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> Haier @ cha kim yong - cheap scammer, conned me rm35

post Aug 25 2010, 12:11 PM, updated 11y ago

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Forumer you are complaining against: haier @ cha kim yong

Item being sold/bought: used 8gb pendrive

Original thread link: link

Date of transaction: 07/08/2010

Details of the complaint : in chronology

(0) 07/08/10 - saw his thread regarding a used 8gb pendrive. so decided to buy & contact him.
(0) 07/08/10 - paid him & sent pm
(1) 08/08/10 - in his pm, he said gonna post item tomoro (monday)
(4) 10/08/10 - pm me saying: 'bro, do inform me you get the parcel or not ya' >> parcel never reach me. CHA KIM YONG - LIED
(4) 10/08/10 - i asked where's the tacking
(4) 10/08/10 - he said will asked his fren & let me know later >> never update anything. CHA KIM YONG - LIED AGAIN

(11) 17/08/10 - never received anything. sent pm to him
(12) 18/08/10 - he replied: i working now...i check it later ok? >> Never check, & never get back to me - ANOTHER LIE FROM CHA KIM YONG

(14) 20/08/10 - i pm-ed him my account # and asked for refund
(16) 22/08/10 - he NEVER online for few days AFTER received my pm. so i sms-ed him. never replied even tho he received the sms.
(17) 23/08/10 - mr.liar sms asking for my account, even tho i oredi pm-ed him my account # few days back. said he was soooo busy.
(17) 23/08/10 - i replied his sms anyway.
(17) 23/08/10 - few hours later, i noticed he was online in lyn. so i pm-ed him and asked - why not u make refund now since u r online?
(17) 23/08/10 - he immediately logout. LOL.

check out the way he reacted:
user posted image

until today (25/08/10), it has been 19-days since i make payment to his account, but i never receive the item; only thing i got from him are lies & excuses.

the truth is:
- he never sent the item. the entire story about checking wit his fren - is a lie
- he kept on telling me he's gonna refund, just to prevent me from taking action against him.
- btw, if u really did sent the item out, would u easily give out refund just becoz the buyer said never received?
- if u look thru all his thread, u'll noticed most of the time he's only selling. kinda 'interesting' for a newbie.


p/s Tell u what mr.scammer, u can keep my rm35 since it meant a lot to u. i'll consider it as a donation for ur mother.

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post Aug 25 2010, 12:37 PM

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QUOTE(Visualize @ Aug 25 2010, 12:26 PM)
Con RM 35? doh.gif He must be poverty stricken. Consider it a donation like you said. Police report of RM 35 value will be belittled by them.
lol. ya.

My prediction of his reaction after reading this thread:

1. if he's stupid enuf:
he will reply here with all the curses & dirty word.
alleged me of being impatient. and challenge me to proof this & that. lol.
maybe oso blaming the courier service.

2. if he's slightly smart:
he will come here and talk politely, telling how sorry he is & the entire thing was a misunderstanding.

3. if he's slightly stupid:
he will just keep quiet and dunno what to do.

sigh.. this is a waste of time. i deal with many people thru postage, many2 time & very seldom got problem. but this kind of people, really a shit thing in LYN.
post Oct 29 2010, 08:47 AM

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QUOTE(sikosiko @ Oct 25 2010, 03:33 PM)
Ini bukan pasal duit..tapi pasal dia menipu..dan orang yang menipu tidak layak berniaga di LYN

dah la menipu..mencarut pulak... shakehead.gif
spot on bro. smile.gif
what an as*hole he is


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