), so hard to get the vendors we want/like. Haha.
Semua sama date rclxms.gif
post Mar 19 2015, 12:29 PM

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QUOTE(zhou86 @ Mar 19 2015, 12:26 PM)
Haha yours also? Congrats ya!  rclxms.gif
haha no la as in auspicious dates
that's why restaurants hv to book like a year ahead.

mine is march 2016
post Mar 19 2015, 01:30 PM

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QUOTE(manpower4x4 @ Mar 19 2015, 01:13 PM)
Ring Story:

Fiancee: What is budget for ring?
Me: Best is RM1.5k for both rings.

Walks into Wah Chan One Utama

Fiancee: This design nice
Me: Ok, but we see first. Don't decide yet.

1 month later bought that ring there.
eh, I also bought from the same place exactly tongue.gif
My budget for wedding band is about 2k+
Poh Kong's quality is so cheapskate, at least Wah Chan still gave me discount when I asked and their rings are more solid for that kind of price. Poh Kong macam i pay 50cent put in the 'telur machine' twist twist keluar one..
post Mar 19 2015, 04:31 PM

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QUOTE(manpower4x4 @ Mar 19 2015, 03:56 PM)
But their prices also not as affordable as Wah Chan. Their reasoning when I went to one of their outlets was that they sell Yellow Gold, so there's no cheap and good Yellow Gold. Wah Chan sells White Gold, that one cheaper. I was like, silence.
Those that I was looking at was the same white gold like what they have in Wah Chan wo..
Not even looking at gold hmm.gif
post Mar 23 2015, 03:05 PM

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QUOTE(Left4Dead2 @ Mar 21 2015, 08:20 PM)
This show be put to Sticky Thread  thumbup.gif
QUOTE(manpower4x4 @ Mar 23 2015, 02:43 PM)
Agreed....Will share more info as my date nears as well.
Thanks guys, will try to write more once I have free time smile.gif
But only 'poor' or 'wise' people find it useful tongue.gif
Because many put up a grand wedding for 'show' but since they can afford, then by all means.
post Apr 7 2015, 12:59 AM

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QUOTE(chloe_yee87 @ Apr 2 2015, 01:10 AM)
Very informative guys!
Super helpful for bride/groom to be. Pls do update more ya.
Am amazed by the level of details u guys have, thought usually girls will plan all these  laugh.gif
I'm a girl sad.gif

Hahaha, yea I agreed that normally the girl would be the one planning with all the details. My fiance don't really get involve much unless I need his feedback or input for things. But sometimes when the girl do too much also kinda like one way thing. I also will nag and push him to get somethings done.

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