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> is it illegal to carry pocket knife above 3 inches

post Sep 21 2012, 11:48 PM

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Aiya.. cops in msia can catch you whenever they want la..

too thirsty for water jor.
post Oct 3 2012, 11:31 PM

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QUOTE(trent666 @ May 22 2012, 06:50 PM)
I've been doing some research on knives and swords. I've consulted the laws, lawyers and cops.


Details here:
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Punishment under SECTION 6 (1):
- Maximum two year jail term and whipping.

My interpretation:
1. The law does not describe how "long" the knife has to be to be considered a dangerous weapon.
2. The law clearly stipulates that balisongs/switchblades (both understood by the law as flick knife) and the gravity knives are illegal.
3. The law clearly stipulates that anything designed to stab or pierce flesh is illegal.
4. Swords of all type are strictly forbidden.
5. Swords or other forbidden items are only legal if they are where they are designed to be - e.g. Sword at a Martial Arts Dojo, Parang at a garden shed instead of your car etc

1. Penknives/pocketknives, by nature of being small and designed for non-lethal use, are not illegal.
2. Multi-tools are designed to be *multi-tools* and thus the knife was not designed for lethal use.
3. Single-hand operated folding knives are subjective.
- If I were to carry one, I would choose a model that is not designed for stabbing (single-sided blade, includes serrated blade. See sample here.)
- Probably not recommended for our ambigous laws.
4. Cops have the discretion to decide whether your penknife etc is forbidden under this law.
5. Even a baton/T-baton/cota can be considered a weapon.

Additional notes:
1. No. I can't import the sword I wanted.
2. I carry a Leatherman Style CS on my keychain*.
3. I equip a small letter opener in the car for practical reasons.
4. I have two SAKs which I keep at home for home use and they have travelled with me overseas (check-in lugguage).

Hope this helps and I look foward to hearing feedback.

*My keychain is my primary self-defence weapon and I hold it whenever I'm in dodgy places.
Once I was remanded for this stupid law. Why stupid? Because the police are given the rights to frisk you or simply check your transportations for "dangerous items" based on "suspicions" without a warrant. They wasted my time and energy just because I came back from a camping trip and forgot to stash my knife safely at home. They tried connecting me to the nearest reported cases involving knives as a weapon, and lucky thing there was no reported cases nearby the area I was in. They could've bring me to sessions court the next day and charge me straight on as there was no other cases to tie me on but they decided to ask the judge for a 7 day remand. Also lucky thing I asked for shorter remand times as I was still in college that time, so the judge gave the police 4 days to "investigate". They were supposed to put me through drug tests but it didn't happen, just a short harmless interrogation and fingerprinting. But what upsets me was the 4 + 1 days of being held in the holding cell with nothing to do. If I were to be remanded for 7 days boy I'd attempt to hang myself for going insane. Jails can make a person insane by making them stare into endless voids not knowing what day or what time it is outside.

As I got out, my bail was set to RM1.6k. Took me two friggin' years to clear off my case, luckily I had a lawyer who was willing to represent me pro-bono. One lawyer in PJ who advertises himself around the PJ Sessions Court as "Elvis Malaysia" was a legal "crack-lawyer" who charges damn expensively - to open up my file he wanted to charge me RM5k, not worth it at all for a small stupid case involving knives.

However, being a free-man again I would like to address how stupid are our outdated laws. Fine, bringing knives to public areas should go on as an offense but to give authorities the rights to search you and your property under mere suspicions without a warrant? I don't wanna come back to this country anymore, and if the govt wants to take away my citizenship I'd say go ahead, I don't like your political ideals and lifestyles anyways.
post Oct 4 2012, 11:59 AM

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Just to put things in perspective, pepper spray is used in US to defend against bears.
post Jan 5 2015, 10:52 AM

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QUOTE(conxtion @ Oct 4 2012, 11:59 AM)
Just to put things in perspective, pepper spray is used in US to defend against bears.
Pepper spray and bear spray are two different things, as pepper spray is usually ranged at 10 feet is pocket sized while bear spray is rated with much more stopping power, ranged at around 30 feet and is not pocket sized and usually requires a belt hoster.

In the US, bear spray is usually only legal for carry in state parks with high risks of bear attacks, which is not a lot of them with the Northern states and Alaska being the exceptions; while pepper spray is legal to carry in most places as a self-defense tool (laws vary by states, counties and cities). For example, it is illegal to carry pepper spray in New York City, but in some other cities in the state of New York, it is legal to carry.

Knife laws vary too by state, county, and city laws and regulations (most of the times institution policies too, for e.g., university institutions). If you're interested in learning but these, just Google "knife laws by states in US" or "pepper spray laws by states" or even "gun laws by states".

I've lived in JB for 17 years growing up, near KL for bout 2 years before furthering my studies in the US. What I've been taught and what I've learn to stay safe or not to get slashed, stabbed or shot is, don't go out after dark, if you have to, avoid quite places, stay in busy areas. Avoid driving in quite, less traveled roads.

I carry a pocket knife while travelling in the US, but it's more of a convenience as a multi-purpose tool rather than a self-defense tool. You know what they say, "don't bring a knife to a gun fight". Yes, most of my friends in the US keep a gun in their glove box, and yes, it is legal in most places to do so. In the state of Indiana, "stand your ground" law does exist, that means if someone charges in your direction or continues approaching youeven if you've warn them not to, if you so feel like your safety has been threatened, you have committed no crime if you shoot the person dead with self-defense as the main reason. But of course, not a crime doesn't mean no consequences, you'll still be arrested and get a trial in court and it's ultimately up to the juries to determine if you're guilty. For those of you that didn't know, this might come as a cultural shock to you, I know it did to me when I first learned bout it.

Why am I telling you these? There's a lot of media influences from the US, particularly Hollywood, and the internet. The 3-inch blade law is not applicable in Malaysia, but it is applicable to most of the states in the US. Be aware of your rights and how far the extend of laws protects you from it. Know your surroundings and the culture. There's much more corruption in M'sia than there is in the US, that includes the peace officers and police officers. I wouldn't worry much while travelling in the US as the police there are very efficient and effective, with a few cities like Cleveland in Ohio, Gary in Indiana and Detroit, Michigan as exceptions. When I do need to visit places like Gary or Detroit, I just think of myself being back in JB, avoid dark alleys, keep your distance from passers-by, etc.

In conclusion, know your surroundings and local culture. Local as in by cities and regions, not nation. As like crime rate in JB is different from in George Town. Research in advance places you're planning on visiting, travel smart, as your head is your best weapon. Only fight if you can't avoid. That being avoid getting into a situation that would threaten your safety first, run if you could to avoid a fight, only attack if you have no other choice, and run at the first chance you get.

PS: For those of you that doesn't know how to use a pepper spray as I've read from the threads above, it's spray to disable your attacker and run at first chance, NOT spray and stay to see what happens next. Using a pepper spray is only giving yourself a headstart running away from danger.
post Jan 5 2015, 12:44 PM

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A fist is well within the law.
post Jan 6 2015, 12:53 AM

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i carry a butterfly multitool with me

the kind SWAT uses
post Apr 28 2017, 05:43 PM

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As a former boy scout I am deeply interested in getting one of these pocket knives to use in the wilderness.


Can this one pass kastam? If bole I want to buy it even if I can't carry it around the street, I plan to bring it with me whenever I go jungle trekking wif mai frens.

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