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> [WTDispute] SCAMMER PENIPU MUHAMAD AZLAN BIN DELI, Still Active Conman here!

post Feb 27 2012, 12:26 PM, updated 11y ago

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From: Malacca
Last online : 30th MAY 2012 - 6:13AM (HE IS STILL VERY ACTIVE AROUND HERE with other IDs) BEWARE !
Forumer you are complaining against:
LYN multiple nicks:
galaxy! aka (kemaman/kuantan)
kalanghold aka (kemaman/kuantan)
mers mark aka (kemaman/kuantan)

Contact: 0134265426 / 0134265416/ 0148033614 / 01114900697 / 0132942702 / and many more...

Name: MUHAMAD AZLAN BIN DELI / Muhamad Azlan Bin Deh <<< SCAMMER, He changes LYN ID frequently. Look for this name <<<

>> Bank Islam: 13026020419140 <<
Attached Image

IC: 890607-11-5371

No. F5, Jalan Teratai
Bandar Seri Bandi
24000 Kemaman

Driving with Expired License!!!
Attached Image
[21May2012 Noticed he just paid the summons after i posted this picture few days ago, he is following this topic ! ]

Most active in: Full Systems, CPU, Motherboards, Casings, PSUs

Photo: TBA soon
Family details: TBA soon

Item being sold/bought: Q9505 (claimed to be sold)

Original thread link: http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showtopic=2204841&hl=
(He already closed it)

Date of transaction: Feb 20 2012 21.15PM Rm350

Details of the complaint :
He posted item for sale. I paid him. Then informed me item sold. I asked for refund. Keep delay refund (busy, fever, not online etc).
On 25Feb2012 at 4.12pm he sms me he already refund me Rm350 using cash deposit. I check instantly until 6.30pm still don't have. Asked for reference number. He said slip where got number. He said he used direct cash deposit and confirmed to be my account. I request to upload/send slip. Keep delay again say not free/no online etc. He said will upload when online. (where on earth cash deposit not instantly show the amount increase if he really did bank in at 4pm or earlier).
That night around 11.40pm i checked still didn't receive Rm350 but there's a deposit of Rm300. I asked him how much he deposit and once again he said Rm350. rclxub.gif
I request to upload deposit slip and he gave excuses.
On 26Feb2012 i sms him. He now replied say his "friend" already refunded me. (Suddenly another people involved). I asked him to post the slip. NO REPLY. Waited and finally he online at 5.19pm. But he online just to delete his thread.
Again I sms him and he insist that he deposited Rm350 to me. Ask to post transaction slip. This time he say slip not with him. Very hard for him to post. Keep asking me check account. I check don't have Rm350. I asked again and told him I'll report if he still delay. He scold me and say want report go report, he don't care. shakehead.gif
Feeling weird I asked again what amount and what time he deposit. NO REPLY.
I sms one more time in English and BM (as he normally reply me in mixed language) requesting what amount and what time he deposit. still NO REPLY
The next day 27Feb2012 after verifying with all my customers i noticed the Rm300 is not from them. So this makes me suspect RM300 deposit is from him. I sms him asking if he deposit Rm300 only is it. NO REPLY.

Few questions left me thinking why he acting so weird:
1. Told me wrong deposit time?
Told me he refunded at 4pm and i did not receive until late night? sweat.gif

2. Told me wrong deposit amount?
After i pm you regarding the case, i manage to check the deposit of Rm300 late at night.

3. Insist refund Rm350?
Told me refund Rm350 and i received Rm300 (which he did not deny and did not confirm. What he insist is Rm350, made me go through the hassle asking all my customers who bank in rm300 and so far none confirm) rclxub.gif

4. Ask to post deposit slip give excuses. shakehead.gif

5. Promise to upload deposit slip when online but instead online to close his thread? (So hard to upload while he can upload the 20k car photo)?

6. Told him i'll report if still delay but instead scold me and dare me to report. What's wrong with him? doh.gif

Summary - CHEATER
This make me suspect he has intention to cheat.
Don't want to deposit and waste my time keep asking me check balance. Until late night i received an anonymous Rm300 deposit
He insist Rm350? Where is the Rm50 then? Or the Rm300 not from him also? rclxub.gif doh.gif
Still don't want to post deposit slip? mad.gif
Sms him and NO REPLY anymore since 27Feb2012.

He registered as new member and already started to post multiple sales thread. Even posted Successful Thread Lists.
Many of his threads still active. One of his thread involved 20k car. Do hope others will not fall into his trick.

Wasted my weekend because of him. Worse is case not settled yet! vmad.gif
He will give you his name as MUHAMAD AZLAN and will ask to use Bank Islam as he has no other accounts. Please check for the FULL name as stated above.
STAY AWAY FROM HIM before you get conned big time!!

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post Mar 3 2012, 02:23 PM

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From: Malacca
QUOTE(alfiejr @ Mar 3 2012, 04:11 AM)
He had several ID's  rclxub.gif , how about making a police report?
Sure will. Don't worry. nod.gif


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