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> is it illegal to carry pocket knife above 3 inches

post May 22 2012, 06:50 PM

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I've been doing some research on knives and swords. I've consulted the laws, lawyers and cops.


Details here:
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Punishment under SECTION 6 (1):
- Maximum two year jail term and whipping.

My interpretation:
1. The law does not describe how "long" the knife has to be to be considered a dangerous weapon.
2. The law clearly stipulates that balisongs/switchblades (both understood by the law as flick knife) and the gravity knives are illegal.
3. The law clearly stipulates that anything designed to stab or pierce flesh is illegal.
4. Swords of all type are strictly forbidden.
5. Swords or other forbidden items are only legal if they are where they are designed to be - e.g. Sword at a Martial Arts Dojo, Parang at a garden shed instead of your car etc

1. Penknives/pocketknives, by nature of being small and designed for non-lethal use, are not illegal.
2. Multi-tools are designed to be *multi-tools* and thus the knife was not designed for lethal use.
3. Single-hand operated folding knives are subjective.
- If I were to carry one, I would choose a model that is not designed for stabbing (single-sided blade, includes serrated blade. See sample here.)
- Probably not recommended for our ambigous laws.
4. Cops have the discretion to decide whether your penknife etc is forbidden under this law.
5. Even a baton/T-baton/cota can be considered a weapon.

Additional notes:
1. No. I can't import the sword I wanted.
2. I carry a Leatherman Style CS on my keychain*.
3. I equip a small letter opener in the car for practical reasons.
4. I have two SAKs which I keep at home for home use and they have travelled with me overseas (check-in lugguage).

Hope this helps and I look foward to hearing feedback.

*My keychain is my primary self-defence weapon and I hold it whenever I'm in dodgy places.

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post Sep 21 2012, 03:31 AM

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Sorry for my long abscence from this thread. I've spoken to policemen and lawyers before on this topic and in conclusion, the application of the law in this country is, at best, inconsistent.

The fellows patrolling the streets and manning roadblocks range from the constables fresh out of Pulapol up until a Sergeant and the occasional Sergeant Major and Sub-Inspector out for... erm... fresh air.

So don't expect these people to know the exact details or nuances of the law or even the existence of a particular law, which I've experienced first hand before (non-knife related case. Don't worry, I was never charged. I'm innocent tongue.gif).

Ultimately, a lot will depend on how you explain during your 112 statement that the knife you are carrying was not designed, nor do you intend it, for lethal use.

Now, as pointed out by Low7, the SELF DEFENCE plea did not work in court. This is because there is no provisions in the CORROSIVE AND EXPLOSIVE SUBSTANCES AND OFFENSIVE WEAPONS ACT 1958, he should have explained that it was for work purposes and the judge would have to set him free.

Hackwire: I will not carry the Wenger Ranger. Long blade, pointed tip and single-handed operation does not help your case when you are in court.

The funny thing about criminal court is that: As the accused, the only thing you need to prove to the court is REASONABLE DOUBT. If your job requires you to cut boxes, carrying a pen knife is perfectly acceptable. If you are a sushi chef, you can explain that you need to bring the knife home for sharpening. I'm an angler. I always have a fishing rod in my boot. My leatherman's main purpose is to cut fishing line smile.gif



As pointed out by some of you, yes, the police seem to turn a blind eye to the parangs, baseball bats and batons in a car. But not all the time. As mentioned by the others, there was reasons for this - "family car" etc. If it was a car with dodgy looking ahbengs/rajus/alis, it might be a different story.

I have a friend who keeps a bat in the car while my relative keeps a large screwdriver with a nicely homemade holder at the drivers seat. They have both been searched, but they were released after a few questions by the side of the road.

I conclude, and correct me if I'm wrong, that the police have reasons to believe that the two examples above do not have any illegitimate use of the items.



I'm keen on Benchmade and Spyderco. Problem is, they look really "ganas" and I don't think it can be part of my EDC.


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