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> Dinner with TM CEO, ZAMZAMZAIRANI MOHD ISA, Time for some Q&A

post Nov 8 2010, 06:23 PM, updated 9y ago

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The online community knows me. I'm Aizuddin Danian, blogger at http://www.aizuddindanian.com/ and http://www.mycigarblog.org/ and ex-GM of LOTH, and long-time member of LYN. I'm not a TM mole or employed by TM in any way. I've been asked to represent us, and i will try my best to do so in an open and honest manner. Don't shoot the messenger, i only bear the news.

Right, partly because of this http://www.aizuddindanian.com/voi/2010/10/...uring-unif.html but mostly because of this http://unifi.athena.my/, and a couple of scathing emails i sent out to Dato Zam and all his senior staff including his Head of Technology, Marketing, Corporate Comms, i've been invited (together with our very own Rizvanrp) for a dinner with the TM CEO on 11 November 2010. Several members of his senior management committee will be present as well.

They have asked me to compile a list of questions from that we want the TM CEO to answer during the meeting.

I am opening this thread to give everyone a chance to submit their question. If it's suitable (meaning, its a reasonable question, no profanity or abusive tone or language), i will copy it word for word, and present it to him for a response.

The questions can be about anything related to TM, however, i think they are concerned about what we think about Unifi and Streamyx in particular.

TM has indicated to me that they are very serious about improving their broadband services, and this dinner is one of the means in which they are getting the ball rolling. It's not everyday that the TM CEO himself is coming to the ground (or at least as close to it as his schedule allows) to get feedback, so i think we really cannot miss this opportunity to ask the right questions and get the answers that we as the paying customers deserve.

EDIT 11/11/2011

Alright guys, dinner is tonight. Unless someone has something really earth shattering to add to this, i'm going in with the following main issues.

I've chosen these issues because i believe that they will have the maximum impact on the majority of us, and its something that we are all concerned about.

1. Pricing of services, especially when compared to what the rest of the world is paying. Either we should get more, or we should pay less.
2. Bandwidth capping -- there needs to be a more elegant solution to this problem, including allowing us to "burst" our bandwidth through buying more "airtime" (cheaply).
3. Customer service -- frustration with their call center (which is, if i understand correctly, an outsourced vendor, not TM staff).
4. Customer engagement -- one of the reasons why we feel as though TM doesn't care about it's customers is because (a) their call center is pretty poor and (b) we never feel that we are able to talk directly to TM. I sincerely believe that if TM hears our voice (rather than sees just the numbers of our voices in their monthly reporting), they will be more serious and pro-active in solving our problems. This dinner is a perfect example of that belief. I spent several months constructively engaging with TM on several issues, some personal with my own experiences with their service and some on behalf of the community such as the Unifi security flaw -- if they don't care, why bother meeting me?

Alright fellas, thanks again for everything. Wish me luck.

I will post up the full report and all the pics for this meeting after it is concluded. Thanks fellas.


Attached File  Q_A_Aizuddin__rizvarp_FINAL_11Nov10.pdf ( 133.21k ) Number of downloads: 427

That's the official response to a bulk of the questions we asked.

Obviously, some are sidestepping the issue, and some don't answer the question very well, but it's a start, and at least we have in writing from their senior management a document that we can hold them to in the days to come.

Dato Zam was a very gracious host, he said he could only spend an hour with us, but ended up staying for nearly two because he seemed quite interested in what we had to tell him. I got the impression that he is the captain of a very big boat, and just like all big boats, despite what the captain wants, making the boat change direction takes a huge turning circle. He seems to know which direction to take, its just a question of how long it takes for the rest of his boat to catch up.

TM has a new VP of Group Corporate Comms, and she's a real firecracker with some sweet ideas to be more engaging with us in the future. I look forward to many of her initiatives, such as a Blogger Briefing, and also a TM sponsored Tech Council. I think the days when we could claim that TM kept us at arm's length will soon be a distant memory. This lady is bringing TM right into our face, if she has her way. Watch out for her.

The biggest surprise to me and Riz tonight was on the issue of extension throttling. Their Head of Retail, and their senior tech officer looked us right in the eye and said they knew nothing about it. I sincerely believe they were telling the truth, it did seem quite a shock to them. They have promised to investigate.
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post Nov 8 2010, 06:31 PM

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My problem with Streamyx is I need to wait for 2 weeks to get my phone line working again together with broadband. Despite numerous call everyday made to their hotline, they gave me such a silly robotic questioning which is annoying as I need to repeat my problems for 14 days consecutively but still no solution is being made. TM policy is 72 hours for rectification but mine is more than 200 hours. You can ask anyone about TM hotline and all will vomitting blood when talking about their 1 300 hotline. If given choice, will consumer still choose TM over other providers?

No thanks to monopolize business policy by Malaysia.
post Nov 8 2010, 06:34 PM

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I don't think this is the right platform to answer specific grievances; i wish i could go up to him with each and every case, but that would be a waste of the opportunity.

Ronn77, do you have a specific question to ask? or does my question of "Why do many customers constantly feel frustrated when they try to call the TM support lines? (Streamyx/Unifi)" cover the problem?
post Nov 8 2010, 06:52 PM

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What steps are TM taking to resolve the disproportionate allocation/use of bandwidth to/by users? Some users can download gigabytes of illegal content whilst others have trouble browsing, accessing MSN/facebook, watching occasional legal video streams, playing on-line games etc.
post Nov 8 2010, 06:54 PM

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tell them, that limit cap will kill the unifi
post Nov 8 2010, 06:58 PM

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Ask him why is Streamyx so lousy in Ipoh and when is Unifi coming?

Also tell him to openly admit that they are currently throttling all of us until midnight everyday.Why is the 4mbps Streamyx package a night owl package?
post Nov 8 2010, 06:59 PM

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If they are going to implement a usage cap, it's best that they come with a self account management page, where we can check our own usage so far.

And also, come out with the ability to purchase a bulk of new usage volume if we wish, like 20GB more, 40GB more, etc.

Then if they are going to implement usage cap, please consider to reduce the price.
post Nov 8 2010, 07:05 PM

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Daily cap must go, simply does not make sense. just imagine if you are working remotely or a student doing research, half way thru download of important document it tells you that you reach daily cap and you can't proceed further.
Also the month cap need to be increase at least 1.5 or 2x the current limit.

post Nov 8 2010, 07:23 PM

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ask him why the price are still HIGH and data cap is still too LOW for unifi
post Nov 8 2010, 07:23 PM

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Ask them why don't they do site survey before the Unifi installation??This can determine if the potential subscriber will have any issue during the installation day itself..As the owner needs to be at the house during installation,they will need to take a leave and if there's any problem during the installation,they will have problem taking another leave for another installation date..

In my case,i took a leave on the day for installation(4/11/2010)..And guess what,the contractor needs to tarik about more than 500m from that Unifi box to the house so after some discussion with TM,they told me to return order and they will update me on that problem..TM should visit Kg Melayu Subang and see how their infra at the moment..I've been told by the contractor that there's 3 unifi box that is near to the house,but the nearest is about 500m..Until now no updates..If infra is not ready,don't gatal2 put at the website that the service is covered for the area..I register through the website and even called TM to confirm about the availability of the service at my area,and the staff told me don't worry all infra is ready...

Thank you..

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post Nov 8 2010, 07:33 PM

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Two questions:

1. Will TM push for more Melaka Broadband type initiative with other state governments to bring affordable wired broadband to the masses?

2. Just how much international bandwidth/volume does TM purchase for it's broadband subscribers seeing as how many people have complained of high latency and slow video streaming and such?
post Nov 8 2010, 07:45 PM

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If can, please ask him this.
1. Is it just because of UniFi then they would not add more 4mbps port in Seri Petaling?
thats all

post Nov 8 2010, 07:45 PM

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Appreciate if you can convey this message/suggestion;

With FTTH ie unifi...TM Should provide packages that encourage more local bandwidth utilization and save the more precious international bandwidth. For example, VIP20 may have 100Mbps local connection and 20Mbps, VIP10--->50Mbps local and 10Mbps international and so on....this should do a few things;

1) Encourage local sharing (legal stuff)
2) Encourage local hosting/mirroring
3) The saved international can definitely lessen the complain of slow international speed

The list can go on....I'm not an IT/Network maybe other members can add on benefit of having high local speed with finite international speed.

Thank you for your effort bro!!

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post Nov 8 2010, 07:53 PM

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i'm agree with Kons. if we can purchase additional volume, i guess it's ok. Or, maybe they can increase the cap because i think 60GB per month is quite low.
post Nov 8 2010, 08:07 PM

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From: T.T.D.I, Bukit Damansara

Perhaps you could paraphrase this question.

Why did TM promise VIP20 subscribers that the initial premium channels will be free (stated clearly on their website) and then changed their decision at the very last minute, without informing the VIP20 users?
post Nov 8 2010, 08:11 PM

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Just one question:

Why the cap? If the equipment can't handle the load of numerous users, why didn't they make proper preparation in the first place? We're paying a hefty sum of fee for this service.
post Nov 8 2010, 08:17 PM

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can help me ask this?

why many people who using 1mbps package but the speed they get is only 512kbps? even after technician come and check, the problem still persist.

streamyx customer support is not helpful most of the time, as a IT student, i know what is going on, and yet they want to ask me to do something that is not appropriate to the problem that i'm facing, for example, my DSL light is stable, line is ok but i cant login to streamyx and connect to internet so i called streamyx customer support, then they tell me to ping google, ping streamyx DNS, if i cant connect to internet, how can i ping? doh.gif

when i got some problem with the streamyx server side, i call them, they will try to deny is not their problem, i told them i have ensure my modem and pc and connection between modem and pc is ok, yet they still ask me to ping my own router, access my router page.

please consider that most of us dont use house phone anymore, calling to 1300 number using handphone is expensive, everytime i call, i have to wait for 5 mins for waiting someone to pickup my line yet my credit is ticking, dont you think this is something to improve?

since unifi is available in many area in KL and selangor, why there are still some place that doesn't support 4mbps? seriously, a lot of confusion and misunderstanding happen in screamyx, when i try to call to streamyx and ask if my area support 4mbps, they say no while some say yes, when the TM contractor come my house, i ask them this area support 2-4mbps or not, they say no, but the website stated that 2mbps and 4mbps is supported in my area.

post Nov 8 2010, 08:43 PM

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1. Can you review the cap volume? It is too low. Triple of what the current cap would be the ideal number.
2. There is a huge different between a average high bandwidth user & a really heavy bandwidth hog user. It would be nicer to implement "stage volume capping", So it would be fairer to both the user and the ISP.(if any technology device is capable to doing this) People who use just slightly over the cap shouldnt be punished heavily as the Real bandwidth hogger. It is unfair to them.

For example VIP 5=
a) Throttle 4mbps when 100GB volume cap reached
b) 3mbps when 150GB volume cap reached
c) 2mbps when 200GB volume cap reached
d) 1mbps when 250GB volume cap reached
e) 512kbps when 300GB volume cap reached

3. Bandwidth cap volume should be allow to carry forward to next month, there this encourage users to conserve bandwidth that they didnt download unnecessary thing. For example like me I could be heavy on download this month but idling next month

4. Instead of selling Speed of the internet I would prefer Unifi provide a standard speed 20mbps but sell only bandwidth (like TNB electric bill)

5. IPTV cost per channel is too expensive. It could have been cheaper. Getting 20 more Unifi users to pay RM2-3 per channel is more profitable than trying to get 3 users to pay RM6-9 per channel. Please Adopt Tesco Business model.

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post Nov 8 2010, 09:17 PM

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Remove traffic shapping/throttling and introduce a REASONABLE bandwidth capping with segregation between international and local bandwidth
post Nov 8 2010, 09:29 PM

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International bandwidth is overloaded
No capping on hotfile/rapidshare
Do not practice IP priority..

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